Cyberbully Case Study on Bangladeshi Girl-How to Prevent Cyberbullying in Bangladesh.

Cyberbully Case Study on Bangladeshi Girl-How to Prevent Cyberbullying in Bangladesh. Definition of cyberbullying. Cyberbully Case study on Bangladeshi girl. How to prevent cyberbullying in Bangladesh.

Cyberbully Case Study on Bangladeshi Girl

What is Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying refers to a bullying event occurring in online life. It is a new phenomenon in the network era. People use the Internet to do harm to individuals or groups, malicious, repetitive, and hostile, so as to make others hurt. This phenomenon also occurs in adolescents and minors, especially in adults. With the popularity of social networking sites, “online bullying” has begun to evolve into a global wave and become a more and more serious social problem. This phenomenon will cause tremendous psychological harm to people and affect their healthy development and growth. Cyberbullying (also known as malicious sabotage) refers to the act of attacking others on the Internet.

If you keep talking to someone and the other person feels that your words have threatened his own safety or the safety of others, your actions are illegal. If you encounter uncomfortable comments on the Internet, tell your guardian. Many e-mails and instant-messaging tools have blocking options that you can use to shield harassment information.

Parents can also save harassment emails and send them to e-mail service providers. Most vendors have formulated appropriate policies to restrict users from harassing others online. If the harassment information contains comments on a website, you can contact the ISP to help you find hosting. Website. You can provide it with Internet services. Business contacts to make them aware of these attacks.

Cyberbully Case study on Bangladeshi girl

The Internet is becoming more popular in Bangladesh day by day. According to many surveys, teenagers are more into social media while using the internet. According to Google, the number of active internet users is now 4 crores with 35% active users every day and it will be 9 crores within the year 2020. In Bangladesh, almost 49% of students have reported being a victim of cyberbullying.

According to the safe internet study conducted by the Telenor group, the students are either being bullied or disturbed online or being bullied by the same person both online and offline. This study has come to the conclusion that 49.5% of Bangladeshi teenagers had been victims of cyberbullying until 2016. This study indicates that 61% of students in Bangladesh would not send explicit messages online, which known as “sexting”. Around 38% of students expressed positive opinions about consult with their parents. This study covered 1,510 pupils in Bangladesh. Basically, in Bangladesh, girls are being bullied more than boys. This is one of the major reasons behind suicides.

The rate of suicide among young girls is increasing day by day.  According to the increasing of internet user all over the world the negative impacts of the internet is being visible day by day. In recent years Bangladesh has experienced an outstanding development in the communication technology sector. According to the Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) report in 2016, there are more than 10 million people use smartphones and 66.8 million internet subscribers what has increased by 22% by 2016 (Faisal, 2017). After the launching of 3G service by telco company the number of internet users increased tremendously across the country.  The population of Bangladesh is around 160 million+ where 10 million people use mobile phones and 23 million Facebook users.

The government of Bangladesh has taken some initiatives in recent years to develop Bangladesh technologically as well as economically (Faisal, 2017). Technology is a blessing for us when we enjoy the opportunities of technology but we feel very sad when experiencing the negative impact of technology. In the recent era, social media has become one of the most popular media amid people for communication, sharing knowledge, information, data and building relationship, and online marketing (Hendricks, 2013; Giddens, 2018).

According to a statistic report in 2018, there are more than 800 social media in the world including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Imo, Viber, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on. The amount of these social media users is more than 2.8 billion all over the world. The media and communication technology such as social media especially Facebook have both positive and negative impacts on the human being. Facebook is the most popular social media as per the statistic report in 2018, and the amount of users is 2.23 billion. Facebook has brought opportunity into communication from the perspective of Bangladesh.

Most of the teenagers are possessing at least one Facebook account conducted by themselves. Apart from the positive impacts of these social media especially Facebook on the young generation. After all, many girls are committed to suicide because of cyberbullying on social media.

