Business Report Example and Sample For Students PDF

Business Report Example For Students-Business Report Sample For Students. Business Report Example and Sample For Students. Also, Business Report Example for Students pdf.

Business Report

The business report is an official document that compiles its information to let other people know about it. The business report is also known as the company report. It represents the factual information of the company, including background, vision, mission, business types, target market, management team, advertisement, and so more. It also provides paid capital, business growth, and profits. Usually, the organization makes a business report to use internally.  Therefore, every established company has a business report for its employees and stakeholders. However, sometimes, the organization uses the business business to make a collaborative agreement with other organizations.

Business Plan Example For Students

Business Report Example For Students

The author has presented a business report example for students to understand how to write a business report. The business report example for students has been adopted from students at University Putra Malaysia. This example of the business report for students presents the components of the business report that are very relevant to the company profile. Usually, the lecturer advises students to write a complete business plan report. So, students need to create a dummy business profile to complete the assignment. The business report example for students shows their expertise in starting a new business.

This example of a business report for students will surely help the students to complete the assignment fruitfully. However, we do not encourage our students to copy the content from here. Students are advised to obtain only ideas of how to write a business report for assignments. Finally, they should write their own business report.

How To Make a Company Profile Sample
business report example and sample for students pdf
Business Report Example and Sample For Students PDF
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Business Report Example For Students-1

1.0 Executive Summary

Wanpaku Sandwich is a new company in Malaysia that produces and sells unique sandwiches. We have set the University Putra Malaysia as the location for the company. We have set Wanpaku Sandwich as the name of our company incorporating the symbolic sign of the product. Although this sandwich is originated in Japan, we have replicated it to make it healthy, delicious, and affordable for the customers.

We want to focus more on quality rather than quantity. Therefore, we focus on the improvement of our sandwich’s quality. It is a unique sandwich that we sell in Malaysia. Our company produces and delivers the best product and service for our customers. Surely, many people will consume our sandwich for its taste. Our primary goal is to ensure food for busy people. Usually, busy people do not get enough time to make food. So, our sandwich would help them to get rid of hunger. Our targeted customer is all UPM students, lecturers, and staff.

For the initial capital, each member contributes RM 20.  So, the total starting capital of the company is RM 200. As for the store, we don’t have any other physical store except UPM. We only deliver our products to the customers near UPM areas. We follow the open order strategy via social media platforms.

For the marketing part, we promote our product through social media such as WhatsApp, Instagram (Wanpaku_Sandwich), and Facebook (Wanpaku_Sandwich).

1.1 Vision Statement

To build a high-standard food sandwich company in Malaysia and make Wanpaku Sandwich the first choice for our customers.

1.2 Mission Statement

We are dedicated to accomplishing our business objective by delivering quality products and services to the customers. We produce tasty and healthy sandwiches to attract customers.

1.3 Key to Success

The keys to success for Wanpaku Sandwich include:

Reputation: we believe our customers will recommend us to their friends and family as word-of-mouth marketing will be a powerful ally for our business.

Superior Customer Service: building a friendly rapport with our customers.

Location: cash on delivery service in University Putra Malaysia.

Product: offer sandwiches of high quality, sold at a fair price.

2.0 Company Summary

Business report example for students

Company’s Logo

We have set our company’s logo mentioned above based on several group discussions via online meeting platforms. Wanpaku Sandwich in the middle represents our company’s name while the two sandwiches represent clearly the product we sell. The stall icon means our company is ready to serve and provide good product quality to our customers.

However, we have changed the font and color of the logo two times because customers could not see the clear since the font color was yellow, which is a bit bright. The font types we used previously were in calligraphy form. Therefore, we changed the font type and color to make the logo clearer to our customers and more attractive.

2.1 Company Background

Our company was established on 28 February 2020. Our lecturer asks us to form 3 groups which consist of 10 to 11 students per group. We were developing a group that consisted of 10 very talented students to run the business. After that, we are given one week to decide the type of product we want to sell. We decided to sell one type of sandwich. We have decided and come out with a unique company name, Wanpaku Sandwich.

2.2 Company Overview
  • Company name: Wanpaku Sandwich
  • Date of establishment: 28 February 2020
  • Location/ selling area: UPM Area
  • Type of business: Partnership
  • Start-up capital: RM 220.00
  • Product: Sandwich
  • Main activities: Manufacturing and selling and product provide delivery services.
  • Number of staff: 10person
2.3 Introduction of Product

Wanpaku Sandwich is a healthy sandwich made with nutritious ingredients. It has an attractive appearance and delicious smell. We only prepare the product based upon orders. So, customers get the food in a fresh condition. Moreover, Wanpaku Sandwich has no added preservatives or MSG. Lastly, Wanpaku Sandwich is food with affordable prices for students.

