Definition of quality: The History and evolution of quality management strategies

Total quality management (TQM)

 The definition of quality: The History and evolution of quality management strategies. Quality strategy to profitability in the organization.

The definition of the quality:

There are many researchers and practitioners who have defined the quality in many ways, but the essence of the definition is almost similar. Edward described that quality is the ability to exceed the customer’s satisfaction by proving service and product. In addition, Crosby defined quality is conformance to the requirements of customers. Moreover, Juran defined quality as being ‘fitness for use’. So, quality is the standard or degree of the products or services that can differentiate them from others by the measurement.

Quality strategy to profitability in the organization:

Since the 1980s, many quality strategies or quality management systems have been launched to maintain the quality of the products and services in the organization such as total quality management system (TQM), Six-sigma, reengineering, lean system, and so on (Yang, 2012). Yang (2012) argued that most of the quality improvement strategies have been executed by the company all over the world to yield good results by solving problems or faults.

The History and evolution of quality management strategies:
  • Inspection quality control (IQC), since 1910
  • Statistical process control (SPC), since 1930
  • Total quality control (TQC), since 1950
  • Company-wide quality control (CWQC), since 1970
  • Total Quality Management (TQM), since 1985
  • Six-Sigma (6σ), since 1986
  • Business Excellence Model, since 2000
  • The development and implementation system of the Six-Sigma program

Based on my study on how strategies can influence the business to ensure continual improvement in the organization, I am going to discuss two popular strategies that contribute to the organization immensely to yield customer satisfaction and organizational improvement. The two strategies are as follows:

  1. Total Quality Management (TQM)
  2. Six-Sigma (6σ)-DMAIC


Yang, C. C. (2012). The integration of TQM and Six-Sigma. Total Quality Management and Six Sigma, 219.

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