Cyberbully Case study on Bangladeshi Girl Afrin Laboni

We want to talk about a girl’s story who has been affected by cyberbullying.  Afrin Laboni a Bangladeshi girl who studies at a renowned public university in the capital named Jagannath university abbreviation is JnU. She is a very intelligent student at the accounting and information system department of Jagannath University. Afrin was born in a very remote area in Bangladesh, and her father was a school teacher who already passed away three years ago and her mother is a housewife. They are two siblings and both are very studious students at the same university. She was also an activist of Bangladesh’s ruling government’s student wing Bangladesh student league organization. She is acting role as an organizing secretary at the Bangladesh student league of Jagannath University.

Although Her hometown was a very remote area in Bangladesh, she is a very sophisticated and enthusiastic girl. Now she is 27 years old and her height is approximately 5.7 inches. She is a very intelligent and beautiful girl. They have a very happy family and the days are going very well. She is an activist of Bangladesh ruling government student wings named Bangladesh Chhatra League. In 2017, her mother got sick and admitted to Dhaka medical hospital and just after one month of her mother’s illness, she could know her mother is affected in chronic kidney disease. Always she was staying with her mother to serve her.

In the meantime, she applied for contesting miss world Bangladesh 2018. Miss World Bangladesh is the very popular national beauty pageant of Bangladesh. This solemn event was created to give beautiful Bangladeshi girls the opportunity to participate in the “Miss World” pageant. Antar Showbiz created Miss World Bangladesh to be the country’s first nationwide pageant. The event’s mission is to support the empowerment of women and the opportunity to represent Bangladesh at an international level. With her great efforts and endeavors, she secured her position as the top ten beauty contestant and became the best behavior of the miss world Bangladesh 2018.

In a very short time, she achieved huge popularity among the young generation. She came under limelight once again for her weird answer to judges. It turns out, Afrin had been lying about her marital status since she joined the pageant. According to the investigative report of India Times, she had a court marriage with her ex-husband Ataur Rahman Atik in the Jamalpur Court back on August 18, 2014. They got divorced on May 17, 2016, and Atik later filed a case against her accusing her of theft. The case is still ongoing. Her husband Ataur Rahman Atik published some of them the intimate photos on social media to humiliate her.

The photos went viral on social media especially on Facebook within a short time. According to the rules of miss world Bangladesh, no one can participate in this contest who is married therefore she got kicked out from miss world competition 2018. Although her husband could not prove that she was married but she got viral on Facebook. Thus, she had been affected by cyberbullying. A rumor went viral onto social media that she lied about miss the world competition.

Thousands of peoples misunderstood as well as humiliated her on social media through timeline status and comments. Many descent and vogues comments made her depressed and sad. She never knew that something is waiting for her in this kind of situation. Her mother succumbed to injury at that time and she thought this cyberbullying lead her mother to lead to get death soon. She decided to commit suicide when she got kicked out of miss world competition and lost her mother.

At that time most people threw bad comments against her such as she is a very stupid girl, liar, thief, and so on. They used to use very indecent words during comment against her. she also filed a defamation case against Atikur Rahman who pretended to her husband. The case was filed with the police station and it is still an ongoing process. Now everyone knows that it was a false and fabricated conspiracy against her to kick out of the miss world competition. She also believed that she has been suffered from unimaginable damage in her life only for the misuse of social media.

According to her opinion, all of the bad things in her life have come from a lack of awareness. She also acknowledged that she should have become more conscious about her personal life as well as capturing photos and videos. She went to a psychologist for getting relief from all of these problems. Now she is leading a normal life like other girls in Bangladesh but still could not forget that crucial times that triggered her to commit suicide.

