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Bangladeshi E-Passport Information, Application, Validity Duration, Fees, and Page

Bangladeshi E-Passport Information, Application, Validity Duration, Fees, and Page. How To Apply Online For Bangladeshi Electronic Passport or E-Passport or ই-পাসপোর্ট.

Bangladeshi E-Passport Information:

Bangladesh is the first country in South Asia and 119th in the world to introduce the e-passport, the home ministry said in a statement. The delivery of e-passports will start in regional offices by the end of 2020. The services will expand in phases. Machine-readable passports will remain valid as well.

DIP will initially distribute e-passports form its Agargaon, Uttara and Jatrabari offices in Dhaka, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan had previously said at a press briefing on Sunday.

It will issue 48-page and 64-page e-passports with the validity of five years and ten years respectively.

Bangladeshi E-Passport Information, Application, Validity Duration, Fees, and Page

পাসপোর্ট ফি সংক্রান্ত ।
ই-পাসপোর্ট আবেদন অনলাইনে দাখিল করার সময়ে পাসপোর্ট ফি পরিশোধ করা যাবে। পাসপোর্ট ফি স্বয়ংক্রিয়ভাবে হিসাব করা হবে। বাংলাদেশস্থ পাসপোর্ট অফিসের আবেদন দাখিলের ক্ষেত্রে অনলাইনে পেমেন্ট করা যাবে।

অনলাইন পেমেন্ট ছাড়াও ওয়ান ব্যাংক, প্রিমিয়ার ব্যাংক, সোনালী ব্যাংক, ট্রাস্ট ব্যাংক, ব্যাংক এশিয়া এবং ঢাকা ব্যাংকে নির্ধারিত ফি জদেওয়া যাবে।

সোনালী ব্যাংকের পেমেন্ট গেটওয়ের মাধ্যমে অনলাইন পেমেন্ট দেওয়া হয় এবং এখন পর্যন্ত চালুকৃত অনলাইন পেমেন্ট পদ্ধতি হল :

Credit /Debit Cards: MasterCard, Visa, Q-Cash
Mobile Banking: B-Kash, DBBL Nexus

অনুগ্রহ করে লক্ষ্য করুন: অনলাইনে পেমেন্ট করার জন্য আপনার ব্রাউজারের পপ-আপ ব্লকার অক্ষম করতে হবে ।

Bangladeshi E-Passport Information Regarding Fees:

নিম্নোক্ত হারে পাসপোর্ট ফি প্রযোজ্য হবে :
Passport with 48 pages and 5 years validity

Regular delivery within 21 days: TK 4,025
Express delivery within 10 days: TK 6,325
Super Express delivery within 2 days: TK 8,625

Passport with 48 pages and 10 years validity

Regular delivery within 21 days: TK 5,750
Express delivery within 10 days: TK 8,050
Super Express delivery within 2 days: TK 10,350

Passport with 64 pages and 5 years validity

Regular delivery within 21 days: TK 6,325
Express delivery within 10 days: TK 8,625
Super Express delivery within 2 days: TK 12,075

Passport with 64 pages and 10 years validity

Regular delivery within 21 days: TK 8,050
Express delivery within 10 days: TK 10,350
Super Express delivery within 2 days: TK 13,800

Five (5) Steps to your E-Passport

You can apply for the new E-Passport in 5 easy steps. Here we explain how it works.

Step 1: Check if the new E-Passport is already available in your area

The new E-Passport is introduced step by step at the Regional Passport Offices in Bangladesh and at the Bangladesh Missions around the world.

If you use the Online Application you can check availability by entering the district of your present address and the Police Station which belongs to your residence.

You can also lookup a list of Passport Offices and Bangladesh Missions issuing the new E-Passport in the FAQs section.

Step 2: Fill in your E-Passport application online

Currently, applications for the new E-Passport are possible as online application – start the application process right here. You will be guided through the process. And make sure to schedule an appointment for enrollment at the passport office to reduce waiting time.

Step 3: Pay passport fees

You need to pay for your new passport before you visit the passport office to complete the enrollment.

You can pay the passport fees online at the end of the online application process. You also have the possibility to pay at once to the supporting banks. We recommend taking the printed application form with you when making the bank payment.

Step 4: Visit your Passport Office for biometric enrollment

After you submitted your online application AND scheduled an appointment you can visit your passport officer for enrollment. Make sure you have all the required documents with you when you visit the passport office. At least this includes the printed application form, payment slip from the bank or online payment, NID card or Birth Certificate, previous passport if available, and other documents. You can only enroll at the passport office which belongs to the area of your present address in Bangladesh. The passport office is shown in the summary of your online application.

Step 5: Collect your E-Passport at the passport office

You will be informed by email as soon as your new passport is ready for pick-up at the passport office. If you provided a mobile number you also receive this notification by SMS.

You need to collect your new E-Passport personally at the passport office. Please bring the following documents when collecting the passport:

  • Delivery slip you received during passport enrollment
  • Previous passport (if available)

Only in exceptional cases, the passport can be handed out to other eligible persons:

  • Parents or legal guardians can collect passports of their children/dependents (for minors up to 11 years). Please present NID card of the parents, Birth Certificate of the children and according to delivery slips.
  • Authorized representatives can collect the applicant’s new passport in cases of serious health issues. This requires a proper signed authorization letter, NID card of the applicant, previous passport of the applicant if available, NID card or passport of the authorized representative.


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Razakars List of Greater Faridpur District-বৃহত্তর ফরিদপুর জেলার সকল রাজাকারের তালিকা

Razakar List of Greater Faridpur District Published in 2019. বৃহত্তর ফরিদপুরের সকল জেলার থানাওয়ারী রাজাকার তালিকা- ৫২২ জন। Razakars List of Greater Faridpur District-List of the Al-Badars, list of the Al- Shams, Thanawise list of Rajakar Commanders, List of Office bearers and members of the District Peace Committee., List of Office bearers and members of the Sub-Divisional Peace Committee, List of Office bearers of Sub-Thana Peace Committee, List of Presidents and Secretaries of Union Peace Committee, and List of persons who took part in Bye-election.


