How To Write a Complete Body Paragraph with Citation, The Benefits of Social Media.

How To Write a Complete Body Paragraph with Citation, The Benefits of Social Media. According to the academic writing process How To Write a Complete Body Paragraph with Citation.

How To Write a Complete Body Paragraph

TOPIC: The Benefits of Social Media
Thesis Statement

Social media help us not only for communicating with each other, but it is also beneficial for education & marketing purposes.

Body Paragraphs

Firstly, social media have a great positive impact on the educational sectors. It assists students to nourish their knowledge with the teaching aids that are available online. Faizi, Afia, and Chiheb (2013) mentioned that students who are actively involved in social media can earn more knowledge easily in a better way. They also stated that social media have become a great platform that allows students to work in a group on projects and also enhance their individual knowledge capacity.

In addition, social media allow everyone to access the vast knowledge through various educational website, knowledge sharing portal, and online classes. Greenhow and Lewin (2016) proposed that social media tools have several educational advantages for both the students and the teachers. They also said that it provides opportunities for further learning for people from all walks of life who can access the internet. In essence, it is clear that social media have great positive impacts on the educational sector.

Secondly, social media are the biggest platforms for different brands and organizations to be used for marketing purposes. Many recognized brands use social media to promote their products and service to their targeted audiences. Barefoot and Szabo (2010) explain that social media marketing can be defined as the use of different social media platforms to be used in promoting an organization and its products to the targeted audience.  Furthermore, celebrities all over the world use social media to connect with their fans and followers, and they also used to do their publicity work. Wright (2015) claimed that keeping a good reputation and online presence celebrities also use social media channels. Additionally, the main intention behind this is to increase the number of fans and followers. In short, social media play a great role in the corporate and personal branding sectors with social media marketing.


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