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Facebook Status

Facebook status refers to the timeline feature to share written content, photo, and video on the Facebook news feed. It is a feature of Facebook that allows users to generate content to share opinions. The element of the status can be written content, photo, emojis, illustration, and videos. Sometimes, FB users write content and upload them with pictures, illustrations, and videos to inform or entertain others. Author shares many Facebook status samples or examples that you may use in your timeline. The Facebook status is also known as FB status. These are the Facebook status quotes collected from several social media platforms. You can use these Facebook quotes for your Facebook Post.

Facebook Quotes

Facebook quotes mean copying another person’s statement, such as written text or word, to post in the Facebook timeline. Quotes provide a meaningful message for the readers. The message could be significant, funny, and motivational.

Facebook Status Quotes

Facebook status quotes mean a meaningful set of texts copied from other people to post in the Facebook timeline. So it is all about quotes that are used as Facebook status.

Facebook Status 

When You Are Really Happy With Someone, Please Don’t Try To Prove It On Facebook.

Always Refuse To Live in Fear. Fear is an Epidemic in Society That Kill You Twice Before Their Death.

Making Thousands of Friends is not Creativity; However, Creativity is To Make one Friend Who Supports You When Thousands Stand Against You.

Fall in Love With Many Girls is Not Your Creativity. Creativity is To fall in love again and again with the same girl.

Fall in Love With Many Boys is Not Your Creativity. Creativity is to Fall in Love Again and Again With the Same Boy.

They Are Not Your Friend Who Easily Believe Lies About You Without Hearing Yours.

Have You Ever Missed Someone Who Made You Cry?

FB Status

 A Straightforward Rejection is Always Better Than a Fake Promise.

Some People are so Poor; all They Have is Money.

Being Alone is a Powerful Skill That Very Few Can Possess.

The Best Teacher in Your Life is Time. It Hurts You, It Teaches You, and It Heals You.

Maturity is When You Stop Posting Everything on Social Media That Happens in Your Life.

  • If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.
  • When you die, people cry and beg for you to come back. But, sometimes, they do not care when you are alive.
  • It would be best if you never judged someone until you walk in their shoes.
  • Everyone promises to stay with you forever until they find someone better than you.
Best Facebook Status
  • Without communication, there is no relationship; without respect, there is no love, and without trust, there is no point in continuing.
  • Life is very short, so do what makes you happy.
  • Real is rare, but fake is everywhere.
  •  You can be happy with anything; you do not need to have a reason for it.

FB Quotes
  • Once you have matured, you will realize that silence is more important than proving a point.
  • Do not let other people comment on who you are; you need to decide that yourself.
  • Keep all your stress away.
  •  Forgiveness provides you with the power to heal & move on!
  • You don’t need many friends, keep the right one like me.
  • When trust is broken, sorry means nothing.
  • The deep of the love denotes the deep of wound tomorrow.
Facebook Quotes About Life
  • Too much money blocks your vision of life.
  • Education without money will give you a limited view of life.
  • Education and money will give you a balanced life.
  • A life without education and money will give you a dark life.
  •  Life means Learn intentionally for excellence.
  • It’s just too late, but She Finally Realised that She Didn’t Need What You Were Offering.
  • Indeed, a time will come in your life when some people will regret why they treated you wrongly. Trust me; it will surely come.
  • Take care of yourself. People can drive 100miles to join the funeral and burial program, but they can’t cross a street to help you.
  • Cheating is a choice, not a Mistake.
  • Don’t be attached too much to someone because you won’t be able to stand the pain when they start avoiding you.
  • Drive carefully on this road called life!! Cause people will switch lanes on you without a signal.
  • The four most important words in life are truth, honesty, love, and respect. Try to own them.
  • When writing your life story, do not allow anyone holds the pain.
Inspirational Quotes for Facebook Status

1.Sometimes, we need to check our priority list; we may have promoted worthless people. – Nelson Millardspeaks

2. Finally, I realized that I was never asking for too much. I was asking the wrong person.

3. A man asked a Pundit.

I want happiness.

