Free Online Meeting Platforms: Best Free Online Meeting Platforms in 2022

Free Online Meeting Platforms- Best Free Online Meeting Platforms. The 10 Best Free Online Meeting Tools are Google Meet, Zoom Meeting, Microsoft Team, GoToMeeting, Skype, Cisco WebEx Meetings, Adobe Connect, Uber Conference, Ring Central Meetings, and Free Conference.

Online Meeting

Online meeting refers to the virtual communication among a group of people who stay far away from each other. It is a process of virtual discussion in which the speaker and audiences remain far from each other, and they use communication tools or software to interact. The alternative name of the online meeting is virtual meeting, web meeting, conference call, web-based seminar, web conference, e-learning, mediated group discussion, and so more.

For example, a lecturer University of Putra Malaysia is giving a class via Zoom meeting. The student participates in class from different countries, including China, Singapore, Indonesia, Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen, UAU, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, etc. The lecturer is the host of the virtual meeting, and students are the participants who join the class via a mobile tab, computer, or laptop.

Free Online Meeting Platforms

Free online meeting platforms refer to the virtual conference tools that allow multiple people to communicate virtually through video or audio calls free of charge. People use these free online meeting software to conduct personal, social, political, educational, and professional meetings. These virtual meeting tools allow connecting a group of people to interact simultaneously. The Best Online meeting platforms are also known as the preferable virtual meeting tools. An online meeting is the part of mediated communication conducted among a group of people, and online meeting platforms are the media or channels of the communication process. The best online meeting platforms, such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Team, are communication channels.

Best Online Meeting Platforms- 10 Best Online Meeting Platforms Free For 2021- 2022.
Best Online Meeting Platforms Free For 2021- 2022

Best Free Online Meeting Platforms in 2022

There are thousands of virtual meeting sites in which users conduct online video conferencing calls. The author has outlined the top ten online meeting platforms that provide the best services for free users. Most virtual meeting software offers both free and premium services.

Best Free Online Meeting Platforms

The Ten Best Free Online Meeting Platforms are:
  1. Google Meet
  2. Zoom Meeting
  3. Microsoft Team
  4. GoToMeeting
  5. Skype
  6. Cisco WebEx Meetings
  7. Adobe Connect
  8. Uber Conference
  9. Ring Central Meetings
  10. Free Conference.

These are the top 10 free online meeting platforms known as virtual meeting sites.

1. Google Meet-Online Meeting Platform

Google Meet is the most popular free online meeting platform that allows around 100 participants to join video and audio conferencing calls for 60 minutes. Actually, Google Hangouts is the former name of Google Meet. Anyone can use this tool via a browser to conduct a virtual meeting with the Google account. The meeting duration for the free plan is up to 60 minutes, so participants need to join again if the discussion is not finished within 60 minutes. Google Meet uses an anti-hijacking feature, protecting participants’ personal information.  More than 250 participants can join the virtual conference meeting internally and externally, and around 100,000 audiences can enjoy live streaming. So, it is one of the best free online meeting platforms for students. However, Google meet has its free and premium features for customers.

Google Meet launched its operation in 2017, and it is a replacement for Google Hangouts.

The official website link is

Google Meet Plan

Google Meet offers three users, including Free-plan, Google Workspace Essentials, and Google Workspace Enterprise. It charges USD 8 per active user/month to increase participants up to 150 and time duration up to 24 hours. In contrast, only 60 participants can join for up to 60 minutes through the free plan.

Free Google Meet Duration and Participant

The total meeting duration for free users is 60 minutes, and 100 participants can join the online meeting via Google Meet. Anyone can join with a Gmail account.

Google Meet Setting

Google Meet online meeting tool offers many features, including whiteboard writing, Change Layout, Full-screen, Change background, captions, and so more. The user can write on the whiteboard to inform other participants. The user can share the screen via the Google Meet online meeting platform.

Google Meet has four layouts that you may apply one by one during an online meeting: Auto, Title, Spotlight, and Sidebar. The user can view a maximum of 49 titles or participants’ names with photos on-screen during the meeting. You need to click the change-layout option to maximize the number of on-screen titles.

Does the user able to set customize the background in Google Meet software?

Answer: No, Google meet allows you to choose the auto-generated background but not the customized background.

