Importance and Contribution of Leadership in the Challenging Environment of Post-COVID-19 and V.U.C.A World

Importance & contribution of leadership in post-COVID-19 & V.U.C.A world. Importance & contribution of leadership in the challenging environment of post-COVID-19 and V.U.C.A world. 

Importance & contribution of leadership in post-COVID-19 & V.U.C.A world

Importance of leadership in post-COVID-19 and V.U.C.A world

Leadership is the ability to guide others without force into a direction or decision that leaves them still feeling empowered and accomplished (Gupta, 2009). In an Organization, Leadership is the action of leading people in an organization towards achieving goals (Ross, 2014).

In the challenging environment after COVID-19, an effective leader is essential to put up all things back to the previous situation. After ending this pandemic, every leader of a nation or organization must come up with recovery processes. All we know that the current situation of the world is not the same as it was before. This pandemic made critical situation filled with uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. So, a leader will plan to execute all the procedures by motivating people for managing the crucial situation. There is no alternative but an effective leader can fill the gaps to move forward for the development. We have work hand in hand for a better future. Hence, effective leadership is the most important thing to recover from the post-COVID-19 situation.

Contributions of leadership in the challenging environment of post-COVID-19 and V.U.C.A world. 

A country’s or an organization’s recovery, development, and profit certainty all depend on its leadership contributions. There are some basic contributions to the leadership that are very necessary to cope with this challenging environment of post-COVID-19 and V.U.C.A world such as decision making, effective communication, motivation, and determination.

First of all, decision Making is seems a prime step to recover from the VUCA world. A good leader makes new decisions spontaneously through using the information and analyzes the condition situation. He will visualize the whole scenario with his experiences and finally come up with better plans or policies to proceed on.

Secondly, effective communication can accelerate the pace of recovering situation.  An effective leader will communicate with employees, co-workers, and others to develop and redesigning plans. He connects all the people together to work as a team which makes it more efficient to come up with any plan.

In addition, Inspiration and Motivation is another important skill for efficient leadership. The leader will inspire and motivate others to work together effectively. A leader can make new leaders with this admirable quality. He shares his experience, thoughts which encourage others to work for him or work like him. Eventually, it will accelerate the process of planning and its implementation.

Furthermore, Integration and determination skill should have possessed by every effective leader. He can overcome any situation with his integrity, honesty, and a good level of confidence. In the post-pandemic situation, there is too much uncertainty. If there is a lack of confidence and integrity no plans can work.  Therefore a leader with these qualities can help to overcome devastating situations and to achieve success.

Finally, Effective leaders should come up with versatile and strong personality skills. An effective leader will be versatile in terms of decision and policymaking. And, a strong personality includes public speaking, a good listener, a learner, in-depth knowledge, and so on. These characteristics of a leader influence people of a nation or organization to follow him. According to the opinion, these are very good contributions that leaders should possess.


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