Pandit said, first remove “I,” that is ego, then remove “Want,” which is demand. So now, see, you are left with only happiness.

4. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is keep your mouth shut and your eyes open. The truth must come out in the end.

5. Take the risk: If you win, you will be a winner; you will be wiser if you lose.

6. Motivate yourself, Don’t listen to those people who only see your mistake🖤✨

7. Anyone can love when the sun is shining.

In the storms is where you learn who truly cares for you.

8. All successful people have painful stories. All sad stories have a successful ending. So, accept the pain and ready to achieve success.

9. Salaries can be the same, but responsibilities might differ. Stop judging workmates that don’t rock new clothes every month like you.

10. Never be ashamed of the work that puts food on your table. A small salary is better than waiting for someone to give you money.

11. You are always more powerful than you believe.

Inspirational Quotes for Facebook Status
  • When you are at the edge of difficulty, trust God fully; Surely, he will prepare you to fly, or he will catch you when you fall.
  • Don’t belittle yourself, wish for yourself great things, everything you want, you can get it, all you have to do is to pray, believe, put in the work, and you shall receive.
  • Count your blessings, not losses, Count your gains, not pains, Count your joys, not woes, Count your friends, not foes.
  • Do not correct a fool cause that fool will hate you; correct a wise man; so he will appreciate you.
  • Please do not spend your valuable time being sad for what is gone but use it to achieve what is coming.
  • Sometimes what people hate in you are things that are missing in their life. Keep shining.
  • One hug from a beloved person can take away all stress.
  • Most girls don’t want a man with a six-pack; however, they want a man who has no social media.
  • When writing your life story, do not allow anyone holds the pain.
Bio in Facebook
  • Slow Success Builds Personality; however, Fast Success Builds Ego.
  • I Never Dream About Success I work For It.
  • I am Always Optimistic and Ambitious To Achieve Success.
  • Being happy is self-responsibility; other people cannot fulfill it for you.
  • I have no time to battle ego and a small mind.
  • My heart is the prettiest thing about me‼️ If you know me. Then you know❣️
FB Status
  • True love when you are far away from each other, and no one can take your place.
  • When glass is broken, you can never put it back to its original form. Likewise, when trust is broken, you can never trust that person the way you use to be. Trust is the most difficult thing to obtain but the easiest to lose.
  • Always ignore the hateful attitude and rude behavior of the people. They are powerless without your response.
  • You can’t hurt a woman severely and expect her to love you still; the more she forgives you, the lesser she loves you.🤷‍♂
  • Any women reading this, I pray you to get a man who loves you for being you—and Wishing you the best in your life.
  • Have you ever just started crying because you’ve been holding in your emotions and pretending to be okay for way too long?
  • Bro,😒 Stay away from my Crush.
  • Crying refers to your heart speaking when your lips can’t explain the pain you feel.
  • When you don’t talk, you have an ego; when you talk too much, you are talkative when you talk little.
  • A man who really loves you:
  • He will always call you and request to see you.
  • You’ll be the first one he misses when he wakes up.
  • If he sleeps before you, he’ll text you or call you immediately when he wakes up.
  • He’ll ask you where you go, what you’re doing, and with whom. Not because he wants to control you but because he cares about you.
  • If he truly loves you, no matter how busy he is, he’ll try his best to have free time for you.
Single Status for Facebook
  •  Being single is a status, not destiny
  • Love those who can make you smile in trouble.
  • Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself.
  • I wish to spend my full life with someone who makes me smile, laugh, feel special, and support me.
  • Even slippers have a Partner; however, are you not ashamed of being single?
  • Will you allow me to be a star in your darkness?
  • Nowadays, men don’t say it’s over. Instead, they misbehave until you get tired and walk away. It’s a new plan called “constructive break up.”
  • I’m not afraid of getting married, but I’m so scared of choosing the wrong people.
  • Stop loving a person who does not care about you. Instead, wait until God sends the right person to your life.
  • People leave when they think they find someone better. Never get sad because those who leave are not the real ones. Instead, focus on yourself because real ones come at the right time.
  • A man without a woman is a bachelor, but a woman without a man is genius.
  • Ambitious women have whether a supportive partner or no partner at all. However, I prefer no partner at all.
Single Status for FB
  • Sometimes, it isn’t easy to move on, but you’ll realize it was the BEST DECISION you’ve ever made once you move on.
  • Do not compare one girl to another girl; because every girl is beautiful in their own way.
  • Never and ever give up on maintaining single status.
  • Living alone is better than living with a fake partner.
Mothers day Facebook post