2.4 Service

We will be taking orders before preparing and delivering them to our customer’s doorsteps. Our customers will enjoy the fresh and best quality sandwich.

3.0 Marketing
3.1 Market and Research Analysis

We have collected data by survey based on more than 100 respondents in residence of Seventeenth College. The results of the study show that a lot of people want to buy our sandwich. The seventeenth College area does not have many stalls selling different types of sandwich-like us. Based on our survey, the most preferred ingredient of our product is the chicken that we used.

3.2 Competitors

The company admits that one stall sells products almost like us—for instance, a kiosk at the student plaza. However, our company is a bit different because they sell tuna egg sandwiches. In contrast, we use chicken, bigger in size, healthier, and with mouth-watering packaging. Here, we promise a wide selection of products at very affordable prices to meet customers’ demands.

3.3 Marketing Plan
3.3.1 Product and Target Market

Wanpaku is a company that sells fresh sandwiches. It is made with nutritious ingredients. Our target is mainly the residents of Seventeenth College, the students, lecturers, and staff.

3.3.2 Distribution Channel

We follow preorder and provide a delivery service that is available around Seventeenth College. Our ingredients supplier in the market packages the chickens, vegetables, and other ingredients by ourselves before selling them to our customers.

3.3.3 Promoting and Advertising

Our company deploys three different promoting and advertising strategies to increase customer awareness of Wanpaku. The first strategy will be the word-of-mouth marketing strategy. Additionally, we will run a digital marketing strategy on social media such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. We will post our products’ photos on our social media. This will be the cheapest and most effective of our promoting and advertising programs. Finally, we will distribute flyers and putting a banner on our stall during the carnival.

3.3.4 Pricing Policy

Our company has set up a policy in pricing our products to ensure that the company will gain profits from our sales products. Below are the pricing policies.

Firstly, the products are charged to all customers at the same price based on the product type.
Additionally, the price of the products must be able to give profits to the company. It is based on the cost of production with 15 to 30% of profit margin.
Moreover, the price may change depending on customer demands on the products or if the products or if the products are having a promotion.
Finally, the price must be affordable for the customers and able to compete with other sellers.

3.4 SWOT Analysis
Strength Weakness
For example, Good communication skills
Aspiration and determination to succeed
Perseverance in handling stress and failure
Ability to deliver the product
For example, Some of the members lack experience in handling business
Time restriction
Lack of capital
Opportunity Threats
For example, Wide marketing target
High demand
Unique vendor
For example, Slow internet connection
Consumer preference
The price of the sandwich might fluctuate
4.0 Management Responsibilities

Business management can be defined as acquiring, allocating, and optimizing through planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling the business. Management involves coordinating human, financial, material, and information resources to efficiently realize company goals and operate a business. Management is also considered one of the most crucial parts of the business. It manages the flow and executive of the business operation and whether the business is going well. Additionally, the management responsibilities are setting strategic goals and developing policies, overseeing production processes, managing financial data, and managing human resources.

It is necessary to set strategic goals and policies to develop business. It determines the company’s position with the market and set for future growth. The production department works to solve problems on the production floor. They direct employees on how to handle a dissatisfied client. It also ensures that the company operates with sufficient materials, finds areas for potential growth, and expands into new markets. Managing financial data is the regular analysis of the company’s financial status. It is essential to understand the company’s profitability and identify problem areas. It keeps the company on track and allows the manager to either cut spending or develop ideas for expansion. Sales forecasting and marketing plans are also included.

Human resource functions mean making sure the company has enough skilled workers to maintain productivity, and provide training.  It also ensures workers have the necessary resources to perform at peak efficiency. Oversee regulations and policies to ensure that the company operates within legal guidelines and compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Management team- Business report example for students-business report sample for students

4.1 CEO

Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) name is Haziem bin Mohamed Hatta. All members choose him as the leader of our company, Wanpaku Sandwich, established in 2020. He is responsible for watching the overall success of our business entity and making top-level managerial decisions. Hazem is the one leading the development of the company’s strategy, creating and implementing the company’s vision and mission, assessing risks to the company, and setting strategic goals. Since our business is small, he takes “hands-on” responsibilities such as hiring and staffing for the company’s operation. As a CEO, he needs to consider and listen to every committee’s opinion in making decisions and the coordinator that resolves the conflicts and problems among the committee and company.