Razakars were anti-Bangladesh paramilitary force who made by the west Pakistani army in then East Pakistan and now Bangladesh during the liberation war in 1971. They were organized by the Pakistani army to help them. Pakistani army used them to oppress freedom fighters. Freedom fighters are Bangladeshi people who fought for liberation in 1971. The Razakars were paramilitary forces under the Pakistani Army such as  Al-Badr and Al-Shams. It is claimed that Razakars were recruited by the Shanti committee also known as the East Pakistan central peace committee(Bengali Nagorik Shanti Committee). The Razakar Bahini’s garrison was set in the Khulna division in Bangladesh.

Full List of 10,789 Razakars of 64 District in Bangladesh- PDF Download Link

Full List of 10,789 Razakars of 64 District in Bangladesh Published on 2019

Razakar List of Greater Faridpur District: PDF Download Link

Total 522 Razakar List of Greater Faridpur District Published in 2019


ক্রমিক নংপূর্বের নথির ক্রমিক নংমামলা নংনাম ও ঠিকানাব্যক্তির সংখ্যামন্তব্য
821C-149/73বাবুল, পিতাঃ জব্বার কাজী, মাদারীপুরসাধারন
2259IC-131/72Mr.A.T.Saadi(Advocate), Son.of.AlhajMvi.AbdusSalam of Village Saidpur, P.S.Shibganj,Dist. Bogra also of 18, court House Street, Dacca.1Proclamation




520বৃহত্তর ফরিদপুর জেলার থানাওয়ারী তালিকা

বৃহত্তর ফরিদপুর জেলার থানাওয়ারী তালিকা-৫২২ জন

Table of Contents

  1. A. List of the Al-Badars
  2. B. No list of the Al- Shams
  3. C. Thanawise list of Rajakar Commanders
  4. D. List of Office bearers and members of the District Peace Committee.
  5. E. List of Office bearers and members of the Sub-Divisional Peace Committee.
  6. F. List of Office bearers of Sub-Thana Peace Committee.
  7. G. List of Presidents and Secretaries of Union Peace Committee.
  8. H. List of persons who took part in Bye-election

A. List of the Al-Badars

Boalmari PS- (14) Al-Badars.

1. Abdus Salam Sk. S/O L. Bholai SK. of Boalmari P.S.
2. Anwar Hossain, S/O A. Sattar Molla of Laxmipur P.S.
3. Mokbul Hossain, S/O Sonaulla Khan of Dadpur.
4. Jainuddin Molla, S/O Tezaruddin Molla of Argir Nagar.
5. Maniruzzamman, S/O A. Jalil Sarder of Dadpur.
6. A.K.M. Fazlur Rahman, S/O L. Mazid Molla of Gohailbari.
7. Serazul Islam, S/O A. Salam Molla of Gohailbari.
8. Lal Mia, S/O Gendu Mia of Bajitpur.
9. Halim Molla, S/O Mohon Molla of Bajitpur.
10. Nurul Islam, S/O Yasin Munshi of Bakshichandpur.
11. Aminul Hoq Molla, S/O Tezarat Molla of Argir nagar.
12. Siddiqur Rahman, S/O Shahjuddin of Dadpur.
13. A. Sattar, S/O Daliluddin of Bahirdia.
14. Abu Hanif Mohd. Saleh, S/O L. Esharat Hossain of Kamaldia.

Char Bhodrason PS-(2) Al-Badars

15. Md. Shamsul Haque, S/O Harunor Rashid of Char Sharbandia p.S. Charbhadrasan.
16. Md. Noman, S/O Munsur Ahmed of Char Sharbandia p.S. Charbhadrasan.

Kalkini PS-(4) Al-Badars

17. Belayet Hossain, S/O Khadem Sardar of Buzrasar.
18. Hemayet Hossain, S/O Khadem Sardar of Buzrasar.
19. Altaf Hossain Sardar, S/O L. Nur Mohammad of Buzrasar.Shibchar PS
20. Shahidulla Kazi, S/O Jahiruddin Ahmed of Mirzarchar.

B. No list of the Al- Shams

C. Thanawise list of Rajakar Commanders

Kotwali PS (18) Rajakars

1. Nur Muhammad Khan, Salam Sk. S/O A. Hamid Khan of Tepakhola P.S. Kotwali, Faridpur.
2. Md. Sultan Khan, S/O Ganjar Khan of Uttarchar Madhabdia, P.S. Kotwali.

3. Abdul Barek molla, S/O Ismail Molla of Laxmipur, P.S. Kotwali, Faridpur.
4. Kabiruddin Khan, S/O Ghulam Ali Khan of Shibrampur, P.S. Kotwali, Faridpur.
5. A. Halim Molla, S/O Sahiruddin Molla of Bakunda, P.S. Kotwali, Faridpur.
6. Abdul Halim Mandal, S/O A. Kader of Village Paranpur, P.S. Kotwali, Faridpur.
7. Abdur Rahman Molla, S/O Asiruddin Molla of Village Kamarpur, P.S. Kotwali.
8. Shamsul Haq, S/O Sahiruddin Molla of Village Kosagopalpur, P.S. Kotwali.
9. Tejarat Ali Molla, S/O Asiruddin Molla of Domrakandi, P.S. Kotwali.
10. Md. Chand Molla, S/O Okiluddin Molla of Alipur, P.S. Kotwali, Faridpur.
11. Tafazzel Khundkar, S/O Sadek Ali of Char Chakfathepur, P.S. Kotwali.
12. M.A. Zaid Husain, S/O A. Mataleb Mia of East Khabashpur, P.S. Kotwali.
13. Kh. Faikuzzaman, S/O KH. A. Ghafur of Kamlapur, P.S. Kotwali, Faridpur.
14. Md. A. Wahab Khundkar, S/O Al ek Khundkar of Village Alipur, P.S. Kotwali.
15. Omar Ali Bepari, S/O Parasullah of Gongabordi, P.S. Kotwali, Faridpur.
16. A.Hamid Mia, S/O Amir husain Mia of Ramkhanda, P.S. Kotwali.
17. A.Latif Molla, S/O Habibur Rahman of Domrakandi, P.S. Kotwali.
18. Azahar Ali, S/O Jasimuddin of Goalchamat, P.S. Kotwali, Faridpur.