2. Zoom Meeting- Online Meeting Platform

Zoom meeting is another famous free online meeting platform to conduct virtual meetings. The user applies this online meeting software in multiple sectors, for example, education, finance, government, and healthcare. Zoom meeting has become the most popular online meeting app for offering various features, including virtual meetings, phone, chat, zoom room, webinars, and so more. Usually, students prefer to use this platform for easy accessibility and free feature. There is no communication noise in the Zoom meeting, so students hear the lecture clearly. However, Zoom meeting offers both free and premium features for clients.

Zoom meeting website started its operation in 2011. People can use it from a PC or Smartphone. The application is available at the Google play store and Apple app store to download for free for mobile users. However, the user might download the zoom meeting software from the official website link-

Zoom Meeting Setting

Firstly, download the zoom meeting software and click the new meeting icon to organize a web meeting discussion. Participants can join the virtual meeting via Zoom software or Browser, so it is unnecessary to download the software to join. The host needs to click on the new meeting icon to conduct a new meeting.

Zoom Online Meeting Platform Setting
Figure 3: Zoom Online Meeting Platform Starting Point

Secondly, click the blue icon top of the left corner to find the online meeting joining link. Additionally, you will get a setting icon mentioned below in Figure 4. The user clicks the setting icon to copy the meeting link and share it among participants to join the meeting. Additionally, participants may click the setting icon to get all settings mentioned in Figure- 4.

Zoom Online Meeting Platforms, Free Online or Virtual Meeting Platforms Zoom meeting settings
Figure 4: Zoom Online Meeting Copy Link and Setting Icon

Furthermore, Figure 5 represents how to share the screen, change the background image, record the meeting, and so more.

Zoom Online Meeting Platforms, Free Online or Virtual Meeting Platforms Zoom meeting settings
Figure 5: Zoom Meeting Share Screen, Background & Filters, Recording, and so more.
How To Use Zoom Whiteboard?

Click on the share button and click the whiteboard icon to optimize the feature. Follow Figure 5 to get visual instruction.

Free Zoom Meeting Duration and Participant

The total meeting duration for free users is 40 minutes. Around 100 participants can join at the same time in the virtual meeting.

Zoom Meeting Background

Does the Zoom Meeting software allow users to set customize the background?

Answer: Yes, You can upload your company logo or any other photo as a background for the Zoom meeting platform.

Professional Zoom Backgrounds For Interview

The employees can use their company logo as a background when conducting professional meetings with stakeholders. Students also can use the logo when they need to present a dummy company as an assignment. It will definitely impress the lecturer and audience to watch the presentation.

3. Microsoft Teams- Online Meeting Platform

Microsoft Teams is an exclusive virtual business communication platform established and regulated by Microsoft. Apart from Google Meet and Zoom, It has also become a trendy online meeting platform during the COVID-19 pandemic. The team has replaced other Microsoft-regulated online meeting platforms, for example, Skype and Microsoft classroom.

Microsoft launched the Microsoft Teams virtual conference meeting platform in 2017. The official website link is Microsoft-Teams.

Microsoft Team Free Online Meeting Platform

Microsoft Team has both free and premium online video meeting features. Similar to zoom meetings, the total meeting duration for free users is 45 minutes, and 100 participants can join the online meeting simultaneously via Microsoft Team.

4. GoToMeeting

Go To Meeting is a familiar online business meeting platform for its clear and noise-free audio and video conference call. It is owned by LogMeIn, also known as a software development company. In 2004, it started its journey as a virtual or online meeting and video conferencing tool. Usually, administrative management authorities and employees use GoToMeeting online meeting software via computer or laptop to conduct real-time corporate meetings.

GoToMeeting provides the service free of charge for 14 days of the trial option, so users need not pay to enjoy the benefits.

GoToMeeting online meeting platform provides the following services:

Conference Calling

Firstly, it provides a conference calls service to interact with many people at the same time. Conference calling event saves both time and money.

Video Conferencing

GoToMeeting also allows conducting a face-to-face HD video conference call.

Screen Sharing

Apart from Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Team, the GoToMeeting also has a screen-sharing option for all participants.  The user can share desktop, smartphone, or tablet screens quickly and securely from anywhere.

