Speech Critique Sample: How to Critique a Speech Example- Lisa Kamal

Speech Critique Sample, How to Critique a Speech Example. Lisa Kamal’s Speech Critique Sample. Sample of How to Critique Speech. Speech Critiquing Sample For Student’s Assignment.

Speech Critique Sample

A Complete Speech Critique Sample of Lisa Kamal’s Speech has been presented below for students.


Lisa Nurmarini Mohd Kamal has delivered an impressive graduation speech during the University of Wisconsin Madison winter commencement in 2019. She is a Malaysian and completed her graduation as an academy award nominee. Liza has delivered an amazing speech in front of 7000 people including 1200 graduates with family members (Hassandarvish, 2019). This speech earned huge praise after the video clip went viral on social media. Liza’s video has been viewed over 2.2 million times on Youtube platforms (DEAN EQUAL, 2019).

Any effective speech must include three basic elements such as vocal delivery, physical appearance or body language, and language (Grice & Skinner, 2000). Based on my observation; she has delivered an outstanding speech including clear vocal delivery and meaningful body language, using little filler words, a high level of confidence, and delivered her speech in the English language.

Speech Critique Sample, Speech Critique Sample, How to Critique a Speech Example. Lisa Kamal's Speech Critique Sample. Sample of How to Critique Speech. Speech Critiquing Sample For Student's Assignment. Speaker: Lisa Nurmarini Mohd Kamal Title: Graduation speech Venue: University of Wisconsin Madison Winter Commencement. Time: 2019 Notable Elements: Best inspirational graduation speech.
Figure 1: Lisa Nurmarini Mohd Kamal Graduation speech at University of Wisconsin Madison.
Speaker: Lisa Nurmarini Mohd Kamal

Title: Graduation speech

Venue: University of Wisconsin Madison Winter Commencement.

Time: 2019

Notable Elements: Best inspirational graduation speech.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4pal32M3sE

Verbal Communication Elements

A perfect clear vocal delivery includes rate and pause, volume, pitch, inflection, voice quality, articulation, and pronunciation (Viswanathan & Viswanathan, 2005).

Firstly, at the commencing of her speech, she expressed gratefulness and thankfulness to the audience. “Thank You Provost rolls for that kind introduction, Thank You, Chancellor, blank senior class officers for this incredible honor”, (Camus Alpha, 2019). The speaker took a deep breath after that, she sang a few lines from “The Story of Tonight” song to attract audiences.

“Raise a glass to freedom, raise a glass to all of us, telling the story of today”, (Camus Alpha, 2019).

Rate and Pause

Lisa has used a perfect combination of the rate and pause during delivering her speech. Lisa smiled and took a few moments of silence to start her speech again. It is called a pause of speech that can allow the audience time to focus on the speaker. She did not talk too fast or too slow, therefore it has been a comprehensive speech to audiences. Sometimes she spoke a little faster than the normal rate to increase the persuasiveness by carrying exactly what she wants to say.

In addition to that, the volume of Lisa’s speech very appropriate; it was not too loud or too slow, hence the audience can hear clearly.

Pitch and Inflection

Furthermore, the pitch and inflection of the speech are very comfortable incorporating the audience to perceive the message concisely. Pitch refers to the highness and lowness of the speaker’s voice and inflection defines the patterns of variation in the speaker’s pitch level during delivering the speech. The variation of the pitch level has been identified when she uttered “Soundtrack became my coping mechanism”, the combination of the pitch and inflection made this speech more melodious.

“In my junior year of college listening to Hamilton, Soundtrack became the coping mechanism that would get me through the day”, (Camus Alpha, 2019).


Moreover, Lisa has flexible voice quality and timbre therefore audience enjoys her speech and feeling to listen again and again. Finally, the most important element of a melodious speech is articulation and pronunciation. Based on my observation, Lisa has used the perfect combination of articulation and pronunciation during delivering her speech. She stressed many words to convey her message to the audience clearly when need to do so. For example, she stressed the word “Prestigious” when talking about how she came to study at the University of Wisconsin-madison.

“I came here on a scholarship a long way from my home in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia this opportunity to be here at the prestigious University of Wisconsin-madison did not come easy or cost little for any of us”, (Camus Alpha, 2019).

Non-Verbal Communication Elements

Body languages are the most important part of any public speaking because the audience will focus more on your body language rather than vocal words. According to Azeez & Azeez (2018), people use only 7 percent verbal and the rest of 97 percent non-verbal cues. They also said that the nonverbal elements are made of 38 percent tone of voice and 55 percent body language. The most basic nonverbal communication cues are physical appearance, facial expression, posture, eye contact, movement, and gesture.

Physical Appearance

First of all, physical appearance describes the physical features of the speaker including dress and grooming. Lisa had worn a graduation gown with a hijab scarf that represents her as a Muslim speaker. The audience can easily understand that she is a Muslim girl because of her dress, so our appearance always represents a great message about ourselves. The proverb says that the first expression is the best information.


Secondly, the speaker maintained a good posture cue during delivering her speech. She was enough confident, comfortable, and prepared to speak in front of the 7000 audiences. Posture refers to the position of the body of the speaker while delivering the speech. Lisa was moving her body to the left, right sides too rather than only standing like a robot. It is very clear that her body language was impressive to attract the audience to listen carefully. She was smiling while delivering the speech; it also made the speech melodious to the audience.

Eye Contact

Also, the speaker maintained good eye contact with the audience that made her more enthusiastic, sincere, confident, and interested. She aligned her eyes with body language, for example, she was maintaining eye contact with all audiences included left, right, and front side’s audiences. For instance, she was looking down too while uttering the words “14-hour time difference”.