A mother can take care of five children, but five children find it hard to take care of their One Mother- Happy Mothers Day.

Every Day Is Mother’s Day For Me Bcoz I Don’t Need One Particular Day To Show How Much I Love You, Mommy ❤️
I Thank God Each & Everyday For Making You, My Mom.
You Are My World, My Lifeline, My Everything … Feels Like I’m Still Connected To You By The Umbilical Cord And I Always Will ❤️- Happy Mother’s Day.

The Older You Get, The More You Realize Your Mom is Your Best Friend in Life- Happy Mothers Day.

May My Mother Live Long To See My Success in Life- Happy Mother’s Day.

Nothing is Bigger Than Mother’s Love – Happy Mothers Day.

May Allah Bless You Always and Keep You in The Bestest of Health So That I Can Have You By My Side Forever and Always ❤️

Parents Are Not Perfect, But They Always Try To Give Us The Best.

Facebook happy birthday post
    • May God shower his blessing on you and bring more success, happiness, and enjoyment to your life. Your life is filled with fun! Happy Birthday Wishes to you.
    • Happy Birthday To You, Dear…., Always Be Great and Be Very Successful in Your Life.
    • Birthday Wishes for Husband “I always thought my life was good, but I never know after loving you it will be amazing. Thanks, man, for being my constant.
    • Praying, God Will Shower, His Countless Blessing on You, To Achieve Your Goal. Best Wishes For Your Future Endeavours. Happy Birthday.
Funny Post for Facebook
  • Before you Flirt with my Crush, make sure that I don’t know your Girlfriend.
  • Dear girl, before going to make a relationship with any boy. Instead, take the boy’s photo and post it on Social Media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with the caption “Whose boyfriend is this”?- If no one claims him in a week, so you are free to hate him.
  • In contrast, Dear Boys, before going to make a relationship with any Girl. Instead, take the girl’s photo and post it on Social Media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with the caption “Whose Girlfriend is this”?- If no one claims her in a week, so you are free to hate her.
  • Dating a married man is like driving a government car; it will never be yours.
  • Don’t lose a good woman just because she mistakenly slept with another man.
  • Don’t lose a good man just because she mistakenly slept with another woman.
Funny Facebook Posts
  • The shorter the girl is, the louder the mouth.
  • Never run after a man, bus or train; there is always another one within a few minutes.
  • Never run after a girl, bus or train; there’s always another one in within a few minutes.
  • Women don’t cheat; they find someone better than you and forgets to inform you.
  • Only Filters Can Save Me From Being Ugly.
Funny Post for Facebook
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Facebook Caption

Facebook caption means a title or brief description of the Facebook post, including a written message, photo, and video published for viewers. The Facebook users write a caption to complete the FB post. Facebook posts are formed with a written statement, photo, video, illustration, emblem, and so more. The Facebook caption is also known as FB Caption; Fb is the acronym of Facebook. Therefore, Caption for Facebook Post is also known as Caption for FB caption. We have collected many popular Facebook captions from other Fb users and published them here. However, we encourage our visitors to contribute by adding more captions and statuses relevant to the topic. You can comment on their ideas so that we can add them here later.

