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Five Years Business Plan For The Company: How To Write an Effective Business Plan.

Five Years Business Plan For The Company: How To Write an Effective Five Years Business Plan For Private Company. A Sample of The Five Years Business Plan for the Magic Touch Company with Infographic templates.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is five years business plan
  2. A Sample of The Five Years Business Plan for the Magic Touch Company
  3. Infographic Powerpoint Templates 100+ Free Download Link

Five Years Business Plan: 

A five years business plan represents a written statement of goal that the company plans to reach them within 5 years. It is a part of the mission and vision of the company. Five years plan is an inevitable portion of an effective company profile . It will assist to achieve the company’s vision in a dynamic way. Five years of a business plan not only make employees organized to perform their duties properly but persuade clients to keep faith in the company.


A Sample of The Five Years Business Plan for the Magic Touch Company

The magic touch company hereby has planed to achieve five goals following the next five years such as advertising in 2019, setting up another office in 2020, making more collaboration in 2021, associating with social work in 2022, and organizing international events in 2023.

Advertising in 2019

The magic touch has declared 2019 as the year of online marketing. Our company has taken all kinds of initiatives to achieve our common goal. Before, we had emphasized on both offline and online marketing. As our company declared 2019 as the year of online marketing, therefore, we are focusing on online marketing now. Our company, the magic touch has made an ideal plan and already implemented it. Now we are waiting to see the result of the campaign. We had chosen social media for online marketing to attract audiences. Social media especially Facebook has become one of the most famous media among youth. Hence, we used Facebook to target audiences as well as for our publicity. Finally, we have achieved our gratification through cumulative endeavors.

Setting up another office in 2020

According to the five years plan of the magic touch company, we are going to build a new office by 2020. This year is very important for decoration in our office because we are going to make some collaborations with the new organizations by 2021. Hence, we have to set up a new office near University Putra Malaysia. We are expecting that an agreement is going to be signed with University Putra Malaysia by 2021. Already our company fixed the location where our new office will be set up and it is near to Mines Resorts. The exact location of our new office is at South City Plaza. The magic touch company determines to complete decoration prior to 2021.

Making more collaboration in 2021

As it has mentioned that we are going to make a bilateral agreement between the magic touch and University Putra Malaysia by 2021. So, we will make collaboration with more organizations. It is estimated that our company will make more than 20 collaborations with different companies. On behalf of the magic touch a popular event management company in Malaysia, we believe in maintaining healthy relationships with all of our clients.

Associating with social work in 2022

Every year our company higher level authority sits together for further discussion about company mission and vision. Our company is very liberal to maintain the rules and laws of the county. We never intend to breach any rules and regulations. For helping the unprivileged people, our company is coming up with helping hands to conscious mass people about health. We are expecting to organize a health camp to arouse hatred to spread plastic bottles everywhere. We believe doing little things can make a big difference. It is estimated that more than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year. This campaign can reduce a million of plastics dumped in the ocean and save the world.

Organizing international events in 2023

According to our five years business plan, we set our international goal to organize worldwide events beyond Malaysia. In 2023, the magic touch is planning to organize an international event in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and so on. The magic touch possesses all kinds of resources to manage an international event. Based on our employee’s confidence and resources, the magic touch firmly believes that it will achieve the common goal.

A Sample of The Five Years Business Plan for the Magic Touch Company

Five Years Business Plan For The Company: How To Write an Effective Five Years Business Plan For Private Company

Infographic Powerpoint Templates 100+ Free Download Link:

Download- 134 infographic powerpoint template free download

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Rules & Regulations and Code of Conduct of The Company, How To Write, Sample

Rules and Regulations of The Company and Code of Conduct of the Company. How To Write the Rules and Regulations and Code of Conduct of the Company. The Sample of Rules and Regulations of The Company.

Table of Contents:

  1. Rules and Regulations of The Company
  2. How To Write the Rules and Regulations and Code of Conduct of the Company?
  3. A Sample of Rules and Regulations of The Company.

Rules and Regulations of The Company

The rules and regulation of the company means a set of written policies that made by company higher level authority and bound to follow all employees. Rules and regulations help to protect the business from any kind of legal claims also maintain the business with a positive work environment. In addition, the Code of Conduct of the Company is a collection of rules outlining the norms and responsibilities of the company. Failure of an employee to obey the rules and regulations as well as the code of conduct can bring negative consequences.

