Company Rules and Regulations Sample For Employees in Private Organization

Company Rules and Regulations for Employees. How To Write the Rule and Regulation of Company. Private Company Rules and Regulations Sample & Example. Restaurant rules and regulations for employees. Also, Importance of  Rules and Regulation in an Organization.

Company Rules and Regulations

Company rules and regulations mean a set of written policies made by the Company’s higher level of authority and bound to follow all employees and stakeholders. Rules and regulations help the organization protect from legal claims and establish a positive work environment in the workplace. Apart from that, company rules and regulations protect employees from legal claims and secure the job.

Company Code of Conduct

Company Code of Conduct refers to a collection of rules and regulations outlining the employees’ norms and responsibilities in the workplace. The code of conduct governs the employee’s activity and behavior daily. It can bring negative consequences if employees fail to obey the code of conduct in the organization.

The Three Types of Company Rule and Regulation are:

  1. Company Rules and Regulations For Employees
  2. Company Rules and Regulations For Business
  3. Restaurant Rules and Regulations for Employees
Private Company Rules and Regulations Sample

A small or big company applies some rules and regulations for the employees to regulate the business smoothly. The Company Rules and Regulations For Employees always direct the employee and protect from getting fired. The author has presented a sample of company rules and regulations for employees. It is a perfect sample of small business rules and regulations for employees, company policies, rules and regulations, and the company’s rules for employees.

Company Rules and Regulations For Employees

The following rules and regulations shall impose on all employees of the company. Every employee must follow and obey the act, guidance, policy, rules, and regulations set by the company authority and applicable from time to time.

Some rules and regulations include:

Firstly, the company expects formal and acceptable behaviors from employees. The company’s prime motive is to attract customers through the exemplary conduct of the employees.

Additionally, employees must need to wear face mask while working in office. They have responsibility to ensure the safety and healthy working environment.

Moreover, employees are liable to protect the company’s belongings for office purposes. They will be responsible for breaking any official equipment such as a computer, printer, scanner, camera, etc. Employees can use the official equipment only for official purposes.

Our company is aware of maintaining records; therefore, every employee must protect documents. The office will not accept any argument without proper evidence. Hence, employees should preserve official documents for future demand.

The company will not allow employees to work under the influence of alcoholic beverages during work time. Also, no employee shall drive the company’s vehicles or operate any official equipment under the influence of an alcoholic. Our Company does not inspire you to drink alcohol or prevent you from drinking alcohol; however, our Company suggests you not drink alcohol when you are on duty.

Employees should have meals during break times. The Company will not allow extra time for meals, so employees are requested to utilize the break time wisely. Our company is vigilant in following the employee’s ethical principles. The company will fire employees who indulge in corruption and bribery without notifying them.

A Private Company Rules and Regulations Sample

Company Rules and Regulations

Our Company prefers to create a friendly working environment. The Company will fire those employees who are indulged in sexual harassment. Therefore, every employee has to stay away from any oral and physical harassment.

Employees must inform the supervisor or manager at least one hour before starting work if they could be absent or late on that day. The Company hate to see employee come to the office late.

Every employee has to apply for a special vacation at least one month before the expected date of asking for a vacation.

Employees shall follow the dress code according to the directives of the company authorities. The Company prefers to see the employee in formal attire.

Our Company pays attention to effective communication; therefore, every employee should maintain a productive communication process during interaction with clients, stakeholders, or colleagues. The best way to maintain effective communication is to use verbal and nonverbal communication cues during the interaction. The different types of nonverbal communication are facial expression, gestures, vocalics, postures, smiles, and eye contact. The employees should use these cues to generate effective communication inside and outside of the company.

Additionally, our company focuses on reducing the noise in communication, including interpersonal, group, and mediated communication. The communication noise or barriers produce misunderstanding. So, the employees must pay attention to maintain noise-free communication in the organization.

The Company pays attention to the employee’s honesty, punctuality, motivation, innovation, and integration while promoting.

The Company will provide increments every year based on the employee’s performance.

Finally, If the employee does not meet the company’s expectations through their conduct and performance, they can take corrective action.