Boalmari PS- (22) Rajakars

19. Munshi Nurul Haque, S/O Abdur Rahman of Village Sahasrail, P.S. Boalmari.
20. Nurul Islam, S/O Md. Husain of Kadirdi, P.S. Boalmari, Faridpur.
21. Kh. Shamsul Huda, S/O Mokshed Husain of vill-Satoir, P.S Boalmari.
22. Daliluddin, S/O Sirajuddin of Gopaldi, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
23. A.K.M. Mohiuddin, S/O Badan Khan of Mirzakandi, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
24. A. Malek, S/O Imamuddin of Mirzakandi, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
25. Amiruddin, S/O Late Basiruddin of Bagarkandi, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
26. A. Hakim, S/O Md. Danesh of Bagat P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
27. A. Salam, S/O Panju Molla of Bagat, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
28. Hashmat SK. S/O A. Aziz Sk. of Moslandapur, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
29. Akkas Ali Biswas, S/O Rajab Ali of Sutashi, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
30. Alok Sk, S/O Wahed Sk of Sutashi, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
31. A.Mannan, S/O Late Abdus Salam of Sutashi, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
32. Tejarat Ali, S/O late Bishu SK. of Moslandapur, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
33. A. Samad,S/O Kashem Ali of Moslandapur, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
34. A. Sattar, S/O Ismail of Kasla, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
35. Abu Siddique, S/O Mansur Ali of kasla, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
36. A. Jalil Molla, S/O Ejahar Molla of Nawpara, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
37. Habibur Rahaman, S/O Shamsur Rahmen of Kamarkhali, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
38. Md. Salim Biswas, S/O Kashem Ali Biswas of Moslandapur, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
39. Neamat Sk. S/O Ahmed Sk of Boradi, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.
40. Md. Fazlul Haq, S/O Md. Madan Molla of Kashichandpur, P.S-Boalmari, Dist-Faridpur.

Char Bhodrason PS-(2) Rajakars

41. Khundkar Delwar Husain, S/O Late Pachu Kundkar of Char Hajiganj. P.S. Charbhadrason,District Faridpur.
42. Abdul Bari Munshi, S/O Janab Ali of Charbhadrason Machchar Panchayeterday P.S. Charbhadrason, District Faridpur.

Alfadanga PS(2) Rajakars

43. Alfadanga, Faridpur.
44. Rezaul Haq, S/O Abdul Ghani Miyan of Tita, P.S. Alfadanga, Faridpur.

Bhanga PS (16) Rajakars

45. A.Razzak Khalifa, S/O Sabur of Khordia, P.S. Bhanga, Faridpur.
46. A.Samad, S/O A.Sattar of Shiladorchar, P.S. Bhanga, Faridpur.
47. Abu Taleb, S/O Md. Idris Mia of Gazoria, P.S. Bhanga, Faridpur.
48. A.Halim Matbor, S/O Mozahar Matbor of Atadi, P.S. Bhanga, Faridpur.
49. Md. Sirajul Islam, S/O Sukur Mahmud of Baishakhali, P.S. Bhanga, Faridpur. Nagarkanda PS
50. Ali Husain, S/O Munshi A. Haque of Barakharidia, P.S. Nagarkanda, Faridpur.
51. Sona Mia, S/O Abu Mia of Mirakandi, P.S. Nagarkanda, Faridpur.
52. Lutfar Rahman Mia, S/O A.Rashid of Shasha, P.S. Nagarkanda, Faridpur.
53. Md. Atahar Mia, S/O Mokdum Mia of Jungordi, P.S. Nagarkanda, Faridpur.
54. A. Halim Matbor, S/O of Gendia, P.S. Nagarkanda, Faridpur.
55. Said Ali Matbar, S/O …………..of Gendia, P.S. Nagarkanda, Faridpur.
56. Sultan Khan, S/O Late A. Ghafur Khan of Nagarkanda, Faridpur.
57. Mir A.Khaleque, S/O ……… of Nagarkanda, Faridpur.
58. Abdul Awal, S/O Tufanullah of Barakhordia, P.S. Nagarkanda, Faridpur.
59. A. Majid, S/O Mansur Matbar of Bahirdia, P.S. Nagarkanda, Faridpur.
60. Bazlar Rahman, S/O unknown of Mirakanda, P.S. Nagarkanda.

