Social Campaign Proposal of Anti-Bullying & Anti-Cyber-bullying.

Social Campaign Proposal of Anti-Bullying & Anti-Cyber-bullying. Social Campaign Proposal of Anti-Bullying & Anti-Cyber-bullying Created By The Students of University Putra Malaysia 2019-2010. The Components, Elements of the Social Campaign Proposal. PDF Download link of a Sample of the Social Campaign Proposal. How To Write an Effective Academic Proposal of Social Campaign.

Table of Contents:

  1. Elements of Social Campaign Proposal
  2. How to Write a Social Campaign proposal.
  3. A Sample of Anti-Bullying & Anti-Cyber-bullying Campaign Proposal

1. Elements of Social Campaign Proposal

  1. Introduction
  2. Objective of the program
  3. Purpose of the program
  4. Program implementation
  5. Location
  6. Target audience
  7. Program schedules
  8. Audiences
  9. Committee
  10. List of actors and actresses
  11.  Conclusion

2. How to Write a Social Campaign proposal


The birth of the Internet has become a part of people’s life; people express their opinions freely on the Internet. But the Internet is a double-edged sword. While emphasizing its advantages, it also exposes its disadvantages, such as information leakage, invasion of personal privacy, Internet violence and so on. In recent years, with the improvement of economic conditions and the popularity of the Internet, there has been an increase in and the number of Internet users and this has caused the proliferation of Internet violence.

It has been nearly 20 years since the Internet first came into people’s sight. Nowadays, the mobile Internet has gradually become an important part of people’s life. It not only brings more convenient and free space for Internet users but also provides a platform for Internet violence. Network violence from the initial rise of the PC terminal in the popularity of mobile terminals, the network environment, and Internet users has brought a great negative impact. By analyzing the current situation and characteristics of Internet violence in the new era, we can have a better understanding of the current situation of Internet violence and put forward corresponding governance strategies to purify the Internet environment.

In order to stop or to minimize the amount of Internet violence, lots of people started to do a social campaign to make people aware of the danger of Internet violence, one of internet violence is cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is a bully act causing by social media platform cyber-bullying causes, impacts of bullying also in real life that cause mental illness such as depression, anxiety, etc.


Since that our group decided to make a social campaign using video that’s going to be the general introduction of our act, a drama as the main social campaign telling the impact of cyber-bullying that also causes bullying in real life. This drama generally going to show about a student who’s been bullied for the rest of his high school life, ditch by the girl he likes and also causing his mentally unstable or illness that’s going to turn him into a psychopath.

In this drama, our group is trying to tell that cyber-bullying and bullying can cause a bad impact on the bully and also the victim. Our last project would be a small talk show, to share an experience, values, stories, and so much more to show that cyber-bullying and bullying really needs to stop. Using social media as a smart user, not as a bully.

  1. To raise awareness to the society on the negative effect of cyber-bullying
  2. To educate the society about how to prevent cyber-bullying



The purpose of this program is to raise awareness to the society about the negative impacts of cyber-bullying by giving a short video about bullying and cyber-bullying, a short drama, and also a talk show about sharing an experience about bullying and cyber-bullying, and also to educate them about the cyber-bullying itself. Because cyber-bullying is a complicated issue and not many people are being aware of it. In this program, we want to examine this incident in some aspects, such as, whose responsibility is it? How important is it to overcome? And what are the methods are being used to prevent and deal with cyber-bullying?

Usually, this program is given by the graduates (Exclusive) from the Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication it also gives effort in helping the cyber-bullying victims getting through their trauma times and gives them information on how to survive and how to stand up against cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying affects negatively to both parties, either the victims or the bullies. It causes psychological damage and it can lead to mental illness, depression, and the worst, suicidal. Therefore, we want to prevent all the consequences of cyber-bullying by sharing this program to the audience, so they will also know the dangers of bullying and cyber-bullying and help us to prevent all the consequences.



Details of the program

Program Name: Social Campaign Of Anti Bullying and Anti Cyber-bullying.

Theme:‘’ Behind Every Victim ‘’

Date: 30 November 2019, Saturday

Time: 10.00am – 1.00pm

Location: Dewan Za’ba, Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, University Putra Malaysia.



Faculty of Modern Languages and Communications

Small Group Communication (KOH3401) Group 1

Communication professors

University Putra Malaysia


In Collaboration

Faculty of Modern Languages and Communications

University Putra Malaysia



All students of the Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication,

University Putra Malaysia

Classmate of Small Group Communication course (KOH3401)


Time Activity Location

10AM- 10:05AM

An introduction/

Identify all members of the group themselves.

Dewan Za’ba

10:05AM- 10:10AM

Talk by the leader about the idea of drama and about the Bullying and Cyber-bullying.

10:10AM- 11:30AM

Video: Showing a short video about bullying and cyber-bullying

Drama: Presentation of the play or drama that revolves around the cyber-bullying.


11:30AM- 11:45AM

Talk Show: Talk about bullying and how it can be avoided or dealt with as soon as it occurs.

11:45AM- 12:00PM


Ask the audience about their experience.


12:00PM- 12:15PM


Ask some questions and some of the small gifts


12:15PM- 12:20PM


The Conclusion

3. A Sample of Anti-Bullying & Anti-Cyber-bullying Campaign Proposal


PDF Proposal of anti-bullying & cyber-bullying social campaign created by the student of University Putra Malaysia