Questionnaire Sample- Survey Questionnaire Example For Students

Questionnaire Sample- Survey Questions or Questionnaire Example in Research Papers. Questionnaire Introduction Sample For Students. Questionnaires Samples Word File Download Link.


A questionnaire refers to an important research tool consisting of a list of questions to collect information from respondents. The respondents are the sample of the population who participate in the survey providing data. It is also known as the survey questions part of the written interview. The survey and written interview can be conducted face to face or on online platforms.

Questionnaire Sample

A questionnaire sample is an example of survey questions that assist the researcher in collecting data. The sample of the questionnaire has been collected from University Putra Malaysia. New researchers will get a concept on how to create a survey questionnaire. This sample of questionnaires represents an example of questionnaires.

The author has uploaded some different samples of questionnaires and set download links here so that readers download the pdf form. This sample of questionnaires might provide a better level of understanding for the new researchers.

Questionnaires Sample For Students

Many undergraduate and postgraduate students do not know how to set questionnaires properly; therefore, we have provided many examples of questionnaires. We really hate coping with other works; hence, we request you to take only ideas from our content to create your own questionnaire. Students can comment on this page to get more information if they need that not yet reported here.

Example of Survey Questionnaire

Questionnaires Sample Word Download Link

The examples of survey questionnaires have been given below. The UPM student at the communication department set them to conduct the survey. So, these questionnaires will assist those students who are preparing to write the thesis in the field of the communication department.

Survey Questionnaire Sample or Example-1

Research Title: Relationship between Awareness of Fake news sharing on Facebook and the Perception of Message Credibility and Brand Trust of Facebook among youths.

Dear Participants, I am inviting you to participate in this research by completing the following survey. This research investigates the relationship between the awareness of Fake news sharing on Facebook and the perception of message credibility and brand trust of Facebook among youths. The following questionnaire will require approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Thank you for taking your time in assisting me with this research. Under no circumstances are you obliged to answer any of the questions; however, doing so will greatly assist me in completing my research and enhancing the understanding of this research focus. The data collected will remain confidential and used solely for academic purposes.

Sample of Questionnaire Word File Download Link -1

Survey Questionnaire Sample or Example-2

Research Title: Malaysia’s e-commerce Websites’ Information and its Influence on Customers’  Information Privacy Concerns.

Sample of Questionnaire Word File Download Link-2

Survey Questionnaire Sample-3

Thesis Title: Communicating Copyright Law in Malaysia: The Perception of Undergraduate Students in University Putra Malaysia.

Sample of Questionnaire PDF File Download Link-3

Survey Questionnaire Sample-4

Research Title: From a Pandemic to an Infodemic: Establishing a Health Information Overload Model Based on COVID-19 Outbreak in Malaysia.

Questionnaire Introduction Sample For Students

Dear respondent,
Hope you are doing well and staying safe.
We are a health communication research team from the Department of Communication, Faculty of Modern languages and Communication (FBMK), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). We are conducting a research project to understand how Malaysians perceive COVID-19 as dangerous and serious to them, what kinds of social media they use to seek information, and how likely they are overloaded with the information. Meanwhile, we also seek to understand how much do Malaysians understand the virus and the intention towards getting COVID-19 vaccination.

There are EIGHT (8) sections in this online survey questionnaire. You are expected to answer ALL the questions listed. Your participation in this study is completely voluntary. You do not have to be in this study if you do not want to. If you volunteer to be in this study, you may withdraw from it at any time. If you withdraw, any data collected from you up to your withdrawal will still be used for the study. There is no potential risk or harm to you for participating in this research project. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the investigators of this research project. You are also very encouraged to share this questionnaire with your family members, friends, and others in your community, it would surely help us to obtain broader comprehension regarding COVID-19 issues in Malaysia.

Please click the “NEXT” button below to answer the questions if you agree to participate in this research.
Thank you for your time and we hope you and your loved ones are staying safe always.

Sample of Questionnaire Word File Download Link-4

Sample of Questionnaires

Questionnaire Sample- UPM Logo

Dear respondent,

I am a student at the Department of Communication, Faculty of Modern Languages, and Communication at University Putra Malaysia. I wish to collect some information about your awareness of obesity.

You are invited to participate in this survey in which your insight and information are valuable for us to strategize the health communication campaign to be more effective. I greatly appreciate your help in providing us with your honest answers to the questions below. I reassure you that the information gathered in this survey will only be used for event purposes and will be kept confidential.

Thank you.