Sadarpur PS (1) Rajakars

61. Abdul Mazid Pramanik, S/O Sahiruddin of Char Chandpur Bazarkandi, P.S. Sadarpur, District Faridpur.

Rajbari PS(17) Rajakars

62. Akbor Ali Khan, S/O Husain Khan of Nowdubi, P.S. Rajbari, Faridpur.
63. Rabiul Mia, S/O Hazrat Ali of Alladipur, P.S. Rajbari.
64. S.M. Zakaria, S/O S.M. Sayed of Madhurdia, P.S. Rajbari, Faridpur.
65. Md. Hanif, S/O Dil Muhammad of Madhurdia, P.S. Rajbari, Faridpur.
66. A. Razzak, S/O A. Hakim of Khankhanapur, P.S. Rajbari, Faridpur.
67. A. Rahman Molla, S/O Bazar Ali of Char Khankhanapur, P.S. Rajbari, Faridpur.
68. A.Jalil, S/O Idris Ali of Garipur Refugee Coloney, P.S. Rajbari, Faridpur.
69. Md. Sukur, S/O Md. Zaman Mia of Bhajonchala,Rajbari Town, Faridpur.
70. A. Rashid Mia, S/O Wasimuddin of Battala, P.S. Rajbari, Faridpur.
71. Mujibur Rahman, S/O Abed Ali of Bhawanipur, P.S. Rajbari, Faridpur.
72. A. Latif Molla, S/O Gopal Molla of Moharajpur, P.S. Rajbari, Faridpur.
73. A. Sattar SK, S/O Umed Sk. of Mojlishpur, P.S. Rajbari, Faridpur.
74. Md. Ismail, S/O Khoaj Mandal of Char Khan Khanapur, P.S. Rajbari, Faridpur.
75. A.Hannan, S/O Hafizuddin of Bagmara, P.S. Rajbari, Faridpur.
76. Akbor Mondal, S/O Saritullah of Majurdia, P.S. Rajbari, Faridpur.
77. Md. Shafi Mia, S/O Rafiq of Alladipur, P.S. Rajbari, Faridpur.
78. Azahar Ali Mondal, S/O A. Rahman of Mohisbathan , P.S. Rajbari, Faridpur.

Baliakandi PS (3) Rajakars

79. Abdul Hannan Molla, S/O A. Hamid Molla of Bachonpur, P.S. Baliakandi, Faridpur.
80. Md. Akbor Ali Khan, S/O A. Rahman of Rajdhordi, P.S. Baliakandi, Faridpur.
81. Md. Mozaaem Husain, S/O A.Majid of Rajdhordi, P.S. Baliakandi, Faridpur.

Pangsha PS (17) Rajakars

82. A. Jabbar Mondal, S/O Ismail of kaukhola, P.S. Pangsha, Faridpur.
83. A. Malek Khan, S/O A. Razzak of Pangsha, P.S. Pangsha, Faridpur.                                                                           84. Hussain Ali Sk. S/O Kesmat Ali of kalikapur, P.S. Pangsha, Faridpur.
85. Abul Kalam Azad, S/O Ismail SatayP.S. Pangsha, Faridpur.
86. Shafiuddin S.K, S/O Latta S.k. of Hajrapara, P.S. Pangsha, Faridpur.
87. Khorshed Ali Sk. S/O Jahur Sk. of Hajrapara, P.S. Pangsha, Faridpur.
88. A. Jalil Mondal, S/O Entaj Mondal of Hudharkota, P.S. Pangsha, Faridpur.
89. Syed Shafiqul Alam, S/O Nuruzzaman of Bhatshola, P.S. Pangsha, Faridpur.
90. Shahedul Islam S/O Ishaque of Pakshia, P.S. Pangsha, Faridpur.
91. Kazi Saidul Islam, S/O Aynuddin of Majbari, P.S. Pangsha, Faridpur
92. Kazi Sonaullah, S/O Nurul Haq of Majbari, P.S. Pangsha, Faridpur
93. A.Azim Khan, S/O Jakir Ali khan of Tafulia, P.S. Pangsha, Faridpur
94. Kazi Amjad Husain, S/O Asaluddin of Baraijuri, P.S. Pangsha, Faridpur
95. Mazammel Mia, S/O Mohsin Mia of Khoshbari, P.S. Pangsha, Faridpur.
96. Nazir Husain Chaudhur, S/O YusufHusain Chaudhury of Rahat, P.S. Pangsha, Faridpur.
97. Abul Basher Khan, S/O Sadek Ali Khan of Magchami, P.S. Pangsha, Faridpur.
98. No name

Goalandaghat PS (8) Rajakars

99. Md. Siddique, S/O A. Jalil Bepari of Goalundoghat.
100. Kazi Husain Ali, S/O Jafar Ali of Goalundoghat.
101. Afzol Sardar, S/O Faijuddin of Char Pachuria, Goalundoghat.
102. do
103. Abdul Wahab Khan, S/O Moklesur Rahman of Syamsundarpur, P.S. Goalundoghat, Faridpur.
104. Matiar Rahman, S/O A.Rahman of Khandia, P.S. Goalundoghat, Faridpur.
105. A. Jalil, S/O Sukur Sk. of Tofdia, P.S. Goalundoghat, Faridpur.
106. Ali Husain Siddique, S/O Kashem Siddique of Goalundoghat and of Chakbazar, P.S. Kotwali, Faridpur.

Madaripur PS (17) Rajakars

108. Tafazzul Husain,S/O Abdul Hamid of Madaripur town, P.S. Madaripur.
109. Geasuddin Ahmad, S/O A. Sattar Matbor of Lakshmiganj, P.S. Madaripur.
110. Abdul Motaleb Bepari, S/O Sabizuddin of Shakeni, P.S. Madaripur.
111. Abul Kashem Bhuiya, S/O Arshad Ali of Dargakhola, P.S. Madaripur.
112. Abdul Latif Bepari, S/O Amiruddin of Panisattar, P.S. Madaripur.
113. Moslem Sikdar, S/O Kafiluddin of Baher Charkatla, P.S. Madaripur.
114. Khundkar Abul Hashem, S/O Saijuddin Khundkar of AOZ. P.S. Madaripur.
115. A. Rashid Jamadar, S/O Arfin Jamadar of Charnosua, P.S. Madaripur.
116. A. Aziz Molla, S/O Ujaiye Molla of Kulbaddi, P.S. Madaripur.
117. Saidur Rahman Dhali, S/O Alfazuddin of Shusiar Bhanga, P.S. Madaripur.
118. Jimmat Ali Matbor,, S/O Jobed Ali Matbar of Kalikapur, P.S. Madaripur.
119. Kabiruddin Ahmad, S/O Subhan Matbor of Kalikapur, P.S. Madaripur.
120. Abdus Salam Munshi, S/O Sattar Munshi of Hazrapur, P.S. Madaripur.
121. Abdul Mannan, S/O Malai Howlader of Sakuni, P.S. Madaripur.
122. Sekandar Ali, S/O Abdul Jabbar of Pucukali, P.S. Madaripur.
123. Azizul Haq Mirdha, S/O Taijuddin Mirdha of Kalikapur, P.S. Madaripur (Palong).