4.2 Vice CEO

Muhammad Haziq has been appointed as the vice CEO that will be mainly helping the CEO in his work. He has the responsibility to help to make wise decisions with the CEO. As vice CEO, he also needs to help the CEO mostly check the team manager and ensure that everyone is doing their jobs. He can lead the company when the CEO is absent and mediate between the team managers in conflict. In addition, he keeps everything on track, including the operational direction and making corporate decisions. He also advises the CEO so that every step taken is worth and wise-made.

4.3 Secretary

Jenny Hii is appointed as the secretary for this company due to her ability to write and deal with the letter well. She is responsible for writing the proposal and the necessary letter for our company, and going through every paperwork and lastly discuss it with the CEO to finalize the needed document. She also makes arrangements for the company’s meetings and keeps all the formal records of our discussions and decisions.

4.4 Financial Team

The responsibilities of a financial manager are accounting and reporting strategic financial management. They also manage the preparation of balance sheets, financial statements, cash-flow reports, day-to-day record keeping, accounts payable, and receivable. Additionally, they ensure that the company is in line with regulations, and financial health, involving keeping track of all transactions and financial events. These records are kept safely to indicate its growth –whether making a profit or a loss. They are also responsible for making and planning our company’s financial report and statement and controlling the cash flow in our company to prevent any extra loss in money. Finally, they need to manage all start-up expenses wisely to ensure the company is working and making a profit.

4.5 Human Resource Team

As a manager of the human resources department, his responsibility is to recruit the staff that has the skills to hold the post and perform the duties and tasks. He needs to be more aware of the employees’ condition and keep improving their skills through motivation or providing training. He also needs to keep the employees’ commitment and loyalty toward the company to achieve higher production. The human resources manager is also responsible for conducting an orientation program to adjust to their jobs and environment faster.

4.6 Marketing Team

The marketing team promotes business and drives sales of products or services. They set a target for the customer group and identify the customers’ preferences to make sure the products can catch customers’ interests. In this case, our marketing managers have developed a marketing plan to target a specific group of customers. So that the promotion and reputation of our food production are well-known and well-built. The marketing team plays a major role in connecting customers to our products, business promotions, and developing a new business plan. It is their job to reach out to prospects, customers, investors, community people, and so more.

4.7 Operational Team

An operational team undertakes some ongoing activities that are required for the provision of goods or services. In some circumstances, operational teams can work as a project team also. They are responsible for selling the products or services at the stalls or counters and even any online events together. They manage and carry out the company’s events, projects, and activities together. At the whole UPM, operational team managers are the one that responds to set up the stalls and sells our food production to the customers at different locations. The service and get feedback from the customers at the same time.

5.0 Location and Places

We have chosen Seventeenth College as the location of our company, whereby our members will handle cooking and packaging.

We will bring the ingredients from the supermarkets near the Serdang area, such as Tesco, Speedmart, and nearby shops. One of our members will handle this with their transportation. Hence the surveying and purchasing process will be convenient.

We have decided to pack our product at the same place as well. Once the products are ready to be sold, we will divide small groups to deliver the products to the whole UPM coverage area.  The sandwiches will be sold and delivered to the following blocks: Block A, B, C, and D.

6.0 Business Plan Schedule

Business plan schedule

7.0 Purchasing Process


To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we have discussed among ourselves which supplier is the best in providing us with high-quality raw materials at affordable prices. Thus, we have decided on the following suppliers as our raw material providers: 99 Speedmart and Tesco.

List of materials to be bought:

  1. Raw chicken breast
  2. White bread (Gardenia)
  3. Breading flour (Tepung Bestari)
  4. Eggs, Carrot, Cabbage, and Lettuce.
  5. Sauce (Thousand Island)
  6. Cooking oil
  7. Disposable food packaging

We buy cooking oil and disposable food packaging materials one week before preparing our sandwiches. Then, we immediately prepare the sandwiches and deliver them to our customers to ensure freshness.

7.2 Resources

Each team member will contribute RM20 each (RM20 x 10 = RM200) as a start-up for our business. The money collected will then be used to buy the materials needed to make the Wanpaku Sandwich.

8.0 Financial Projection
8.1 Project Implementation Cost

Business Project Implement Cost Table

8.2 List of Expenses

raw material expense for business report

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Questionnaire Introduction Example- Survey Introduction Sample

Questionnaire Introduction Example- Examples of Questionnaire Introduction. Survey Introduction Example & Sample. Also, Survey Questionnaire Introduction Sample For Research Paper.

Survey Questionnaire

A survey questionnaire is a set of questions designed to conduct survey research for academic and business purposes. The researchers set survey questionnaires to collect data for quantitative analysis. The survey questionnaire aims to collect data from respondents. The survey questionnaire has three sections: questionnaire introduction, demographic details or respondent’s personal information, and research questions. Many researchers term quantitative research questionnaires as survey questions or surveys. However, the questionnaire differs from the quantitative survey and qualitative interview questions. The Survey and questionnaire introduction is the opening section of the questionnaire.