1 Ethnic : □ Malay □ Indian
2 Gender : □ Chinese □ Other: ______________
□ Male □ Female
3 Age : Below 15 31–35
15–19 36–40
20–25 41–45
26–30 Above 45


  1. Which written language(s) do you understand? (Choose whichever relevant)
Malay English
Chinese Tamil


  1. Which spoken language do you prefer? (Choose one (1) ONLY)
Malay English
Mandarin Tamil
Cantonese Hakka
Hokkien Other: ___________


  1. What are the main sources you use the most to obtain health information? (Choose minimum one (1) answer and maximum three (3) answers)
Newspaper Internet
Magazine Facebook
Television Instagram
Radio Twitter
WeChat Other: ______________


  1. If you have selected a newspaper as one of the sources for obtaining information about health, which newspaper vehicle do you read the most? (Choose one (1) ONLY)
Sin Chew Daily Guang Hwa Daily
China Press Oriental Daily
Nanyang Siang Pau The Star
Utusan Malaysia Berita Harian
Kosma! News StraitTime
Guang Ming Daily Other: ______________


  1. Do you watch local television (TV) station(s)?
  • Yes (Proceed to Q2)
  • No (Proceed to Q4)
  1. How many hours of TV do you watch in a day? (Choose one (1) ONLY)
  • Less than 1 hour per day
  • 4-6 hours per day
  • 1-3 hours per day
  • More than 6 hours per day
  1. Which TV channel you watch the most? (Choose one (1) ONLY)
Astro NTV 7
RTM 2 TV 9
TV 3 Other: ______________
4. Do you listen to the local radio?
  • Yes (Proceed to Q5)
  • No (Proceed to Q7)
  1. How many hours of local radio station do you listen to a day? (Choose one (1) ONLY)
  • Less than 1 hour per day
  • 1-3 hours per day
  • 4-6 hours per day
  • More than 6 hours per day
  1. Which local radio station you listen to the most? (Choose one (1) ONLY)
One FM Hitz. FM
988 FM Fly FM
Melody FM Lite FM
Ai FM Era FM
Red FM Hot FM
Sinar FM Other: ______________

7. Which social media do you use the most? (Choose one (1) ONLY)

Facebook Twitter
Instagram WeChat
WhatsApp Other: ______________

SECTION DAwareness about Obesity

Tick (✓) the spaces provided to indicate your level of agreement with the statements below.

I. Problem Recognition
No Statements Strongly



2 3 4 Strongly



1 Obesity is becoming an increasingly large problem in my community.
2 There is an urgent need to solve the obesity problem in my community.
3 There is much room for local authorities and the government to improve the policies in controlling obesity in Malaysia.
4 I believe the prevention of obesity is very important.
II. Constraint Recognition
No Statements Strongly



2 3 4 Strongly


1 I am not able to do anything to solve the obesity problem in my community.
2 My efforts to combat the obesity problem in my community are pointless.
3 I do not see any points in trying to encourage my community members to control their weight.
4 I think I could not affect my community members to control their weight and to prevent obesity.
III. Involvement Recognition
No Statements Strongly



2 3 4 Strongly



1 I am concerned that overweight is affecting my life.
2 I believe obesity could affect my health.
3 I have a strong opinion about obesity.
4 I feel that obesity affects me personally.

– – End of Survey Questionnaire – –

Thank you for answering.

Business Growth Definition- Business Growth Plan Sample and Template

Business growth definition, Business growth plan sample and template. Growth business plan template. Business growth plan sample. Also, Development business definition.

Business Growth Definition

Business growth is a life cycle of company development from starting to present condition. It also implies the development timeline of the company’s business. It keeps records of all the achievements of the company. The business development timeline reminds employees of the long progressive history of the company. The company or business growth timeline keeps written notes of the company’s growth. Business growth or company growing timeline becomes a popular element of a company profile that signifies an essential factor of the business. It is almost impossible to run a business properly without a company profile and a business growth timeline.

Business Growth Plan Sample

This a sample of the magic touch of an event management company that started the journey in 2014 in Malaysia. First of all, we will present a description of the business growth from 2014 to 2019. As the company started its journey in 2014, and it is running smoothly. In addition to that, we will expose an infographic template that represents the whole growing history of the company.


Business growth definition, Business growth plan sample and template.

Business Growth

The magic touch company started its journey in 2014 with small capital and resources. It started with a charming slogan, for instance, your dream, we make it. The mission and vision of the company are beautiful that helped this company to earn popularity. The mission is “to make your occasion magical beyond unique”. In addition, the vision is “to be on top in creating a magical and memorable event”. After one year, the company set up its own office at Sunway in 2015. The office’s exact location is Jalan lagoon Timur 9/1, Bandar Sunway, 47500, Bandar Sunway, Selangor. TMT implies the abbreviation of the company’s full name, for example, the magic touch(TMT).

From commencing in 2018, the authority of the company decided to emphasize advertising and marketing. It started the advertising campaign to earn more popularity within a short time. However, TMT got huge popularity within a short period of time through offline and online marketing. We selected social media for online marketing, and it accelerated targeting the audiences. We got huge clients through a social media marketing policy.

Now is 2019; it is safe to say that the magic touch has become one of Malaysia’s most popular event management company. Firstly, the magic touch company has enough human resources to operate the company smoothly. For example, more than 20 employees are working for serving clients. In addition, TMT acquired client’s satisfaction with enormous material and intangible resources.  The magic touch managed to achieve business growth by revenue of the business with great service income. Above all else, TMT applied some common growth strategies in business include product expansion, market penetration, market expansion, and diversification.

Infographic Template PowerPoint 100+ Free Download Link

Download- 134 infographics PowerPoint template free download