Shibchar PS(1) Rajakars

124. A. Hakim Khan, S/O Ujir Khan of Village Shibrayer kandi, P.S. Shibchar, District: Faridpur.

Rajoir PS (7) Rajakars

125. A.Samad Khan, S/O Late Abdul Karim of Mallakandi, P.S. Rajoir, Faridpur.
126. Altafuddin Ahmad, S/O Hashemuddin of Satbari, P.S. Rajoir, Faridpur.
127. Rafique Howlader, S/O Abdur Razzak of Boalgram, P.S. Rajoir, Faridpur.
128. Nur Muhammad, S/O Anwaruddin Akhand of Sutarkandi, P.S. Rajoir, Faridpur.
129. H.M. Mohiuddin @ Moni, S/O Moinuddin Howlader of Sarmargol, P.S. Rajoir, Faridpur.
130. Sekander Ali Khan, S/O Alhaj Mansur Khan of Nararkandi, P.S. Rajoir, Faridpur.
131. Mosharraf Husain Khan, S/O Abdul Majid Khan of Mallakandi, P.S. Rajoir, Faridpur.

Note: Page No. 5, Serial No-(132-159)is not found in this file.

Muksudpur PS (6) Rajakars

160. Nur Muhammad Miyan, S/O Masud Miyan of Genasur,P.S Muksudpur.
161. Sekandar Ali Miyan, S/O Abdur Hamid of Akdia, P.S Muksudpur.
162. Md. Momin Khan, S/O A. Latif of Kubkonni, P.S Muksudpur.
163. Tafazzal Husain @ Tabu, S/O Sona Miyan of Lohair, P.S Muksudpur.
164. Moinuddin Ahmad, S/O Md. Babul Miyan of Baraihat, P.S Muksudpur.
165. Dr. Habibur Rahman, S/O Asiruddin of Khangapur, P.S Muksudpur, Faridpur.
166. Ali Miyan, S/O A. Hamid Baraihat, P.S Muksudpur. Faridpur.

Kotalipara PS(7) Rajakars

167. Rostam Ali Miyan, S/O Muhammad Ali of Gopalpur, P.S. Kotalipara, Faridpur.
168. Khorshed Ali Gazi, S/O Gangar Ali Ghazi of Kakkhai, P.S. Kotalipara, Faridpur.
169. Abul Hashem Howlader, S/O Ramjan of Gopalpur, P.S. Kotalipara, Faridpur.
170. Laikurzamman, S/O A. Hamid of Gopalpur, P.S. Kotalipara, Faridpur.
171. Fakir Belayet Husain, S/O Momtajuddin of Kurpara, P.S. Kotalipara, Faridpur.
172. Momrez Ali Sk. S/o Md. Gedu Sk. of P.S. Kotalipara, Faridpur.
173. Ismail Deria, S/O Paban of Madhukhali, P.S. Kotalipara, Faridpur.

Kashiani PS

D. List of Office bearers and members of the District Peace Committee.(22)

1. Mr. Afzal Hossain (Advocate) of Jhiltuly.
2. Mr. Alauddin Khan of Jinna Avenue.
3. Mr.Ansaruddin Molla of Goalchamat.
4. Mr.Mohiuddin Ahmed of South Topkhola.
5. Mr.Chowdhury Monwar Hossain of Moes Manjil.
6. Mr.Abdus Sobhan Mollah of Khalilpur.
7. Mr. Kh. Noor Hossaon of T. Khan Road.
8. Mr. Khalilur Rahman of Dhmrakandi.
9. Mr. Mainuddin Chowdhury of Bashanchar.
10. Mr. Moulana Yusuf Siddique of Alipur.
11. Mr.Aftabuddin Ahmed of Char Tepakhola.
12. Mr. Osman Gani Matabbar of Char Tepakhola.
13. Mr. Al-Haj joynal Abedin of Niltuli.                                                                                                                                          14. Mr. M.N. Zaman of Station Road.
15. Mr. Abdur Rahman of Jinnah Avenue.
16. Mr. Abdul Karim of Niltuli.
17. Mr. Mokimuddin Ahmed of Char Kamlapur.
18. Mr. Rakibuddin Ahmed of Tepakhola.
19. Mr. Kh. Mahasin Ali of Tepakhola.
20. Mr. ABul Bashar Mia of Bhati Laxmipur.
21. Mr. Abdul Hamid mia of Kamlapur.
22. Mr. Syed Ali Khan of Moslem Press, Faridpur.

E. List of Office bearers and members of Sub-Divisional Peace Committee.

Gopalganj Sub-Division.

1. Mr. Faikuzzamman.
2. Mr. Mozibur Rahman @ Lal Mia
3. Mr. Hossain Ahamed.
4. Mr. Amjad Ali Mia (Muktear).
5. Mr. Amiruzzaman (Advocate)
6. Mr. T. Rahman.
7. Mr. Nuruddin Ahmed (Advocate)
8. Mr. Motiar Rahman 9Advocte).
9. Mr. Hemeyetuddin Ahmed (Bara Mia).
10. Mr. Serajul Islam
11. Mr. Moklasur Rahman.
12. Mr. Ismail Hossain 9Tuku).
13. Mr.Nurul Kabir (LalMia).
14. Mr. Ekramuzzaman.
15. Mr. Mohammad Ali Chowdhury.
16. Mr. A. Sattar (Advocate)
17. Mr. HAbibur Rahman 9Kala Mia).
18. Mr. Shamsul Hoque, S/O Gendu Mia.
19. Mr. Dr. Amir Hossain (Homeopathi)
20. Mr. S.M. Nurul Haque of Patgari.
21. Mr. Younus Ali (Advocate).
22. Mr. Sardar Ahmed Ali (Advocate).
23. mr. Golam Mostafa, B.A.
24. Mr. Kazi Nizamul Haque
25. Mr. Al-Haj Nur Ahamaduzzaman.
26. Mr. Kh. A. Hamid, S/O L. Kh. Saizuddin Ahned of Madaripur Town.
27. Mr. A.K.M. Jahangir, S/O L. Serajuddin of Madaripur Town.
28. Mr. Kh. Mohiuddin, S/O L. Sayeduddin Ahmed of Madaripur Town.

