TV Program Proposal: How To Write a Program Proposal for Television

TV Program Proposal: How To Write a Proposal For Television Program. The full instruction of Writing TV Proposal For Al-Hijrah Malaysian Television Program.

Table of Contents

  1. Instruction of Writing TV Program Proposal
  2. Name of Program
  3. Description of Program
  4. Execution of Program
  5. Justification of Program

Instruction of Writing TV Program Proposal

Instruction to write a proposal for the Al-Hijrah TV program
1 You are to form a group of five or six members to work on this assignment. Form a media company and organize your company structure.
2 Your company has been invited to submit a 10 minutes proposal to the management of TV Al-Hijrah.
3 You are to propose a magazine-typed (akin to a documentary but with a 15 minutes duration) program for TV al-Hijrah.
4 For the proposal you need to include the followings:
i. Name of program.  (make sure it is attractive and catchy enough to get ratings)
ii. Description of program. (A brief description of the program. What is the program about? What does the program focus on?)
iii. Target audience. (Who are your target audience? Why are you targeting the audience? Give statistics to support.
iv. Justification. (Why should TV al-Hijrah produce the program? What is the uniqueness of the program? What are the advantages of the program?
v. Execution of the program. (How do you suggest the program should be produced? Come up with a running order for the program.
vi. The team. (Who are and who in your company. Include their professional CV.
vii. The best three proposed programs will be invited to present at the Al-Hijrah station.
The Sample of TV Program Proposal For Al-Hijrah Television

Name of Program: Discover Student Talent (DST)-2020

Description of TV Program Proposal

The Discover student talent is an interesting inclusive television program targeted towards students who are studying in Malaysian top-ranked public and private universities. This program is will welcome students to explore their talents and help them to become famous by properly utilizing their cognitive knowledge. The door of participation in this program is open for all students who are studying in Malaysian top 10 ranked universities. These top 10 universities will be considered as per the ranking of QS (Quacquarelli Symonds). According to the QS ranking, the top 10 universities in Malaysia are:

TV Program Proposal: the top 10 universities in Malaysia

So, the student of these top 10 universities can participate in the Discover student talent program by enrolling via a specific mobile application or website. When they will apply for contesting the Discover student talent program, contestants will have to participate in level 1 and level 2 for securing a position among the top 20 students. The top 20 students from every university will go to the TV station in level 3 for contesting and securing positions amid the top 10. In level 4, the top ten contestants will compete for being the most talented student in the university. The top 10 contestants from the top ten universities in Malaysia compete to be the most talented student in Malaysia. It is considered that the winner will get a certificate and 10,000 ringgit as prize money following 5,000 ringgit for the runner-up and 2000 ringgit for the second runner-up.

Execution of the TV Program Proposal

Every student needs to create an account by providing a specific university name and student id number. When they will get their account activated, they can participate in question answering sessions two times a month. But, they must have to provide a student ID number for verification that he or she is studying at that university.

After getting an activated account, they will face 50 easy general knowledge questions in the internet system in level 1, and they have to answer those questions to get higher marks. They can participate in this session through mobile, laptop, or tab. Thus, students will get their first level marks in the system, and they will have to be prepared for the second level. The second level also the same 50 questions but could be more challenging than the first level. In level 2, the contestants will sit for an exam in university in the OMR answer sheet. The university authority will all-out effort into the television company to organize the level 1 and 2 activities. All questions of the first and second levels will ask in both English and Malay language. Students can choose their preferred language in the system.

The television company will pick up the top 20 contestants from every university for level 3. In level 3, the top 20 contestants will come to the television station stage to compete with each other for securing a position amid the top 10 students in the university. After that, the top 10 students of the university will compete with each other to be the most talented student in the university.

Grand final

Level 5 is considered as the final level of the program for discovering the most talented student in Malaysia. Therefore, in this stage, the top 10 talented students from each university will compete with each other for being the most talented student in Malaysia.