Office Rules and Regulations
  1. Every staff will be bound to obey all the regulations set by the official authority.
  2. Office attending time is exactly 9:00 A.M and departure time 6.00 P.M., but the departure time can be extended due to massive pending tasks.
  3. Every Assigned work must be completed on time before leaving the office. In emergencies, the task can be done from home, with the CEO’s permission.
  4. Every employee will recheck their tasks in the WhatsApp group, Drive to confirm that they are done before leaving the office.
  5. Employees need to check the official email 2/3 times before sending them. Additionally, they can ask coworkers or CEO if there’s any confusion issue.
  6. In the case of student files, employees must need to check and verify all documents before emailing them to the university.
  7. If any employee wants to leave the job, he/she must submit an official resignation letter 1 month before resignation.
  8. Regarding office leave, every employee must submit an official leave application containing: leave duration (exact date), reason, etc. After the application acceptance, he/she can take a leave regardless of medical leave. Notice if any employee doesn’t attend the office without an application, their salary can be deducted.
  9. Sunday is a weekly off day. But in terms of emergencies or essential office tasks, employees may have to work from home or even come to the office. (Office will pay for overtime)
  10. Any office tool (Laptop, Documents etc.) is forbidden to take home without permission.

N.B. Every rule and Regulation can be modified, extended, or cancelled by the CEO without prior notice.

Business Rules and Regulations

Business rules and regulations mean business guidelines and instructions set by the company to govern the company’s inside and outside activities. The company follows business rules and regulations when dealing with employees, stakeholders, and customers. Companies practice the business rules and regulations when collaborating with other companies as well as competitors. The sample of business rules and regulations are as follows:

Fair Competition

Our company believes in protecting the principles of competition and economic freedom and conducts company activities in line with those principles. It competes with other companies actively, autonomously, and fairly depending on the company’s strategies. The Company’s collaborators are not hereunder authorized to establish formal or informal agreements with competitors.  All the business units have to follow the guideline provided by the company’s rules and regulations.


Our company always shows it’s keen to make a collaboration for mutual benefits. This company is determined to keep a promise with other collaborative companies as per the agreement. We never break the collaboration contract without prior notice.

Relationships with Shareholders

Shareholders need all the relevant information available to guide them. Our company creates the conditions for shareholders’ widespread and informed participation in decisions within their remit. It promotes equality of information.

Environmental Protection

The company has always considered the environment to be a vitally important asset. So our company is committed to protecting the environment. The company is seeking a balance between economic initiatives and important ecological concerns to consider the rights of future generations.


The company safeguards the principle of confidentiality of any data, information, and details about its activities. We follow the personal data protection act to secure our employees’ and customers’ personal information. Our employees are well trained to keep the information confidential. Additionally, we never disclose confidential agreement papers to a third party.

Protection of Human Resources

Human resources are vitally important for the existence and development of our company. Therefore, we respect human resources and make room for implementing their creativity. Our company always inspires the blooming inner knowledge of the employees and outsiders.

Corruption and Extortion

Our company is committed to implementing the necessary measures to prevent corruption. We are always aware of combating bribery and extortion. The company is very strict about eradicating corruption from both inbound and outbound perspectives.

Company Rules and Regulations Sample PDF Download Link

Rule and Regulation of a Private Company PDF  Download Link

An Infographic Sample of the Rule and Regulation of the Company

Company Rules and Regulations Rules and Regulations of The Company and Code of Conduct of the Company. How To Write the Rules and Regulations and Code of Conduct of the Company. The Sample of Rules and Regulations of The Company.

Importance of Rules and Regulations

It is prevalent that no organization’s employees are the same and are not motivated at the same level. That is why some specific rules and regulations need to be fixated. All the lower, mid, and top-level employees are guided through these rules and regulations of the company or organization. They directed management toward the common goal of achievement. The overall work environment might hamper if employees break the rules and regulations of the company. Additionally, work performance may decrease.

In short, the importance of maintaining rules and regulations in the working place is as follows:

  • Company rules ensure the employees’ safety and security.
  • They also protect employees and the company from prosecution.
  • Company rules protect employees from workplace verbal, physical, and sexual harassment.
  • Company rules protect employees’ and consumers’ rights.
  • Rules assist the organization in obeying state and local laws properly.
  • Company rules & regulations reinforce the company’s goodwill and creditability, so the company earns more money.
  • They also help to provide a positive image to the customers.
  • These organizational rules uphold the company’s image towards its stakeholders.
  • Finally, the company rules build a secure and friendly working environment in the workplace.

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How to Make Company Profile Sample

Company Profile Sample- How To Make a Company Profile Sample

Company Profile Sample- How To Make a Company Profile Sample. Also, The Elements and Components of a Company Profile Sample.

Company Profile

A company profile is a written document representing the business goal, vision, mission, reputation, background, working experience, marketing plan, etc. It is also called a business report of the company that describes the business formally and professionally.

