How To Write a How-To Feature Article Writing Instruction With Sample.

How To Write a Feature Article or How To a How-To Article, Writing Instruction of How To Feature Article With Sample & Example. Explain the writing steps process.

How-To Feature Article

The how-to feature refers to the article that shares someone’s experiences to help other people to know about that phenomenon (wikiHow, 2020). It is a great way to assist people to complete new tasks and reach new goals. Writing a “how-to article” is a great way to share your expertise with other people.

There are instructions proposed by the scholars to write a complete how-to feature article, for example, using the transitional verb to maintain sequence, gathering some questions about the topics, elaboration of steps, mentioning what is going to happen next, and sharing the consequences.

Example of the How-to Feature Article
  • How to stop hacking your Facebook ID
  • Five things need to know for gardening at home
 Rule of How-to Feature Article Writing
  • You need to spend 40% of your time to do research on finding the story idea.
  • You need to spend another 40% of your time to do interviews and reporting.
  • Finally, you need to spend 20% of your time on writing the article.
Steps of the Writing How-to Feature Article

In order to write a complete how-to feature, you have to make some preparations before starting writing and you have to follow a few steps to make it interesting for the audience.  These steps need to be followed to yield a meaningful article, so you outline a sketch of the article.

1.Select Your Topics

First of all, Selecting the subject topic or title is part of the pre-writing article. Choose a topic that you know clearly and you have a good idea in them. For example, if you are a chief, you know perfectly how to make chicken soup. You should write your how-to feature article based on cooking experiences.

2.Target your audience

Researching about the target audience is another important fact of writing article because it is valueless if nobody read your articles. For example, a teenager will show interest in the topics related to social media. They maybe show less interest in the article on how to make chicken soup. People will read your article regarding cooking instructions who like to cook as well as have a restaurant business. You must need to follow geographic, demographic, psychographic factors when targeting your audiences ( Email marketing, 2000).

3.Research on the topic

Take time to earn and gather information as much as you can about the topics before starting writing. You will not be able to write a valuable article without providing authentic and precious information. Some sources can help you to verify your information authenticates such as statistic reports, quotes by a well-known person, reference from TV, newspaper, radio, and journal (Hermida, 2015).

4.Outline your steps

Making a rough draft of how you’re going to write a full article with the mentioned steps. The outline will help you to know how many steps you need to complete and how many you have already done. It also lets you know about your strengths and weaknesses, and you can utilize your strengths and overcome weaknesses. So, it has emerged as an important step in article writing. Using transitional verbs or highlighting your points with number sequences is the best option.

5.Follow the writing process

In the first paragraph, you should introduce your article that readers can get a concept about the full article. In addition, explain the advantages of reading this article, therefore, put some catchy sentences to attract audiences. For example, if you are writing how to stop hacking Facebook ID, so you explain what consequences the audience can be faced by hacking. It will trigger them to read it properly.

Write one step for each and never mess up one part with other parts because you have to keep reminding that readers are not aware of the process. So, it will be difficult for them if you do not write one step in each section.  For example, you mention how to open a Facebook ID before instructing them on how to protect Facebook from hacking.

Use chronological order to make clear every step one by one to the readers. For example, mention steps one, two, and three of the article for better understanding. Additionally, using action verbs to describe your steps such as apply, write, cut, mix, use, change, and so on.

6.Make the Article simple and friendly

To make the article simple and friendly stop using irrelevant information and make it assertive. Usually, how-to feature mentions problems indicate solutions so write it using simple words to digest for the readers.

7.Adding recommendations and cautions

Propose your suggestions and cautions if necessary or readers will term you as a less informative person. It is your duty to add caution if there have any possible dangers in your process of the article. For example, in the article on how to stop hacking Facebook ID, you might mention; never report your ID, the Facebook authority will disable your ID.

8.Revising and Proofreading

Revise your article again and again before publishing for the readers. You can read your article loudly in front of your friends to verify it. Dig out more questions about the topics and try to find the answer inside your article whether the answers are here or not. You need to edit your article if the answer is not in your article.  You can ask some by yourself to verify such as do they understand the process? Are there any steps missing? Is there anything else to add? Finally, find a proofreader to proofread your article properly and make it perfect with no errors.


The how-to feature is one of the essential articles for those people who really need help from others to solve their problems. People read this kind of articles when they need instructions to complete a task or program. So, the author should be more responsible when writing an article to provide instruction to the audiences.

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