“We juggle our studies relationships with friends and family and in most, in my case, most of them were abroad separated by a 14 hour time difference”, (Camus Alpha, 2019).


Apart from eye contact, gesture describes the movement of the speaker’s arms, hands, and head while delivering the speech. Based on my observation, Lisa used her gesture perfectly. Deaf communication is based on only sigh language so it is sensed that how important is a gesture in conducting effective communication. The speaker strengthened her arms so many times for delivering an effective speech. For example, she extended her both hands and fingers a little bit while uttering the words Broadway musical, coursework, graduated, and so more.

“I sang like my life was a Tony award-winning Broadway musical and believe me you did not throw away your shot because if you graduate it having completed most of your coursework from the comfort of your own bed staring into your laptop you made it I see you if you graduated having spent all hours of the day in the library or evenings in coffee shops you made it”, (Camus Alpha, 2019).

At the end of the speech, she congratulated the graduated by singing a line of a song. “We’re gonna teach him had goodbye say goodbye one last time congratulations Badgers” (Camus Alpha, 2019).


Nevertheless, despite the many positive aspects of the speech, Lisa was a little bit nervous while delivering the speech. It has been articulated from her trembling voice while addressing her speech. However, based on my observation, Lisa delivered an outstanding speech including appropriate verbal and nonverbal elements. So, it is very easy to perceive the message of the speech. She has managed to implement all elements of effective communication such as clear articulation, pronunciation, posture, eye contact, gesture, and so more. Therefore, we can conclude that Lisa has delivered an effective, perfect, and memorable speech in the convocation ceremony.

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Organize Speech: How to Organize a Speech’s Introduction, Body & Conclusion

 Organize Speech

Organize the Introducing and conclusion of the speech. How to Organize the introduction of the speech. How to Organize the conclusion of the speech.

Organize Speech- Introduction of Speech
  1. Get the attention of your audience
  2. State the topic of your speech
  3. Establish the importance of your topic
  4. Establish the credibility of your topic
  5. Preview the key ideas of your speech
  1. Get the attention
  • Strategies
  • Question your audience (rhetorical or direct)
  • Arouse curiosity
  • Stimulate the imagination
  • Promise something beneficial
  1. State the topic of your speech
  • Use a simple declarative sentence
  • Today I will show you how you can improve your public speaking skills
  • Today I would like to talk to you about the negative impact of social media
  1. Establish the importance
  • This will motivate the audience to listen further
  • Do this by using testimonies of experts or statistics (1 is sufficient)
  • “Recent findings from UPM’s education faculty shows that 80% of students who take notes in the class perform better in exams”
  • Professor Robert Elton, a Physician at UCLA has discovered that smoking also affects.
  1. Establish your credibility
  • Your listeners should understand why you chose a topic
  • Introduce relevant materials
  • Cite previous and current research (2-3)
  1. Preview your key ideas

A statement that orients the audience by revealing how the speaker has organized the body of the speech.

“I will discuss three main steps of how to improve your study skills: 1) taking notes during class, and 2) understand instead of memorizing content, and 3) getting sufficient rest

Put it all together!

According to an old saying, every person dies 3 times. The first time is when your life ends. The second is when your body is lowered into the ground. The third is when there is no one around to remember you. I’m going to talk to you today about death, or rather the celebration of death. This is a celebration that comes from a Mexican tradition called “Dia de los Muertos”, or, day of the dead. Now it may seem strange and morbid to speak of the celebration and death in the same breath, but in the Mexican culture, death is embraced and worshipped just as much life is. After I give you a little background on “Dia de Los Muertos”, I’ll explain the different ways this holiday is celebrated and show you some of the traditional objects used in this celebration.

Organize Speech- Conclusion of Speech
  1. Summarize your key ideas
  2. Activate audience response
  3. Provide closure
1) Summarize

Statements reviewing the major ideas of a speech

“Clearly, these 3 points show us that by being monolingual we lose economically, scholastically, and culturally. Becoming proficient in another language and its culture may help us reduce our deficit and increase our competitiveness in world trade by recognizing possible problems in marketing campaigns. We will gain intellectually by increasing our vocabulary and expanding our minds. We will gain culturally by breaking barriers and possibly eliminating misunderstanding that occur as a result of being unfamiliar with another language, its people and its culture”.

  1. Activate audience response
  • Letting the audience know whether you want them to :
  • Accept
  • Remember
  • Use
  • Believe
  • or Act on a speech
  • “On your way home tonight, when you approach a traffic light, think of the facts we have talked about tonite….(don’t run red lights”
3. Provide Closure
  • Tie back to the introduction.
  • Ask the same question as in the attention-getting step
  • Tell a relevant conclusive story

Avoid saying:

to conclude, or in conclusion

Put it all together!

So today, we have learned about the problems of heart disease in women, traced its cause, and put forth some answers.

As with anything, these solutions aren’t perfect – and it’s unlikely we will be able to change society or stop this virulent disease in its tracks. We can, however, change ourselves. Through controlling risk on a personal level, lives will be saved. Not every life, but many.

And that 76-year-old mother of 4? She was my grandmother. She died last August. But the tragedy was not in the years we lost her. It isn’t even in the fact that those years could’ve been saved through different habits and greater understanding. The tragedy will only be if others do not learn from her example. Regret-that’s the real tragedy.

Outline Frame of Speech Organization


Body Paragraph

Main point 1

  • Subpoint 1
  • Subpoint 2
  • E.g.,

Connecting sentence

Main point 2

  • Subpoint 1
  • Subpoint 2
  • E.g.,

Connecting sentence

Main point 3

  • Subpoint 1
  • Subpoint 2
  • E.g.,