Questions Patterns Set For the TV Program

  1. General Knowledge
  2. Books and Authors
  3. Famous Personalities
  4. Geography
  5. History
  6. Science and Inventions
  7. Movies
  8. Politics
  9. Religious
  10. Sports
Full Process at a glance
  1. Create an account and login.
  2. Choose university name, provide student ID number for account activation.
  3. Level-1 (50 Questions).
  4. Level-2 (50 Questions).
  5. Level-3: Location at Alhijrah and a total of 20 top-scored students from every university will compete to secure a position within the top 10. (Transportation, Beverage, and 100 Ringgit for the participant).
  6. Level-4: Location at Alhijrah and the top 10 students from every university will compete to become the most talented student of the university. (Transportation, Beverages, and 200 Ringgit for the participant).
  7. Level-5: Location at Alhijrah and the top 10 students from 10 universities will compete to become the most talented student in Malaysia. .(Transportation, Beverage, and 500 Ringgit for the participant).
  8. Total Price –20,000 Ringgit, Winner will get 10000 Rm, Runner up 5000 Rm, and second Runner up 2000 Rm).
Additional event for audiences

The television authority will organize two additional events for audiences. First of all, the audiences who will participate in the program physically can get prizes by answering questions on the stage. These audiences are those who sit in front of the main competition stage for watching live programs. In addition to that, the audiences who watch this program through television channels can win prizes by answering questions through mobile.

Target Audiences for the TV Program

For this program, the target audience can be youth, adult, and senior people. Their ages may be between 15-65 years old. The prime target audiences of this Discover talent student program are students. Students are the main components of running this program because they will participate in the program. Also, it is going to be an interactive program, viewers in front of the TV can also answer questions and when the audience can answer the questions successfully, they will feel very happy. The contestants and audiences face a wide range of topics, such as general knowledge, common sense, literature, history, astronomy, geography, sports, entertainment. So, audiences can also increase their knowledge through our questions answering session, at the same time, they can win prizes.


The motive of choosing youth as the target audience because they have already received a part of the education and have a certain knowledge background. And our program can be a competition, youth could set up a team to answer questions together to determine how many questions can be answered in the end. In this way, they not only expand their knowledge but also enhance the relationship between friends.


Furthermore, here are two aspects which are unemployed people and workers. Unemployed people have a lot of time can watch TV or videos and they can learn something from our program. It’s because our problems are so wide that they can learn something from them and benefit them in the future. Besides that, the workers didn’t have more free time so they can watch our program to relax. When they are tired, they can watch our program. If they can answer the questions correctly, they will feel happy.

Senior people

Maybe not many o people watch our show, but we hope to have more older people to watch. Because they can learn and educate their grandchildren.


The reason why TV al-Hijrah should produce this program has been discussed here. There are two major reasons for producing this program. Firstly, there’s something unique about producing a program based on students and centering universities in Malaysia. So, It’s a whole new format. Secondly, because the nature of the show is not just entertainment, some common sense questions make the show educational. On the other hand, the program has a wide range of audiences because of its educational significance.

The uniqueness of the program

Firstly, The nature of this show is unique in Malaysia because Malaysian TV programs were mostly about travel, food reality shows, and music-related selection programs. People’s conformity, snooping, and curiosity all affect people’s attention to the TV program. Therefore, the new format will attract some viewers. On the other hand, previous reality shows were mostly celebrities but participants in this program are students from the top 10 universities in Malaysia. This kind of guest of the TV program makes the show more attractive. Finally, our intention is also to give some students who have talent but have not yet been got a chance to shine.

Advantages of the programs

Firstly, compared with the variety of entertainment programs this program has educational meaning. This program also can attract some primary and middle school and college students who interested to exercise their knowledge through competition. Secondly, the program can also raise social awareness among general people to focus on learning as well as participants obtain confidence. Finally, this program can increase the popularity of the television channel through increasing ratings.

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Kobiruzzaman, M. M. (2021, February 3). TV Program Proposal: How To Write a Program Proposal for Television. Educational Website For Online Learning.

Minutes of Meeting Format: Simple Minutes of Meeting Format

Minutes of Meeting Format: Professional Minutes of Meeting Format. Minutes of Meeting Format: How To Write Effective Official Minutes of Meeting.  Elements of Minutes of Meeting. How To Take  Meeting Notes For Corporate, Business, and Group Meeting.

Minutes of Meeting Format

Table of Contents:

  1. What is the Minutes of Meeting Format?
  2. The objective of Minutes of Meeting.
  3. The element of Minutes of Meeting Format.
  4. Simple Minutes of Meeting Format.
1. Minutes of Meeting

Minutes of Meeting means the formal official written record of the meeting’s activities of a company, organization, or group. It is also known as minutes or informal notes that taken during the meeting. Minutes are also written notes that record whatever happened during a meeting, to keep remain of what was decided throughout the meeting so that you can revisit it and apply it to inform future decisions. Minutes intend to take note elaborately during meeting time regarding attendance, what is the topic of discussion, who is responsible for which task, how to take action to solve the problems, and vision and mission. Taking Minutes of Meeting with specific notes is an essential part of every formal meeting discussion.