Meeting Recording & Transcription

The user can record the real-time meeting event to share with others after the meeting. It also provides HD video, taking notes, and marking action items services.

5. Skype

Skype meeting duration for users is 24 hours; however, only 50 participants can join the online meeting simultaneously via Skype. So, it is one of the best free online meeting tools for students and employees.

Skype is an instant messaging platform that allows users to send text, images, audio, and video. It also provides a video conference call service.

Skype Features

Skype provides some outstanding features for free users, including audio and HD video calling, smart messaging, call recording and live subtitles, call phones, screen sharing, private conversations, and so more. Call phones at low rates is an exceptional service that Skype provides in 25 countries or regions. The user can call any landlines and mobiles from anywhere globally at great low rates using Skype Credit.

The additional Skype features are share location, background effects, send files, Skype translators, custom reactions, raise a hand, search within a conversation, forward call, voice mail, caller ID, and so more.

6. Cisco WebEx Meetings

WebEx is a leading platform for conducting virtual meetings from an organizational and personal viewpoint. One host can organize the meeting via a free plan where around 100 participants can join for up to 50 minutes.

The four basic plans of WebEx are free, Starter, Business, and Enterprise. The user might enjoy almost all the entire features via a free plan, including screen sharing, whiteboard, recording, personal text, reactions, and so more. However, users need to pay $13 to enjoy a starter plan in which more than 150 participants can join the meeting smoothly for 24 hours.

The official website link for all features and plans is WebEx Feature & Plans.

7. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a free web conferencing software that users optimize to conduct virtual meetings. It is a trendy tool for remote training and web calling. The trainer can easily share the desktop to teach students and trainees.

The significant features of Adobe connect are chatting options, whiteboard, screen sharing, recording, and so more.

8. Uber Conference

UberConference is an unlimited conference meeting software. It provides amazing free features for users. Craig Walker launched this feature in May 2012. It is also known as Dialpad UberConference.

The free plan allows joining about 10 participants for up to 45 meetings. However, the business plan allows joining up to 100 participants for 5 hours. The business plan charges $15 to provide multiple features.

9. Ring Central

Ring Central is a virtual meeting platform for voice, video meetings, team messaging, and collaboration. It has seven layers of security and redundant data centers to ensure user protection and high availability.

Ring Central’s features are video conferencing, team messaging, screen sharing, remote working, and so more.

10. Free Conference

The free conference is another best online meeting platform for free users. It is a free web conference tool that allows users to make audio and video conference call free. The most common free features of the free conference are screen share, document share, creating an online meeting room, meeting chat, annotation, audio and video call, and so more.

The conference online meeting software has a free, starter, and pro subscription plan for users. The free plan allows up to 100 participants to join the meeting.

The free conference’s official website link is as follows: FreeConference

Benefits of Virtual Meetings

The advantages of virtual meetings are to complete personal, social, educational, and organizational meetings virtually. People from different professions utilize these online platforms to conduct virtual class meetings, business meetings, virtual family meetings, etc. The online meeting platform has become an inevitable medium to maintain communication during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The most significant benefits of online meetings are virtual class meetings, virtual business meetings, and virtual family meetings.

1. Virtual Class Meeting

Firstly, educators, including lecturers, instructors,  and administrators, use online meeting platforms to offer students classes.  Students adopt online or web meeting tools to conduct group discussions. Students also use it due to the easy accessibility feature. Sometimes, teachers instruct students to conduct virtual meetings to discuss the topic and submit the online meeting minutes.

2. Virtual Business Meetings

To make the workplace safe from COVID-19, Many organizations have decided to adjust to new work norms, namely work from home (WFH). Therefore, the employees use these best online platforms for virtual meetings. Corporate people must need to use these web meeting sites to operate organizational activities. Many social organizations utilize virtual or online and web meeting tools to create social awareness among people. For example, in the COVID-19 pandemic, social welfare organizations use these online meeting sites to spread emergency information on how to stay safe from coronavirus.

3. Virtual Family meeting

The individual applies the online meeting platform to organize family programs such as marriage ceremonies, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and so more.

In short, individuals, educators, government, and non-government organizations enjoy taking advantage of web conferencing software.