How to Prevent Cyberbullying in Bangladesh

          Cyberbullying is one of the major concerns for parents all over the world. In the era of media communication, it is very difficult to control or observe the usage of the internet when it comes to children. That’s why the government should take responsibility to stop or at least control cyberbullying. Though in Bangladesh the internet was introduced very late compared to other countries, yet it has become popular within a blink of an eye. Most of the people are using the internet in day to day life. And for the school-going children, their favorite past time has become using social networking sites, for example, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Sexual predators or simply older people are using social media as a platform for blackmailing or bullying. Most of the time teenagers, especially girls are being victimized for this. As they are vulnerable and young, people tend to use social media in order to bully them or force them to do things according to their will. For the socio-cultural norms, most of the time children are really afraid to seek help from their parents or take necessary security steps while they were being bullied. And as a whole, it affects the mental health of teenagers in a very negative way sometimes leads to clinical depression and sometimes suicide.

The Bangladeshi government has taken action to stop cyberbullying. Recently new ICT act has been introduced and under these acts, to reveal the person who is bullying or take legal steps against that person has become very easy. Not only these, but the government is also promoting mental health care for the victims. Many organizations are holding awareness seminars, programs, and dramas to create awareness regarding cyberbullying. Still, the rate of bullying is increasing day by day which is affecting the socio-cultural condition in Bangladesh greatly. In Bangladesh, with the development of the internet, social media, mobile phones, Cyberbullying is happening more and more.

The means of cyberbullying are getting higher and higher. Cyberbullying is everywhere. It has affected our lives and affected by society. Cyberbullying rises exponentially. The continued occurrence of this phenomenon will affect the sustainable development of society. From all aspects of life, we must find some feasible ways to reduce the occurrence of cyberbullying.

According to where cyberbullying commonly occurs, we can divide it into two areas, source and receiver. These two areas are the main factors of cyberbullying. The sources refer to some communication way in the network area that disseminates information or are senders of information. So, these sources could be the advertisement on the website, the link from shopping application, the poster on YouTube, Facebook. The receiver refers to some user who is using some platform or carriers on the Internet. The receiver could be a person of different ages or a group and company that committed to a certain field.

In general, a good combination of two factors will greatly reduce the occurrence of cyberbullying. From the source factor, different media have different characteristics. But these different media are attracting victims by using the spread of false information. This false information uses the curiosity of the victim to expose the victim’s information and thereby control the victim. Another source of causes of bullying is the freedom of speech on the Internet. So based on these circumstances, Bangladesh should strengthen the control and guidance of the network media, formulate relevant laws and regulations, and strengthen the legal system. And control the media and personal speech. Once there are unfair remarks and endanger social security and people’s property security. The act of giving serious treatment according to law.

The Bangladeshi government should establish the principle of network access, and control the advertising and information issued by the company to prevent the harm of false information to the people (Shaheed, 1994). Improve the construction of laws and regulations for young people. Severely crackdown on the practice of cybercrime against young people, give them a heavy sentence and let them dare not carry out such illegal activities. Establishing the principle of network access, restricting groups of young people who are less educated and less able to identify, limiting their access time, and restricting access to individual websites Raise awareness of this incident and deal with cyberbullying cases in a positive and efficient way Promote the dangers of cyberbullying in campus social families Improve the awareness of self-protection among members of social family schools Establish an active and healthy network environment.

The most important fact is we should improve our own quality and Improve your safety awareness. Additionally, improve the identification of cyberbullying methods. After all, you should ask someone in your hand for help If you can’t distinguish your situation well. However, Protect your information and not disclose your personal information to anyone.


Faisal, M. (2017, October 3) THE EVOLUTION OF ICT SECTOR IN BANGLADESH. Retrieve from

Giddens, A. (2018). Globalization. In Sociology of Globalization (pp. 19-26). Routledge.

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Types of Feature Writing: Personality, How-To, Review, Travelogue, & Obituary Feature.

Types of Feature Writing: Personality Feature, How-To Feature, ReviewFeature, Travelogue Feature, & Obituary Feature.Additionally. Discuss five types of feature writing. Feature writing is in-depth writing on humanity. It was written that way to attract readers. In line with that, discuss five types of feature writing.