F. List of Office bearers of Sub-Thana Peace Committee.

1. Syed Mvi. Fazlul Haque of North Channel.
2. Rokonuddin Ahmed of Char Madhabdia.
3. Al-Haj Dr. Md. Yasin of Char Madhabdia.
4. Nooruddin Ahmed of Krishnanagar.
5. Abdul Gafur Fakir of Posundarpur.
6. A. Jalil. Molla of Kanaipur.                                                                                                                                        7. A. Gafur Molla of Kanaipur.
8. Hossain Ali Mia Aliabad.
9. A. Aziz Mia of Aliabad.
10. A. Samad Matbor of Gerda.
11. Syed Mozammal Hossain of Munshirpur Bazar.
12. Abdul Khaleque Mia of chandpur.
13. Chowdhury Amir Ali of Goal Tilla.
14. Abdul Aziz Molla of Khalilpur.
15. A.K.S. Abdul Jalil of Khalilpur.
16. Abdul Khaleque Mia of Paranpur.
17. Mr. Abdul Hye Chowdhury (Mukter) of Char Harirampur.
18. Abu Bakar Mia, S/O L. Abdul Wazwd Mia Sukuhata.
19. Abdul Jalil Mia, S/O Abdul Gafur Mia of Bakail.
20. Ruhul Amin, S/O L. Shafizuddin of Buraich.
21. Mofibuddin Ahmad, S/O Munshi Aminuddin Howlader of Brahmandi.
22. Abdul Hamid Howlader, S/O Afazuddin Howlader of Datta Kanda.
23. A.K.M. Jahangir, C.U.C Alinagar.
24. Mr. Nurul Hossain, C.U.C Enayetnagar.
25. Abdul latif Mia, C.U.C. Kalkini.
26. Golam Ali Khan, C.U.C.Baligram.
27. Mainuddin Howlader, C.U.C. Khalia.
28. Motahar Ali Miah, C.U.C. Badarpasa.
29. Abdul Hamid Fakir, C.U.C. Rajoir.
30. Humayun Quader, C.U.C. Panchar.
31. Al-Haj Abul Kasem Chowdhury, Ex-D.C. member of Utrail.
32. Shamsul Huda Chowdhury, C.U.C. Masherchar.
33. Abul Kashem Molla of Sibrayaerkandi.
34. Abdus Samad Matbar, C.U.C Palerchar.
35. Shajahan Sardar of Lawkhola.
36. FAzlur Rahman Kotwali of South Palong.
37. Moulana Solaiman of Kashimpur.
38. Selamat Ulla Sikder of 24 Rashi.
39. Younus Molla, Sonamshi.
40. Abdur Rashid kotwal of Baghia.
41. Mr. Azizul Haque (Advocate) of Taligati.
42. Mvi. Sarafat Hossain Chowdhury.
43. Maulana Nurul Haque.
44. Syed Ali Daria.
45. Zahrul Haque.
46. Kazi Enamul Haque.
47. Dagu Sikder.
48. Abdul Wahab Molla.(Dead)
49. Abdul Jalil Mia. (Dead)
50. Munshi Abdul Majid.
51. Abdul Khaleque Minshi.
52. Mr. Munshi Md. Eshaque (Killed)                                                                                                                        53. Mr. S.M. Solaiman.
54. Mr. Abdul Khaleque Mia.
55. Mr. Nuruddin Ahmed (Killed)
56. Md. Afzal Hosssaon.

G. List of Presidents and Secretaries of Union Peace Committee.
Kotwali P.S.

1. Mr. Alauddin Khan (Convener).
2. Mr. Ansaruddin Molla (Deputy Convener)
3. Mr. Abdul Aziz Mia (Convener).
4. Mr. Samad Hossain (Dy. Convener).
5. Mr. Syed Mozammel Ali (Convener).
6. Mr. Abdul Khaleque (Dy. Convener).
7. Mr. Kh. Mohammad Hossain (Convener).
8. Mr. Nurul Hossain (Dy. Convener).
9. Mr. Abdul Jalil Mplla (Convener).
10. Mr. Afsaruddin Molla (Dy. Convener).
11. Mr. Abdul Gafur Molla (Convener).
12. Mr. A.Jabbar Molla (Dy. Convener).
13. Mr. Chowdhury Amir Ali Biswas(Convener).
14. Mr. Afsar Ali Mia (Dy. Convener).
15. Mr. Abdul Jalil (Convener).
16. Mr. Abdul Khaleque (Dy. Convener).
17. Mr. Haji Yasin Ahmed (Convener).
18. Mr. Munsuruddin Mia (Dy. Convener).
19. Mr. Mainuddin Chowdhury (Convener).
20. Mr. Maulana Yusuf Siddique (Dy. Convener).
21. Mr. Osman Gani (Convener).
22. Mr. Rokonuddin Ahmed (Dy. Convener).
23. Mr. Aftabuddin Ahmed (Convener).
24. Mr. Fazlul Haque (Dy. Convener).