2. The Company Rules and Regulations For The Employees

The following rules and regulations shall impose on all employees of the company. Some rules and regulations include:

  1. Firstly, every employee must have to follow and obey the act, guidance, policy, rules, and regulations imposed by the company authority and applicable from time to time.
  2. Secondly, the company expects formal and acceptable behaviors from employees. The prime motive of the company is to attract customers through outstanding conduct.
  3. In addition, employees are liable to protect the company’s belongings what they are using for office purposes. They will be responsible for breaking any type of official equipment such as computer, printer, scanner, camera, and so on.
  4. Further, our company very aware of maintaining the record, therefore, every employee has to be conscious to protect documents. The office will not accept any argument without proper evidence.
  5. Furthermore, the employee will be permitted to work who are under the influence of alcoholic beverages during work time. Also, no employee shall drive the company’s vehicles or operate any official equipment under the influence of an alcoholic.
  6. Apart from that, our company is very alert to follow the employee’s ethical principles. The company will be fired on those employees who are indulged with corruption and bribery without notifying them.
  7. Employees must have to inform the supervisor or manager at least one hour prior to starting work if they could be absent or late on that day.
  8. Every employee has to apply for a special vacation at least one month prior to the expected date of asking for a vacation.
  9. Employees shall follow the dress code according to the directives of the company authorities.
  10. Finally, If the employee does not meet the company’s expectations through their conduct and performance, the company can take corrective action on them.

The Code of Conduct of the Company

Fair competition

This company believes in protecting the principles of the competition, economic freedom, and conducts company activities in line with those principles. Depending on the company strategies, it competes with other companies actively, autonomously and fairly. The Company’s collaborators are not hereunder authorized to establish with competitors formal or informal agreements.  All the business units of the company are expected to comply with the guidelines provided by the company’s rules and regulations.


Our company always shows it’s keen to make a collaboration for mutual benefits. This company determines to keep promise with other collaborative companies as per the agreement.

Relationships with shareholders

Shareholders need all the relevant information available in order to guide them. Our company creates the conditions so that there is widespread and informed participation of shareholders in decisions within their remit. It promotes equality of information.

Environmental Protection

The company has always considered the environment to be a vitally important asset. So our company is committed to protecting the environment. The company is seeking a balance between economic initiatives and important ecological concerns to consider the rights of future generations.


The company safeguards the principle of confidentiality of any data, information, and details about its activities. It ensures that this principle is also respected and observed by its collaborators.

Protection of human resources

Human resources are vitally important for the existence and development of our company. We respect human resources and make room for implementing their creativity. Our company always inspire blooming inner knowledge of the employees and outsiders.

Corruption and extortion

Our company is committed to implementing the necessary measures to prevent and combat bribery and extortion. This company is very strong-minded to eradicate any type of corruptions both inbound and outbound perspectives.

3. A Sample of Rules and Regulations of The Company.

For example:

Rules and Regulations of the Magic Touch Company

An Infographic Sample of the Rules and Regulations of The Company

Rules and Regulations of The Company and Code of Conduct of the Company. How To Write the Rules and Regulations and Code of Conduct of the Company. The Sample of Rules and Regulations of The Company.

Infographic Powerpoint Templates 100+ Free Download Link:

Download- 134 infographic powerpoint template free download

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Marketing Plan Sample: How To Write Five Years Marketing Plan for Company

Marketing Plan Sample: How To Write Five Years Marketing Plan for Company. The Elements, Components, and Factors of a Company’s Five Years Marketing Plan. A Sample and Example of Effective Marketing Plan.

Table of Contents:

  1. Marketing Plan
  2. Elements of marketing plan
  3. Sample of Five Years marketing plan


1. Marketing Plan:

A marketing plan refers to a comprehensive document of the company that defines the outline of offline and online adverting attempts for promoting or banding products, services, and company names.

2. Elements and Factors of the marketing plan:

  1. Market research
  2. Target market
  3. Target audiences
  4. Market strategies
  5. Mission statement
  6. Products and Services
  7. Pricing, Positioning, and Branding
  8. Competitive analysis
  9. Market goal
  10. Budget
  11. Monitoring results

3. Sample of Five Years marketing plan:

An annotative sample of the Global Assistant company also a consulting firm works for student admission counseling.