Questionnaire Introduction

Questionnaire introduction refers to the explanation part of the research questions and the preface of the questionnaire. It is also known as the survey introduction that explains 5ws and 1 h questions regarding the research; for example, who is collecting the data, the objective of the research, and how to collect the data. Additionally, the introduction of the questionnaire describes how the researcher collects data from where. It also includes the objective of the research for the respondents and informants. Finally, the questionnaire introduction section ensures the participants or recipients will keep the survey data anonymous and confidential.

The four elements of the questionnaire introduction are student or researcher’s name, representing Institute or Organization name, the objective of the research also, data confidentiality, and anonymity.

The author has collected a few examples of questionnaire introductions from the final year student at UPM to present for new researchers.  So, these examples will surely assist the undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. students in completing their thesis and dissertation. In addition, the researchers might obtain comprehensive knowledge on how to write the introduction of the questionnaire and set questions.

Questionnaire Sample For Research Paper

Questionnaire Introduction Example

The author shows questionnaire introduction examples for the thesis, dissertation, and research paper. So, the undergraduate and postgraduate students get ideas on how to write a survey questionnaire introduction. Additionally, the examples of questionnaire introduction for research have been displayed for researchers. The questionnaire introduction is also known as the survey introduction.

Questionnaire Introduction Example

Survey Introduction Example & Sample

Questionnaire Introduction Example-1

Research Title: Goals and Effectiveness of Internal Communication amongst UPM Faculty of Modern Languages and Communications Students.
Survey Questionnaire Introduction Sample For Research Paper
Dear surveyor,
I am a student studying corporate communication in the last year student of the University Putra Malaysia. My final year project is currently underway to examine the Goals and Effectiveness of Internal Communication amongst UPM Faculty of Modern Languages and Communications Students. I sincerely invite you to participate in this survey by filling in the following questionnaire. Your contribution to insight is precious. As per the survey questionnaires, you need about five minutes to complete them. Finally, I assure you that I will keep the information confidential and only use it for academic purposes. Glad to get your help! Thank you!
Sincerely yours, Student or Researcher Name:(For example, David Warner)
Faculty and University name: for example, Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, Universiti Putra Malaysia.
Email: for example,

Questionnaire Introduction Example-2

Research Title: The Emotional Impact of Peer Influence And Sexting Among University Students.

Survey Questionnaire Introduction Sample For Research Paper
Dear respondents,
I am a final year undergraduate student from bachelor of communication at UPM. I request you to join my project by completing the following survey questionnaire. It may take around 3-5 minutes to complete the survey. However, we will use the research information for academic purposes.  Additionally, we will keep your responses anonymous and confidential. Your support towards my following research will help conduct the study ideally. Thank you very much.
Sincerely, Name(For example, John)

Questionnaire Introduction Example-3

Dissertation Title: Investigation on the influence of Infordemic on UPM students’ attitude towards Social Media

Survey Introduction Sample
Dear respondent,
I am a final year postgraduate student from the Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication at UPM. I am surveying to help better understand how accurate and inaccurate information affects students’ attitudes towards social media during the epidemic. To better understand the impact of the information epidemic, I would like to ask you some questions about the information you may be exposed to during the epidemic and your experience and feelings in the face of inaccurate and accurate information. Based on your experience, this survey may take you 5 to 8 minutes, not more than 10 minutes. Thank you for your participation.
Sincerely, (For example, Du Changmin)

Questionnaire Introduction Example-4

Survey Title: Social Media Influence on Corporate Branding for Universiti Putra Malaysia

Survey Introduction Example

Dear respondent, my name is Athaya, also a final year student from the Universiti Putra Malaysia. I am currently working on my final year research project to examine social media influence on corporate branding for Universiti Putra Malaysia. This survey questionnaire is open to local and international students from FBMK and FEP. This survey might not take more than 5 or 6 minutes.