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Facebook Caption- Caption For Facebook Post, Caption For FB.
Figure 1: Facebook Caption- Caption For Facebook Post, Caption For FB.

Caption For Facebook Post or Facebook Captions

Facebook Captions

Nobody Can Make You Happy If You Do Not Try To Be Happy Internally.

Keep Smiling Even When The World Tries to Break You Down.

When I Feel Sad, I Sing, Then I Realize, My Voice is Worse Than My Problems.

I Will Achieve My Goal Not Immediately But Surely.

Stress Can Paralyze Your Brain So That You Can Not Formulate a Better Idea To Solve Your Problem.

Keep Calm and Carry On.

Emotional Abuse is Worsen Than Physical Abuse. It is Easy To Heal The Broken Bones But Difficult To Heal The Broken Heart.

Burn Your Bad Attitudes Before They Make You Alone.

You Only See My Smile, But Never Notice It.

Caption For Facebook Post

Your Life Might Not Give That You Want; But, It Surely Gives What You Work For.

Smile is the Best Way of Introducing Yourself.

The Physical Appearance is The Best Introduction.

The First Introduction is The Best Communication.

People are not as Beautiful as They Think; However, They are Only as Beautiful as They Love Others.

Please Do Not Leave Me; Someday, You Will Need Me.

A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words.

Anything Will be Possible to Achieve if We Have the Right Person Beside Us.

Think Beyond Your Thought to Achieve the Incredible Goal.

 I am so Proud of Myself Because Even I am Sad and Troubled. I Can Keep on Smiling.

Let Y0ur Smile Change The World; But, Do Not Let The World Change Your Smile.

Please Do Not Promise if You Really Don’t Mean It.

I Extremely Believe That Slow Success Builds Personality; But, Sometimes, Fast Success Grows Ego.

Caption For FB Post
Figure 2: Caption For Facebook Post- Captions For FB Post

Captions For FB Post

Always Classy, Never Trashy, and a Little Bit Sassy.

Hurt Me With The Truth But Never Comfort Me With a Lie.

I Love my Saturday coffee the way I used to love Saturday morning cartoons.

The Truly Fashionable is Beyond Fashion.

Stop Loving the People Who Don’t Care You. Better To Wait Until God Sends You the Right Person.

Some People are Good Lawyers For Their Mistakes But Excellent Judges For the Mistakes of Others.

Opportunities Are Like Sunrises. If You Wake Up Late, You Will Miss Them.

Some People are Not Loyal to You; They are Loyal to Their Needs.

Caption For FB

Avoid Sitting with People Who Like to Criticize About Others because You are the Next Topic for Them Once You Leave the Chair.

Intellectual People Do Challenge Themselves To Achieve Goal, Not With Other People.

Earn Respect by Threatening Others With Respect For Them.

I Walk Alone, But the Shadow is My Best Company.

I Wish I Had ‘Google’ in My Mind and ‘Antivirus’ in My Heart.

It’s Not About Ideas. It’s About Making Ideas Happen.

Best Caption for Facebook Post

Be So Busy That You Don’t Have Time To Miss Someone.

Some Goodbye is Good for Your Mental Refreshment.

Pretending To Be Happy is Not Easy.

Beauty Does Not Mean a Pretty Face. It Is All About Having a Soft Mind, A Great Heart, and A Pretty Soul.

Relationship Caption For FB

Distance Doesn’t Matter When Roots of Your Relationship Are Strong Enough.

Not All Women Enter Relationship With Bad Intentions, It’s Your Behavior That Changes The Woman’s Intentions.

Caption For Facebook Post- COVID 19 Pandemic

Lesson From COVID- 19 Pandemic, Life is Very Short, Job is Temporary, Continuously Save Money, Health is Wealth, Always Remember Your God.

A Year From Now, You are Going to Be Lucky to Be Alive.