Boalmari P.S

25. Mr. M.A. Wahid (Chairman).
26. Mr. Serajul Haque (Secretary).
27. Mr. Imam Hossain (Chairman).
28. Mr. Nowsher Ali Mirdha (Secretary).
29. Mr. A.M. Fazlul Karim (Chairman).
30. Mr. AYnal Haque Mollla (Secretary).
31. Mr. Abdur Razzaque (Chairman).
32. Mr. A. Maleque Mirdha (Secretary).
33. Mr. Shamsul Haque Biswas(Chairman).
34. Mr. Serajul Haque Mia (Secretary).
35. Mr. M.A. Wahid (Chairman).
36. Mr. Kazi Waliul Haque (Secretary).
37. Mr. Serajul Haq Mia (Chairman).
38. Mr. Ishaque Mia (Secretary).
39. Mr. Rokonuddin Mia (Chairman)                                                                                                                          40. Mr. A. Hashem Molla (Secretary).
41. Mr. A. Bari mia (Chairman).
42. Mr. Syed Azizur Rahman (Secretary).
43. Mr. A. Halim Molla (Chairman).
44. Mr. M.A. Rouf Mia (Secretary).
45. Mr. Shamsul Hada Mia (Chairman).
46. Mr. Kazi A. Wahed (secretary).
47. Mr. Munshi Zahrul Haque (Chairman).
48. Mr. A. Maleque Fakir (Secretary).
49. Mr. Al-Haj A.Rahman Molla (Chairman).
50. Mr. Mir A. Latif Molla (Secretary).
51. Mr. Hossain Molla (Chairman).
52. Mr. Mainuddin Ahmed (Secretary).
53. Mr. Mir Kashem Ali (Chairman).
54. Mr. A.K.M. Kobbad Ali (Secretary).
55. Mr. Mobarak Molla (Secretary).
56. Mr. A.Sattar Molla (Chairman).
57. Mr. A.K.M. Jalaluddin Ahmed (Secretary).
58. Mr. Lokman Hossain (Secretary).
59. Mr. Sukur Ahmed (Chairman).
60. Mr. A. Aziz Munshi (Secretary).
61. Mr. M.N. Naim (Chairman).
62. Mr. Rajabuddin Ahmed (Secretary).

Charbhadrasan P.S.

63. Mr Abdul Hye Khan (Chairman).
64. Mr. Sona Mia (Secretary).
65. Mr. Idris Ali Mirdha (Chairman).
66. Mr. A. Khaleque Mirdha(Secretary).
67. Mr. Abdul Majid Molla (Chairman).
68. Mr. Abdus Samad Mirdha (Secretary).
69. Mr. Sorhabuddin Ahmed (Chairman).
70. Mr. Safiuddin Molla (Secretary).

Alfadanga P.S

71. Mr. Arkanuddin (Chairman).
72. Mr. Ruhul Amin (Secretary).
73. Mr. Abdur Rahman (Chairman).
74. Mr. Sarwarjan Molla (Secretary).
75. Mr. Abu Bakar Mia (Chairman).
76. Mr. Moulana Abul Kashem (Secretary).
77. Mr. Abdur Rour Molla (Chairman).
78. Mr. Israil Khan (Secretary).

Madaripur P.S

79. Mr. Kh. Abdul Hamid, S/O Kh. Saijuddin of Madaripur (Chairman).
80. Mr. Lutfur Rahman Howlader, S/O A.R. Howladarof Madaripur (Secretary).
81. Mr. Sekandar Ali Khan, S/O Mohon Khan of Khagdi of Madaripur(Chairman).                                        82. Mr. Ali Ahmed Howlader, S/O Ishaque Howlader of Madaripur (Secretary).
83. Mr. Syed Shamsul Haque, S/O Alhaj A. Majid of Madaripur (Chairman).
84. Mr. Kh. Mohiuddin, Advocate, of Madaripur (Chairman).
85. Mr. Abdul Hamid Sardar, S/O Samsher Ali Sardar of Golabari (Chairman).
86. Mr. Joynal Abedin, S/O Akkel Ali Howlader of Char Khagdi (Chairman).
87. Mr. Kh. Abdur Rashid, S/O Derajuddin of Birangal (Chairman).
88. Not Mentioned In the List. (Secretary).
89. Mr. Kh. Abdur Rob, S/O Kh. A. Wahed of Patiladi (Chairman).
90. Mr. Karim Howlader, S/O Kasiruddin Howlader of Damerchar (Secretary).
91. Mr. Abdul Hamid Khan, S/O A. Gani Khan of Gabindapur (Chairman).
92. Mr. Abdul Hamid Molla, S/O Nayan Molla of Khoajpur (Secretary).
93. Mr. A.Rahman Darjee, S/O Maminuddin Darjee of Saina (Chairman).
94. Mr. A. Aziz Howlader, S/O Azimuddin Howlade of Ghatmajhi (Secretary).
95. Mr. Sekandar Ali Sarnnamat, S/O Daliluddin of Bherchar Sreenadi (Chairman).
96. Mr. Lokman Hakim Howlader, S/O A.Aziz Howlader of Kuchiamora (Secretary).
97. Mr. Manik Howlader, S/O Haji Ramjan Howlader of Hugli (Chairman).
98. Mr. Kalam Bepari, S/O Basiruddin Bepari of Tribhgdi (Secretary).
99. Mr. Mafeluddin Ahmed, S/O Munshi Aminuddin of Brhmandi (Chairman).
100. Mr. Golap Khan, S/O Ekram Khan of Kulpaddi (Secretary).
101. Mr. A. Hamid Howlader, S/O Afazuddin Howlader of Datta kendua (Chairman).
102. Not Mentioned In this File. (Secretary).
103. Mr. Sayeduddin Ahmed, S/O Daliluddin Ahmed of Pearpur (Chairman).
104. Imanuddin, S/O Alep Bepari of Kumarkhali (Secretary).

Kalkini P.S.