Global Assistant

Five-year Marketing Plan.


This five-year marketing plan for the Global Assistant consulting firm has been created by its founder to increase popularity among people and attract more customers. Although the Global assistant has been launched in 2019, the employees have huge experience to operate this firm properly. This consulting firm launched officially in 2019 but it is proving service unofficially for a long time ago. The agricultural and industrial era has gone and now we are living in the communication era in the global village.

The Global Assistant wants to provide authentic information by sharing knowledge to produce the best decision for your life. First of all, they are trying to motivate students to continue studies to build a better future. So, The Global Assistant is working for both financial benefits and spreading social awareness. They suggest and assist students to get admission in the best university that can build their career. In addition, The Global Assistant consulting firm helps people from the perspective of migration issues such as getting a second home, professional visa, working visa, tourism sector, and so on.

Finally, we must work towards meeting the demands of customers and achieving a common goal. Over the next five-year, The Global Assistant will assist the student to choose the best university for pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degree. It also helps universities to improve their reputation by proving intellectual students.



The Global Assistant consulting firm was founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Kobiruzzaman who has an undergraduate degree in communication and worked for several years in the public relations industry. Although Kobir started to operate the consulting business officially since 2019 he had experienced a long time ago. The prime motive of this firm is to show the right way to choose perfect institutions for studying.


The Global Assistant’s mission is to be the leading information provider and acquire the belief of mass people during making decisions regarding studious issues.  It wants to inspire people to get outdoors more often and enjoy family and friends while doing so.  In addition, Global Assistant strives to design a better future for students and academicians.

During the next five years, The Global Assistant seeks to achieve the following financial and non-financial goals:

  • It is looking forward to opening up more branches in Dhaka and Malaysia and other countries to provide authentic information. I’d like to personally invite you to visit the Global Assistant office.
  • Increase the salary for the employees and revenues by at least 50 percent each year.
  • Donate at least $2,000 a year to conservation organizations and social campaigns.
  • Introduce two new service lines—opening one more international branch and increase social media marketing.
  • Develop a successful Internet site, while maintaining strong relationships with clients.
  • Global Assistant is also committed to giving back to the community by contributing to local conservation programs. Ultimately, the company would like to develop and fund its own environmental programs.

Global Assistant seeks to use its core competencies to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, in which competitors cannot provide the same value to consumers that Global Assistant does.  Already, Global Assistant has developed core competencies in (1) offering high-quality information; (2) creating a sense of community among consumers who come here; and (3) developing a reputation among customers. Global Assistant believes in building strong relationships with students, guardians, and customers of information and motivation and services.



The marketing environment for Global Assistant represents overwhelming opportunities.  It also contains some challenges that the firm believes it can meet successfully. The Global Assistant is governed by the SWOT analysis a strategic planning technique used to help a person or organization identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to business competition or project planning.


The target market for the Global Assistant consulting firm is active clients between the ages of 25 and 45—people who want to study for a better future. These active clients represent a demographic group of well-educated and successful individuals; they are single or married and raising families. Ultimately, they are somewhat education-oriented and highly ambitious people who are seeking for migration to better countries.


Marketing means creating awareness or public visibility of any company, product, and service and so on. It also implies the movement of information from sources to mass people. The process of information dissemination could happen face to face or via media.

On behalf of the Global Assistant consulting firm, we had chosen both online marketing and offline marketing and executed properly.

  1. Relationship marketing
  2. Word of mouth marketing
  3. Mass marketing
  4. Diversity Marketing
  5. Seasonal Marketing
  6. Online Marketing
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Outbound Marketing
  9. Inbound Marketing
  10. Social Media Marketing
  11. Offline Marketing
  12. Event Marketing
  13. Direct Marketing
  14. Content Marketing
  15. Community Marketing
  16. B2B Marketing
  17. B2C Marketing
  18. Acquisition Marketing.
  19. Affiliate Marketing.
  20. Brand Marketing.
  21. Buzz Marketing.
  22. Campus Marketing.
  23. Cause Marketing.
  24. Content Marketing.
  25. Vertical Marketing.
  26. Video marketing
  27. viral marketing
  28. Web marketing.
  29. Youth marketing.
  30. Street marketing.

Marketing plan sample -Five years marketing plan timeline for new comapany










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