Feature Writing

Feature writing is a greater and longer piece of non-fiction writing that deals with real events, issues, trends. According to BBC, feature writing is soft news and human-interest story. The most important objectives of the feature writing is to add color, to humanize, to entertain, and to educate people. Feature writing must have to have three important parts such as lead, body, and end.

Types of Feature Writing

The five types of feature writing are as follows;

  1. Personality Feature
  2. The How-To Feature
  3. The Review Feature
  4. The “Travelogue” Feature
  5. The Obituary Feature
  1. Personality Feature

A personality feature is also known as a profile writing that demonstrates a person’s appearance characteristics, lifestyle, emotions, hobbies, and the positive aspect of the person vividly. People are always curious to know about others, therefore, it is one of the types of human interest features. So, it is very important to take the person’s consent and assistance to write a profile feature. The most important objective of the personality feature writing is to show how a person gains recognition and describes elaborately about a person, place, idea, and organization.

The personality feature writing emphasizes on those people who have a good position in society, who is criminal, who reach the milestone, who gained experiences, and who want to justify the attention. There is some basic information that must need to represent in personality feature writing such as physical characteristics, personality, intelligence and ability, background status, dreams, and surroundings.

Example of the personality feature

  • “Everyone’s voice counts” Beyonce in her own words
  • The amazing life of PAUL Mc CARTNEY
  1. The How-To Feature

The how-to feature refers to the article that shares someone’s experiences to help other people to know (wikiHow, 2020). It is also a great way to assist people to solve their problems to complete new tasks and reach new goals. In addition, it is very important to follow some instructions to write a complete how-to feature article, for example, using the transitional verb to maintain sequence,   gathering some questions about the topics, elaboration of steps, mentioning what is going to happen next, and sharing the consequences.

Example of the how-to feature

  • How to stop hacking your Facebook ID
  • Five things need to know for gardening at home
  1. The Review Feature

The review feature is an article that critically assesses and summarizes topics such as books, movies, articles, fashion, arts, restaurant policies, performances, and so on. It is also called as the overview or survey article. The most important objective of writing a review article is to give analysis honestly and providing suggestions to the audiences.

Example of review features

  1. The “Travelogue” Feature

The travelogue feature refers to the article writing about traveling guides with photos and suggestions. It deals with exploring the beauty of nature, and the explanation of traveling guidelines for the journey. People travel for various perspectives such as personal business, job purpose, multicultural immigration, curiosity, and adventure. According to Rob McFarland (2007), Photos are very inevitable elements in travelogue features to make them interesting and vivid for audiences. So, you need to follow some instructions when adding photos inside articles including people’s images, use the rule of thirds, put something in the foreground, fill the frame, and use a frame.

Example of the travelogue feature

  • What to see MILAN in ONE DAY
  • You must see AGRA RED FORT INDIA
  1. The Obituary Feature

An obituary feature is an article writing that notifies people about the death of someone and details information about the funeral. It also provides background information including date of birth, location of birth, education, job, legacy, and a meaningful summary of a person’s life.

Example of the obituary feature

  • Irrfan Khan dies aged 53
  • Diana 1961-1997


Feature writing is the explanation and dissemination of factual information regarding people, place, process, history, and so on. It is a great platform to educate people about the unknown phenomenon. People are getting beneficial both personal and corporate perspectives with feature articles. Therefore, It has strong impacts on society for imparting knowledge and entertainment.

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How To Write a How-To Feature Article Writing Instruction With Sample.

How To Write a Feature Article or How To a How-To Article, Writing Instruction of How To Feature Article With Sample & Example. Explain the writing steps process.

How-To Feature Article

The how-to feature refers to the article that shares someone’s experiences to help other people to know about that phenomenon (wikiHow, 2020). It is a great way to assist people to complete new tasks and reach new goals. Writing a “how-to article” is a great way to share your expertise with other people.