Online Meeting Minutes: Virtual Meeting Minutes Sample & Template

Online Meeting Minutes: Virtual Meeting Minutes Sample. Also, Zoom meeting minutes sample.

Online Meeting Minutes

Online meeting minutes refer to an official written report of a virtual meeting’s activities. The alternative name of virtual meeting minutes is online meeting notes. The company or organization and a group of people optimize the virtual video meeting platforms to complete online meetings staying far away from each other. People conduct virtual meetings formally or informally. The organization certainly conducts virtual meetings formally to take meetings nore. The best free virtual meeting platforms are Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, and so more.

What is the best free online meeting platform?

The virtual meeting minutes and Face to Face meeting minutes represent almost the same template. However, physical meeting minutes include location and venue, whereas online meeting minutes include an online meeting platform name, Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Team.

Types of Meeting Minutes

The two types of meeting minutes are physical minutes of meeting and virtual meeting minutes. Virtual meeting minutes is the alternative name for online meeting minutes or minutes of online meetings. Meeting minutes mean physical meetings that must indicate the meeting venue. In contrast, online meeting minutes mention the virtual meeting platform name, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft team, and more.

Online Meeting Minutes Sample
Online Meeting Minutes: Virtual Meeting Minutes Sample. Also, Zoom meeting minutes sample.
Online Meeting Minutes: Virtual Meeting Minutes Sample, Example & Template
 Virtual Meeting Minutes Elements

The essential elements of virtual meeting minutes are company or organization name, date, time, virtual meeting platform name, opening, list of attendees, absent, agenda, discussion, note, action items, adjournment, submitted by, approved by, also documents.

 Virtual Meeting Minutes Sample

It is a sample of online or virtual meeting minutes. The student of Universiti Putra Malaysia has conducted this online meeting to complete the group discussion. You may also follow the structure of this meeting minutes to write your own minutes.

The meeting minutes should be written on a company letterhead where the company logo, URL, and contact are also visible.

Meeting Minutes
Business Plan Entrepreneurship
2 April 2021 / 10.00 AM

The first group meeting of Group 1 was called to conduct on 2 April 2021 at 10.00 a.m. via Zoom Meeting Applications.

Online Meeting Platforms
Virtual meeting via Zoom Meeting application.

Attendee’s List
M M Kobiruzzaman,
Nur Athirah Mohamad Rashid,
Nurfatin Farzana Eddy Rizal,
Also, Srisanthiya A/P Saravanan.

Absent list
For example, Nurul Aini Sofia Husin

The members have performed the ice-breaking activities to know each other as well as become familiar.
They have constructed an organizational structure based on the member’s opinions.
Members have done brainstorming and recorded all participant’s ideas that are relevant to the business plan.


Firstly, each member of the group was introduced themselves to break the ice between them. Actually, it is essential to know each other for team building, and it will be easy for the teammates to cooperate well in the future.

Secondly, each member had chosen their positions to ensure that the company has a systematic structure of organizations. Everyone was agreed with their positions as below:

CEO (M.M.Kobiruzzaman)
Operations Manager (Srisanthiya)
Marketing, Customer Service Manager (Nurfatin Farzana)
Multimedia Manager (Nur Athirah).

Finally, the team had come out with a few suggestions of relevant businesses for the business plan. Each member should choose the best product or service they could serve, and the team decided to finalize it by next week.

Everyone should prepare relevant stands for their idea, and it should be presented at the next meeting so the team can finalize the best business for the company.

Action Items
Firstly, the team has finalized the organizational structure.
Additionally, all the suggestions were listed down in the PowerPoint for everyone’s reference.
Finally, we have recorded the meeting and shared the link via the WhatsApp group.
The meeting was adjourned at 11.00 AM just after 1 hour. Hence, the group leader declared the adjournment with a closing speech.

Next Meeting
However, 0ur next meeting will hold on Friday, 9th November 2021, at 10 a.m. using the same platform.

Submitted by
For example, Nur Athirah Binti Mohamad Rashid

Approved by
For example, M M Kobiruzzaman


For example, a group of students at UPM has conducted a virtual meeting to discuss group assignments. So, we have attached the PDF and word files of the virtual meeting samples for better understanding.

Virtual Meeting Minutes Sample Link- Word File Download