News Values- 12 News Values in Journalism

Journalism News Values or Elements of Newsworthiness

News Values in Journalism- 12 News Values in Journalism Definition & Examples. Also, Elements of Newsworthiness and Examples of News Values.

News Values in Journalism
News value in journalism refers to the significant elements of newsworthiness. Journalist focuses on maintaining news values to increase the newsworthiness. The news values in journalism are components that strongly affect newsworthiness; therefore, it is also known as the elements of newsworthiness. The importance of news is a common principle that determines how media outlets give priority to the news story. The components of newsworthiness set the value of the news story.

The 12 news values in journalism are Proximity, Controversy, Personal Influence, Suitability, Impact, Bizarre, Human-Interest, Timeliness, Progress, Genuineness, Completeness, and Negativeness.

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