There are instructions proposed by the scholars to write a complete how-to feature article, for example, using the transitional verb to maintain sequence, gathering some questions about the topics, elaboration of steps, mentioning what is going to happen next, and sharing the consequences.

Example of the How-to Feature Article
  • How to stop hacking your Facebook ID
  • Five things need to know for gardening at home
 Rule of How-to Feature Article Writing
  • You need to spend 40% of your time to do research on finding the story idea.
  • You need to spend another 40% of your time to do interviews and reporting.
  • Finally, you need to spend 20% of your time on writing the article.
Steps of the Writing How-to Feature Article

In order to write a complete how-to feature, you have to make some preparations before starting writing and you have to follow a few steps to make it interesting for the audience.  These steps need to be followed to yield a meaningful article, so you outline a sketch of the article.

1.Select Your Topics

First of all, Selecting the subject topic or title is part of the pre-writing article. Choose a topic that you know clearly and you have a good idea in them. For example, if you are a chief, you know perfectly how to make chicken soup. You should write your how-to feature article based on cooking experiences.

2.Target your audience

Researching about the target audience is another important fact of writing article because it is valueless if nobody read your articles. For example, a teenager will show interest in the topics related to social media. They maybe show less interest in the article on how to make chicken soup. People will read your article regarding cooking instructions who like to cook as well as have a restaurant business. You must need to follow geographic, demographic, psychographic factors when targeting your audiences ( Email marketing, 2000).

3.Research on the topic

Take time to earn and gather information as much as you can about the topics before starting writing. You will not be able to write a valuable article without providing authentic and precious information. Some sources can help you to verify your information authenticates such as statistic reports, quotes by a well-known person, reference from TV, newspaper, radio, and journal (Hermida, 2015).

4.Outline your steps

Making a rough draft of how you’re going to write a full article with the mentioned steps. The outline will help you to know how many steps you need to complete and how many you have already done. It also lets you know about your strengths and weaknesses, and you can utilize your strengths and overcome weaknesses. So, it has emerged as an important step in article writing. Using transitional verbs or highlighting your points with number sequences is the best option.

5.Follow the writing process

In the first paragraph, you should introduce your article that readers can get a concept about the full article. In addition, explain the advantages of reading this article, therefore, put some catchy sentences to attract audiences. For example, if you are writing how to stop hacking Facebook ID, so you explain what consequences the audience can be faced by hacking. It will trigger them to read it properly.

Write one step for each and never mess up one part with other parts because you have to keep reminding that readers are not aware of the process. So, it will be difficult for them if you do not write one step in each section.  For example, you mention how to open a Facebook ID before instructing them on how to protect Facebook from hacking.

Use chronological order to make clear every step one by one to the readers. For example, mention steps one, two, and three of the article for better understanding. Additionally, using action verbs to describe your steps such as apply, write, cut, mix, use, change, and so on.

6.Make the Article simple and friendly

To make the article simple and friendly stop using irrelevant information and make it assertive. Usually, how-to feature mentions problems indicate solutions so write it using simple words to digest for the readers.

7.Adding recommendations and cautions

Propose your suggestions and cautions if necessary or readers will term you as a less informative person. It is your duty to add caution if there have any possible dangers in your process of the article. For example, in the article on how to stop hacking Facebook ID, you might mention; never report your ID, the Facebook authority will disable your ID.

8.Revising and Proofreading

Revise your article again and again before publishing for the readers. You can read your article loudly in front of your friends to verify it. Dig out more questions about the topics and try to find the answer inside your article whether the answers are here or not. You need to edit your article if the answer is not in your article.  You can ask some by yourself to verify such as do they understand the process? Are there any steps missing? Is there anything else to add? Finally, find a proofreader to proofread your article properly and make it perfect with no errors.


The how-to feature is one of the essential articles for those people who really need help from others to solve their problems. People read this kind of articles when they need instructions to complete a task or program. So, the author should be more responsible when writing an article to provide instruction to the audiences.

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