Your participation is entirely voluntary, and all information collected in this survey will be kept strictly confidential. The information gathered will only be used for the following study purposes. You have the right to refuse to answer any questions/items or to avoid participating at any time for any reason. If you have any queries regarding the survey questions, do contact me via e-mail. Thank you for giving your valuable time to complete the following survey questionnaires.
Sincerely, (For example, Athaya)

Questionnaire Introduction Example-5

Research Title: The Relationship Between Cyberbullying on Social Media and The Impacts on Mental Health of Young Adults In Upm

Survey Questionnaire Introduction Sample For Research Paper

Dear participants, I am Raisa, also a student at University Putra Malaysia.  I am requesting you to participate in this research by completing the following questionnaire. This study aims to determine the relationship between cyberbullying on social media and the impacts on the mental health of young adults in UPM. However, this questionnaire will require approximately 5-10 minutes of your cooperation.
Everyone’s experience matters in this study, and it is assured that your responses will be treated with extreme confidentiality. Thank you.
Sincerely, (For example, Raisa)

Questionnaire Introduction Example-6

Research Title: The Relationship Between Instagram Small Business Owner’s Politeness Strategies and Customer’s Satisfaction.
Survey Questionnaire Introduction Sample For Research Paper

Dear participants, my name is Alya. I am researching ‘A Language Structure Analysis on Politeness Strategies in Mobile Media and Communication Between Instagram Sellers and Undergraduates’, focusing on the interactions between Instagram small business owners their customers. This questionnaire is open to all undergraduate students in Malaysia who have experience interacting with small Instagram sellers in Malaysia.

This questionnaire has three sections and will not take more than 10 minutes to be complete. However, in one of the sections, you must upload a screenshot of conversations between the Instagram seller.

This research is solely for academic purposes, and your assistance in completing the following questionnaire will be greatly appreciated. With the consent given by answering this survey, your participation and information will remain confidential, anonymous and only be used for the following research purposes.
Thank you.
Sincerely, (For example, Alya)

Questionnaire Introduction Example-7

Research Project Title: The Study on Understanding the Perception of UPM Students on the Use of Online University Newspaper as Pedagogical Tools and Their Perception towards Academic Performance
Survey Questionnaire Introduction Sample For Research Paper

Dear participants, this is Rocky, and I am inviting you to join my research project by completing the following survey questions. This study aims to understand the perception of the UPM students’ academic performance towards online university newspapers in their research. This questionnaire will require approximately 5-10 minutes of your cooperation. Your assistance towards my following research will significantly help me complete my research and enhance my research ability. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Sincerely, (For example, Rocky)

Questionnaire Introduction Example-8

Thesis Title: Determinants of UPM Students’ Purchase Behaviour for Green Personal Care Products

Greetings from the Faculty of Human Ecology, University Putra Malaysia. I am Law Kai Wei, a student of Bachelor of Consumer Studies. I am currently researching my final year project entitled “Determinants of UPM Students’ Purchase Behaviour for Green Personal Care Products.”

This research investigates the factors that influence the intention and behavior to purchase green personal care products among UPM students.

This questionnaire has eight (8) sections and will only take around 10 minutes of your time. You agree that you will answer truthfully and consent to share your personal information by answering this questionnaire. Your participation will determine the accuracy and, most importantly, contribute to the success of this research. Any information given is confidentially assured, and participants will be kept anonymous.

I will very much appreciate your time and cooperation! Thank you.

Questionnaire Introduction Example-9

Thesis Title: Impact of COVID-19 on the Physical Activities and Social Interaction on the Psychological Wellbeing of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) students

Greetings! I am Ho Chang Xian from the Faculty of Human Ecology, Universiti Putra Malaysia. I am currently conducting a final year project research entitled “Impact of COVID-19 on the Physical Activities and Social Interaction on the Psychological Wellbeing of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) students.”
This research aims to determine the impact of COVID-19 on physical activity and social interaction on the psychological wellbeing of UPM students.
The questionnaire consists of 4 sections which are: A (Demography), B (Physical Activity), C (Social Interaction), and D (Psychology Wellbeing).
This questionnaire should take less than 10 minutes to complete.
You hereby agree to participate in this research by clicking the following button voluntarily. Rest assured that your data will be kept confidential, and you may withdraw anytime before you submit this questionnaire.
If you have any inquires or questions, you may contact me at:

Questionnaire Introduction Example-10

Thesis Title: The influence of the star online political news on the perception of political issues in Malaysia among upm students
Thesis Survey Introduction Example
Dear Participants,
I am researching “The Influence of The Star Online Political News on The Perception of Political Issues in Malaysia Among UPM Students.” I am inviting you to participate in this research by completing the following survey. This research aims to analyze the relationship between the consumption of the Star Online political news and its influence on the perception of political issues in Malaysia among UPM students. The following questionnaire will take approximately only 5-10 minutes to complete. I truly appreciate your valuable time and effort in helping me with this research.Under no circumstances are you obliged to answer any of these questions; however, doing so will be very helpful for me to complete my research and improve my understanding of this research. I ensure that all your information and data collected for this research will remain confidential and will be used for academic purposes only.