Avoid touching men, M-mouth, E-eye, N- nose. Touch women, W- wash hand. O-obey social distance, M-mask up, E-exercise well, N-no unnecessary crowding.

Caption For Facebook Post For Girl-FB Caption For Girls

Life is Short; So, Buy the Dress.

I Get so Offended When Girls Think I Want Their Men. Can You not See I am Out of This League.

Sometimes the Home Situation is the Reason Why Most Young Girls Get Married an Older Men. Life is Really not Soft for Everyone.

A Girl Should be Like a Butterfly, Pretty to See Heart to Catch.

A Real Girl Never Insults His Man in Front of Others. Not Even in a Joke.

A Little Black Dress is one of the Girl’s Best Friends.

Marry a Boy Who Wants to Be a HUSBAND, But Not a Boy Who Wants a Wife.

Man is Very Available Until The Relationship Gets Old.

A Responsible Boy is Better Than a Handsome Boy.

Being Sexy is About Attitude Possessed, Not a Body Type. It’s the State of Mind.

Since You Don’t Want To See Me With Another Boy, Then Treat Me Like There is No One Better Than You.

Never Hurt a Girl Severely; The More She Forgives You, The Lesser She Loves You.

FB Caption For Girl-Caption For Facebook Post

If You Cannot Sleep at Night, You Need Vitamin HE.

Every Woman is Perfect in the Eyes of the Right Person, So Find the Right Man To Be Perfect.

Pink is Not Just a Color; It’s an Attitude For Girls.

I May Be a Bad Girl Friend, But I Will Surely Be a Good Wife.

Caption For Facebook Post For Boy- FB Caption For Boys

If You Cannot Sleep at Night, You Need Vitamin SHE

Boys are Great; Every Girl Should Have One.😜

A Gentleman Does not Love Thousands of Girls. He Loves Only a Girl in Thousands of Ways.

A Responsible Girl is Better Than a Beautiful Boy.

Marry a Girl Who Wants to Be a Wife, But Not a Girl Who Wants a Wife.

The Toughest Prison in the World is a Home Without Peace; So, Be Careful Who You Marry. 

Since You Don’t Want To See Me With Another Girl Then Treat Me Like There is No One Better Than You.

Never Hurt a Boy Severely; The More She Forgives You, The Lesser She Loves You.

Food Captions For Facebook

  Eat Whatever You Want; If Someone Tries to Lecture You About Your Weight, Eat Them Too.

Good Food Always Makes a Good Mood.

Food is the Most Primitive Form of Comfort.

You Don’t Need a Silver Fork to Eat Good Food.

Love is Temporary, but Food is Permanent.

It’s Really Essential to Start the Day With a Proper Breakfast.

I Am Having My Cake and Wearing It Too.

Dear Coffee I am Writing to Tell You that I Love You.

Chocolate Day Caption– I am Kit, and You are Kat.

Cool Caption For Facebook

Help Each Other and Make Everyone Smile.

Kick Start Your Mission.

We Only Regret The Rides We Didn’t Take.

I Got Fake People Showing Fabricated Love To Me.

Good Seasons Start With Good Beginnings.

Thank You For Adoring Me the Way You Do.

Shortest Horror Story: Monday.

The Moment When You Realize Everything is Perfect.

Spontaneous is The Best Kind of Adventure.

Let Us “Sunset and Chill.

Making Memories.

Funny Caption for Facebook

If You Are Single and Nobody is Texting You. Please Go Offline; You Are Making Down the Network.

If the Girl Accepts Your Friend Request, It Means You Have Passed the Profile Test.

Travel Captions For Facebook

My Heart is Made To Travel the World.

Family Captions for Facebook

Family Doesn’t Need To Be Perfect But Very Important To Be United.

Parents Consume Themselves Like a Candle To Enlighten Children’s Future.

A house is Not a Home If there is No Mother

Selfie Captions for Facebook

I Love Watching the Sunrise and Sunset and the Sky, the Birds.

I am Lucky, and I Deserved it.