A company’s business profile is significant for promoting products and services, and it is essential to make a business agreement with another company. Every company profile describes the company’s whole history from when it started traveling to an uncertain future. Although the template of company profiles is distinguished, the basic structure of every company is almost the same. The most common components of the company profile are company name, address, description, mission, vision, services, management team, business growth, rules, regulations, and so more.

Business Report Example For Students

How To Make a Company Profile Sample

Sample of Company Profile or Business profile

Company Profile Sample

The author shares a company profile sample named Global Assistant to educate how to make a company profile. Global Assistant is an education consultancy firm and works for international students’ admission globally. It is considered the ideal sample of a company profile that explains how to make a company profile. Based on the fundamental components of the company, the sample of the company profile has been presented below. The students, employees, and viewers need to follow the instructions step by step to know how to make a Company profile sample.

Components of Company  Profile

  1. Company Name, Logo, Tagline, and Contact information.
  2. Company Introduction
  3. Vision, Mission, and Value
  4. Business Goal and Objectives
  5. Services
  6. Economic Intents
  7. Ownership and Management Team
  8. Timeline and growth
  9. Five Years of Business Plan
  10. Company Rules and Regulations
  11. Also, News and Media Relationships.
 1. Company Name, Logo, Tagline, and Contact

The essential elements of the company profile are name, logo, and contact information. A company cannot run properly without these items.

For example,

Company name, logo, and tagline
Company Name, Logo, Tagline, and Contact
Addresses and Contact

Every company profile must have to have the company address; so that the stakeholders, employees, and customers can communicate with authority easily. Additionally, it includes the contact number such as phone number, email id, and website.

For example, Malaysia: +60111111111 and Bangladesh: +880111111111, Email address:, Website:
Banking Details

The company profile includes banking details for dealing with financial issues. It is certainly one of the essential elements of the company profile to inform others about the authentic bank account.

2. Company Introduction

The company introduction seems another crucial component of the company profile that represents the nature of the business. It also contributes to persuading the stakeholders and customers to be connected with the business. The new employee earns knowledge about the company from this section. It represents the business nature, establishment, services, and so more. The sample of Global Assistant’s company introduction explains how to write a company introduction as well as the profile.

We are the Global Assistant Consulting Firm, and we have been assisting students through sharing information regarding education, admission, scholarship, migration, and visa processing since 2019. It has become one of the most popular education consultancy firms in Asia and Latin America. We believe in sharing authentic information to help our customers to make their dreams come true. We firmly believe that “Global Assistant” never provides our potential applicants with fake, fabricated, and ambiguous information. In addition, we are very committed to counselling our students based on their educational background. Global Assistant always prefers to invite students in the office for further discussions free of cost.
3. Vision, Mission, and Values

Company mission refers to the company’s desired position that the authority wants to see in the future. It also indicates the written statement that represents the short-term intention of the business. The mission is an indispensable part of the vision of the company. For example, the mission of Global Assistant has been mentioned below for better understanding.

Global Assistant is dedicated to providing effective, efficient, and respectful service for potential applicants with accountability and authenticity.

Company vision indicates the overall objective of the business that they are intended to achieve. It is a long-term aim of the company relevant to the business. It also shows the final and concise goal of the company.

“Our vision is to be the most reliable education consultancy firm in the world.”

Company values are the principles that guide employees to conduct business ethically. The values of the company are honesty, integrity, authenticity, loyalty, simplicity, respect, trust and so more.

4. Business Goal & Objectives

Business goal refers to the planned target set by the company authority to achieve it within the period of time. It is also known as a business objective. The most common five components of the business goal are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based. Above all, the viewers might get a more clear concept about the business goal from the sample mentioned below.

Firstly, The Global Assistant works directly with students and their guardians to assist the student in choosing the best university for bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees. It also helps universities to improve their reputation by providing intellectual students. We help students by letting them know which universities are going to pay waivers and scholarships. Additionally, Global Assistant always recommends students choose the best institutions and programs based on their previous education. In addition, we are committed to building rapport with students, families, university authorities, and customers who need an assistant. Our staff motivates students to follow a proven way of avoiding wrong and ambiguous paths. Finally, Our company must work towards meeting the demands of customers and achieving a common goal.
5. Services

Company service refers to the selling of tangible and intangible products. Global Assistant is a consultancy firm, so they surely sell intangible products.

Firstly, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our clients and outbound companies supporting us to keep continuing the pace of our consulting service. We have already proven our expertise and experiences by recruiting many intellectual students to several universities and colleges.