2. Objective and Advantages of Minutes of Meeting Format

Firstly, Minutes of Meeting record the exact date, time, location, and activities of the meeting. It is one kind of formal evidence that narrates your whereabouts Also, it keeps clear evidence of attendees who attended the meeting and who didn’t attend.

Further, it takes note elaborately regarding what is the agenda and discussion topics, who is going to take responsibility, and how to solve the problem or achieve goals. Usually, group discussion doesn’t have a long attention span also members tend to be indulged with side-tracked. So, minutes help to divert from side-tracked and facilitate to keep on track.

Furthermore, minutes represent the list of action items, and adjourning time means when the meeting was dismissed. Typically, the action list indicates members’ consciousness about performing respective duties on time properly.

Finally, the minutes of the meeting state information regarding upcoming scheduled with specific time and date, and carry the names who submitted and approved it. It is alarming directives for group members to be prepared for a new meeting.

3. Elements of Minutes of Meeting Format

Minutes of Meeting need to have some specific components that make it more meaningful such as:

  1. Company or organization name. Every minute of the meeting needs to have an exact organization name at the top of the letter and add a logo if you have one.
  2. The precise date, time, and location. It is the prime component of minutes to express the profound meaning of discussion meetings with accuracy.
  3. Opening. For example, The regular weekly meeting of the Demigods Bullies group was called to order on 24 October 2019, 4:00 PM at 202 room in Faculty of Modern language and communication.
  4. List of attendees. For example the list of the members who participated in the meeting.
  5. List of absent. For example, the list of the members who did not join in the meeting discussion. It also updates and reminds members who absent from the meeting.
  6. Agenda. It seems like the main plan list of activities.
  7. Discussion. In similar to the agenda but brief discussion of the main point of the agenda.
  8. Note. Taking a record of who is going to do which task later. Actually, the note implies here a list of people who have been assigned for certain tasks.
  9. Action items. (How many decisions have been taken throughout the meeting discussion).
  10. Adjournment. (Written evidence of when and how the meeting was dismissed).
  11. Submitted by. (Name of who has submitted the minutes).
  12. Approved by. (Name of that specific person who will approve it officially).
  13. Documents. (Photo or video of meeting)

In conclusion, you can add some extras elements if necessary but they should be more specific and meaningful. Above all, it makes your minutes of meeting more significant.

Elements of Minutes of Meeting Format

Meeting Minutes

4. Simple Minutes of Meeting Format


Demigods Anti-Bullying Group

Minutes of Meeting

24 October 2019/ 4:00 PM


The regular weekly meeting of Demigods Bullies was called to order on 24 October 2019, 4:00 PM at room 202, Faculty of Modern Language and Communication in University Putra Malaysia.

Attendees list
  • Kobiruzzaman
  • Joshua
  • Novita
  • Samuel
  • Reem
  • Sascha Putri Gumilar
  • Jen
Absent list
  • MaXiaojie
  • Rania
  1. Capturing photo and Making video
  2. Active on Social media
  3. Planning for drama and talk show program.
  1. First of all, we have to create some photos and videos viewing the negative impact of bullying and cyber-bullying. These photos and videos will represent our activeness with diverse creativity.
  2. In addition, all group members have to emphasize social media activities such as uploading photos and videos regarding bullying and cyber-bullying.
  3. Finally, we have to prepare ourselves enough to perform effectively for the final program at Dewan Za’ba. Every group member will rehearse according to the script.
  1. Kobiruzzaman will be responsible for booking the Dewan Za’ba hall room for our final program by next week.
  2. Joshua will print out all posters with proposals.
  3. Samuel and Jiven will go to the departmental office in order to take signatures for approving these posters to hang on boards.
Action Items
  • Dividing group member’s duties for the social campaign based on the negative impact of bullying and cyberbullying is going to hold on 29 November 2019.
  • Finalizing the dress code, food, and beverages for the program.
  • The program budget has been approved also money distributed to the account.

The meeting was adjourned at 6 PM by the anonymous decision of group members. Hence, the group leader declared the adjournment loudly.

Next Meeting

According to today’s meeting decision, our next meeting is going to hold on Tuesday, 5th November 2019, at time 3: pm in the same venue.

Submitted by

M M Kobiruzzaman

Approved by:

Sascha also a group leader.