Who Says I Never Smile in My Selfie?

Single Captions For Facebook

Some Relations Really Influence Me to Stay Single.

Being Single is a Status, Not Destiny.

Be Confident With the Status You Are In.

Die Single But Never Love Fake People.

Self-Love Isn’t Selfish; Rather, It is Self-Respect.

Life Caption for Facebook

You Face Many Defeats In Life, But Never Let Yourself Be Defeated

A Simple Life is a Beautiful Life.

The Best Things in Life are not Things; They are Moments, and Nice People Always Make Good Moments in Life.

If You are Truly Meant to be Together. Life Will Find a New Way to Make it Happened.

You Will Many Friends if You Concentrate on Your Life and Goal.

You Will Surely Lose Many Friends When You Become Serious About Your Life and Goal.

Friendship Quotes for FB Caption

Friendship is the Purest Love.

Be Silent if Your Words can Destroy a True Friendship.

A Fake Friend Surely Criticises You When They Stop Talking to You.

Friends are a Gift That You Provide Yourself.

I am Always Happy to Meet my Friend, and my Friend is my Weekend.

If you Have Nothing In Life But a Supportive Friend. So You are a Rich and Happy Person.

Do not Trust Friends Who Changed Their Feelings With Time, Trust Them Whose Feelings Remain The Same When The Time Change.

Love Caption For FB Post

True Love Does Not Depend on Physical Appearance.

If You Love Each Other Then Do Not Hide Anything, It May Increase Distance.

True Love is Always Possessive, Can’t Tolerate Anyone Looking at Your Beloved One.

Honest and Loyal People are Always Unlucky in Love.

Love Caption For Facebook Post
Figure 3: Love Caption For FB Post

Age Does Not Matter To Fall in Love.

Love is Wanting The Same Person Again and Again Who Hurts You Regularly.

Remove Your Ego and Call me Ogo

A long-Distance Relationship is the Real Test of Pure Love.

Never Avoid a Person Who Really Loves and Gives Their Worthy Time to You, Because Nowadays it’s Difficult To Get True Love.

I am Saving My Love For Someone Who Will Care For Me a Lot.

When Your Mood Is Not Good Without any Reson, you are Surely Missing Someone.

Never and Ever Give up on What You Love.

Love is Caring For Each Other Even When You are Angry on Her.

Love is Nothing Without Action; Trust is Nothing Without Evidence; Sorry is Nothing Without Change.

Romantic Caption for Facebook

Since You Don’t Want To See Her With Another Man, Then Treat Her Like There is No One Better Than You.

𝐋𝐢𝐟𝐞 𝐡𝐚𝐬 B𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 B𝐞𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐮𝐥 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐞 D𝐚𝐲 𝐲𝐨𝐮 E𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐲 L𝐢𝐟𝐞.

You Can Make My Heart Smile.

Are You a Red Light? Cause I Stop Every Time, I See You.

She Has a Galaxy in Her Eyes, a Universe in Her Mind.

Be With Someone Who Says, “Babe, Let’s Fix This” I Can’t Lose You.

You are a Tornado With Pretty Eyes and Heartbeats.

Million’s of People in This World, But You are The Ones That I Want.

Hello, I’m a Thief, and I’m Here To Steal Your Depression.

When Two Hearts Are Meant For Each Other, No Distance is Too Far, No Time Too Long, and No Other Can Break Them Apart.

Darling! Don’t Be Someone’s “Untold Story” or “Poem.” It hurts.

Do You Have a Name, or Can I Call You Mine?

Attitude Caption For Facebook Post

Style is a Reflection of Your Attitude and Personality.

Age Doesn’t Make You Mature; But, Responsibility makes.

You Avoid Them Permanently Who Need You Temporary.

What Others Think of Me is None of My Business.

You Can Never Change People Who Don’t See Wrong in Their Actions.

I Love People Who Gossip Behind My Back. That’s Where They Exactly Belong Behind My Back.