Our Services: Worldwide Student Admission, Visa & Ticket, Tourism, Accommodation and Job, Passport, Transportation, and so more.

6. Economic Intents
Global Assistant is intended to earn money and educate people by sharing information and knowledge about what it has. The amount of consultancy fees is very reasonable comparatively meeting the applicant’s demands.
7. Ownership & Management Team
Company-management-hierarchy for comapny profile
8. Business Growth and Timeline

Business growth is a life cycle of company development from starting to present condition. It also implies the development timeline of the company’s business. The business development timeline reminds employees of the long progressive history of the company. It also keeps written notes of the business growth and achievements of the company.

Global Assistant Business Growth and Timeline
The Global Assistant Company started its journey in 2019 with small capital and resources. It started with a charming slogan, “seeking a Chance to Make Your Dream Comes True,” as well as Moto “Authentic Information Provider”. The mission and vision of our company are very attractive that helped this company to earn popularity.

Now is 2019; it is safe to say that Global Assistant has become one of Asia’s most popular student consulting companies. Firstly, the Global Assistant Company has enough human resources to operate the company smoothly. For example, more than 20 employees are working for serving clients.

In addition, GA acquired clients’ satisfaction with enormous material and intangible resources. Above all else, GA applied some common business growth strategies, including product expansion, market penetration, market expansion, and diversification.

Company growth and timeline

9. Five Year Business Plan

A five-year business plan refers to a written statement of goals that the company plans to reach within five years. It is also a part of the mission and vision of the company. Five years plan is an inevitable portion of an effective company profile. It will assist in dynamically achieving the company’s vision. It also makes employees organized to perform their duties properly and persuades clients to keep faith in the company.

Company Five Year Business Plan
Five Year Business Plan
The Global Assistant Company has planned to achieve five goals following the next five years, such as advertising in 2021, setting up another office in 2022, making more collaboration in 2023, associating with social work in 2024, and organizing international events in 2025.

Advertising in 2021

Our company has taken all kinds of initiatives to achieve the common goal. Before, we had emphasized both offline and online marketing. As our company declared 2021 as the year of online marketing; so, we are now focusing on online marketing. We had chosen social media for online marketing to attract audiences. Social media, especially Facebook, has become one of the most famous media among youth. Hence, we used Facebook to target audiences as well as for our publicity. Finally, we have achieved our gratification through cumulative endeavors.

Setting up another office in 2022

According to the five years plan of the Global Assistant Company, we are going to build a new office by 2022. This year is significant for decoration in our office because we will collaborate with new organizations by 2023.

Making more collaboration in 2023

We are going to make a bilateral agreement with many institutes by 2023. It is estimated that our company will make more than 20 collaborations with different universities.

Associating with social work in 2024

Every year our company higher level authority sits together for further discussion about the company mission and vision. Our company is very liberal in maintaining the rules and laws of the county. So, we never intend to breach any rules and regulations. For helping the unprivileged people, our company is coming up with helping hands to conscious mass people about health. Additionally, we are expecting to organize a social campaign to arouse hatred to spread plastic bottles everywhere. We believe doing little things can make a big difference. It is estimated that more than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year. So, our campaign surely reduces a million plastics dumped in the sea and saves the world.

Organizing International Events in 2025

In 2025, we are planning to organize an international study fair; so, we possess all kinds of resources to manage the international event. Based on our employee’s confidence and resources, the Global Assistant firmly believes that it will certainly help to achieve our company’s goal.

10. Rules and Regulations of The Company
11. News or media relationship

News and media relationship refers to building a relationship between a company and media such as journalists, channels, social media, etc. For instance, your website links with social media like a Facebook page, Instagram, and YouTube.

  • For example, Collaboration with Daily newspaper and Social Media Pages
Additional Documents

Additional documents of company profile mean the company’s supporting documents that serve as evidence of the company-for example, uploading your trade license, Tax Certificate, Cash flow statement, Income statement, Balance sheet, Detailed financial projections, Capital equipment list, and CVs of key officers are considered additional documents.


In conclusion, the 11 elements of the company profile are Company Name, Logo, Tagline, and Contact information, Company Introduction Vision, Mission, and Value, Business Goal and Objectives, Services, Economic Intents, Ownership and Management Team, Timeline and growth, Five Years of Business Plan, Company Rules and Regulations, and News and Media Relationships. The sample of how to make a company profile sample certainly helps the viewers to write a company profile.