Your Age Does Not Define Your Maturity; Your Grades Do Not Define Your Intelligence; as well as, Your Social Media Does Not Represent You.

The Reason A appears before B is Because Attitude Comes Before Beauty.

Don’t Make Sure Everybody Else Knows That You are Studying; Instead, You Make Sure That You are Doing It Properly.

Never and Ever Give up on What You Want.

Do Not Play With Anyone’s Feelings if You are not Going to Get Married.

Look at Me, Now Look at You! Now Tell Me, Who is Jealous of You?

She Can Beat My Outfit, But She Cannot Beat Me.

Attitude Caption For FB Post

Some People Do Not Have The Attitude They Have Standards.

My Philosophy is Very Simple; You Treat me Good Surely I Will Treat You Excellent.

If You Don’t Feel Comfortable With Someone, Then it’s Better To Leave Them. But please 🙏🙏Don’t Cheat With Them.

No One Notices Your Problems, But Everyone Criticizes Your Mistake.

Walk Away From Those People Who Do Not See Your Worth.

Nobody is Born Ugly in the World. Our Judgemental Society Tags Them Ugly.

Neither Every Person is Bad Who Smokes, Nor Every Person is Good Who Goes To Temple.

There is a Big Difference Between Being Liked and Being Valued by Someone; Because Many People Like You But Don’t Value You.

I Want To Become Financially Stable So That God Uses My Money To Help Others.

Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back is Hugging a Cactus. The Tighter you Hold on, The More it Hurts You.

Be A Game Changer The World is Already Full of Players.

Let Us Float The Boat.

Motivation Caption For Facebook Post

Nobody Can Motivate You If You Are Not Willing To Do Yourself.

Practice and Creativity are the Best Teachers in the School of Life.

Stop Stopping Yourself.

Life is Really not Soft for Everyone.

A Responsible Person is Better Than a Beautiful Person.

Marry a Man Who Wants to Be a HUSBAND, But Not a Man Who Wants a Wife.

Achievement Never Came From Comfort Zones.

No Situation is Constant in Life.

The Happiest People in Life are Givers, not Receivers.

Never Let Poverty Steal Your Honesty.

We Always Talk about “Doers” & “Dreamers,” But I’d like to Give a Big Shout out to the “Tryers.”

You Have to Be ODD to Be Number ONE.

If Your Problem is as Big as a Ship, God Will Give You as Big as an Ocean Opportunity To Solve It.

Don’t Believe in Luck; Belief in Hard Work.

Make Mistakes; It’s Better Than Faking Perfection.

If People Try to Bring You Down, It Means That You are Above Them.

Do Not Dwell in the Past and Do not Dream Only of the Future. Concentrate on the Present Situation.

Success Doesn’t Come by chance. It is hard work of self-control, empathy, and openness to collaborations. And don’t forget to help others when you get the chance.

Problems are Not Too Much Complicated, But We Overthink Them.

Motivation Caption For Facebook Post Nobody Can Motivate You If You Are Not Willing To Do Yourself.
Motivation Caption For Facebook Post

Sometimes a Small Decision can Change Your Life Forever.

However, Meaningful Silence is Always Better Than Meaningless Words.

Be Silent If You can not Speak it Without Screaming, Be Silent When You Feel Suffocated, Be Silent if Your Words Can Damage a Good Relationship. Be Silent If You Would be Ashamed of Your Words Later, Be Silent in the Heat of Anger.

Inspirational Caption For Facebook Post

Never and Ever Give up on What you Want to Achieve.

Do not Lose Hope; Believe That Thousands of Opportunities are Waiting for You.

The Words Always Give Me Hope That Everything Happens For a Reason.

When Problems Come into Your Life like a Non-stop Raining, Remember That God Will Always Be Your Umbrella. Trust Him!

Focus on Your Goal. Don’t Look in any Direction but Ahead.

Once You Choose Hope, Anything is Possible.