105. Mr. Serajuddin Molla, S/O L. Mainuddin Molla of Bidya bagish (Chairman).
106. Mr. Abdur Rahman Molla, S/o-Entajuddin of Surjamuni (Secretary).
107. Mr. Abdul Karim, S/o-Haji Ibrahim of Bhabani Sankar (Chairman).
108. Mr. Abdur Rahman, S/o-Abdul Mridha of Mudhakandi, (Secretary).
109. Mr. M.A Matin, S/o-Hazi Abdul Latif (Chairman).
110. Not Found in the List (Secretary).
111. Mr. A.K. M. Jahangir, S/o-L.Mvi.Serajjuddin Ahmed of Laxmipurpakhira (Chirman).
112. Mr. A.Aziz, S/o-Alhaj Mominuddin Howlader of North Kanaipur (secretary).
113. Mr. Abdul Latif Bepari, S/o-Sagir Bepari of South Thengamara (Chiarman).
114. Mr. Abdul Majid Howlader, S/o-Sonamuddin Howlader of Panggasia (Chairman).
115. Mr. Habibur Rahman, S/O Tojam Ali Howlader of C.D. Khan (Chairman).
116. Not Found in the List (Secretary).
117. Abul Kashem Bepari, S/O Jinnat Ali Bepari, (C.U.C. Ramjanpur) (Chairman.
118. Mr. Abdul Kader Mia, S/O Munshi Afsaruddin, Secretary. Kalkini p.s.
119. Mr. Jalaluddin Mia S/O. L. Imamuddin Miah of North Kidalia (Chairman)
120. Mr. Nader Hossain Molla of Shakharpar (Chairman)

Shibchar p.s.

121. Mr. Mothar Ali Mina s/o, Kafiluddin Mina of Badariakandi (Chairman)
122. Mr. Nesaruddin Sikder s/o. Tajuddin Sikder of do. (Secretary)
123. Mr. Abdl Mannan Morai Zs/o. Haji Jainuddin Moral of Satbaghia (Chairman)
124. Mr. Alfazuddin Howlader s/o. Munshi Saijuddin Howlader of Kachikata (Secretary)  Janjira p.s.      125. Mr. Anwar Ali s/o. L. Haji Samiruddin (Chairman)
126. Mr. Abdul Wahed Munshi s/o. Azahar Munshi (Secretary)
127. Mr. Abdul Manna Mollick s/o. We fazuddin Mallik (Chairman)
128. Mr.Amir Hissain Bandukohi s/o. (Secretary)
129. Mr. Kazi Hafez Ahmed s/o. Uakiluddin Haji. (Chairman)
130. Mr. Ali Akbari Sikder s/o.L. Aijuddin Sikder. (Secretary)
131. Mr.Kazi Moklesur Rahman s.o. L. Kazi Nasiruddin of Uttar Kebalndgar (Chairman).
132. Mr.Arob Ali Matbar s.o. Haji Rahman Ali Matbar of Barogopalpur (Secretary)
133. Mr. Kazi Abdul Khaleque s/o. Haji Aijuddin of Senerchar (Chairman).
134. Mr. Amjadali Majhi s/o. Jonab Ali Majhi of Char dhuparia (Secretary)
135. Mr.Shafahan Sarder s/o. L.Aijuddin Sarder of Lawkhola (Chairman).
136. Mr.A.Rahman Sikder s/o. L. Wahed Ali Sikder of Royerkandi. (Secretary)
137. Mr.Abul Hashem Farade s/o. L.Jainuddin Faraee of Purba Nouduba(Chairman).
138. Mr. Khadom Hossain Matbar s/o. Jainuddin Matbar or Diara or Diara Nouduba (Secretary)
139. Mr.N.Khalique Choukidar s/o. Haji Saijuddin of Char Khagutia (Chairman).
140. Mr.Lutfar Rahman s/o Samsher of Dubisiabar (Secretary)
141. Mr. A.Sama d Matbar (Chairman).
142. Mr.Ahjad Hossain Sarder (Secretary)

Palong p.s.

143. Mr. Jainal Abdul Talukder s/o. L. Nazimuddin Talukder of Uttar Palong (Chairman).
144. Mr. Abdul Ali Mia. s/o. Ali Akbar of Uttar Bilashkhan (Secretary) .
145. Mr. Molla Abdul Aziz s/o. Jainuddin of Sarnaghose (Chairman).
146. Mr. Shamsul Haque Talukder s/o. Jaher Ali of Char Patanddhi (Secretary) .
147. Mr.Noor Mohammad Molla s/o. L. Naser Ali of purba Sonamoki (Chairman).
148. Mr.Yousuf Ali Molla s/o. L. Imanuddin Molla of Rudrakar Hugla (Secretary)
149. Mr. A. Aziz Khalifa s/o. L. Saijuddin of Soulpara (Chairman).
150. Mr. Ijjat Ali Mridha s/o. L. Samad Ali Mridha of Chikandi (Secretary) .
151. Mr. Akkabar Molla s/o. L. Haji Jonab Ali of Kashipur (Chairman).
152. Mr. A. Hair Munshi s/o.L. Johab-Ali Munshi of Munshi Kandi (Secretary) .
153. Mr. Shamsul Huda Talukder s/o. Giasuddin Ahmed of Roypur (Chairman).
154. Mr. A. Kader Kazi s/o. Jalaluddin Kazi of Gazipur (Secretary) .
155. Mr.Rabulla Khan s/o. L. Hazi Babah Khan of West parasardi (Chairman).
156. Mr. A.Latif Bepari s/o. Hazi Hobarak Ali of East Kashabhaog (Secretary) .
157. Mr. Abdul Aziz Howlader s/o. Ayub Ali Howlader of Kuarpur (Chairman).
158. Mr. I.K. Nurul Islam s/o.L.A.Aziz Khan (Secretary).

Naria p.s.

159. Mr.Abdul Karim Dewan s.o. L. Babu Dewan of Uttar Kedarpur (Chairman).
160. Mr.Neamatullah s.o. Moulana Rahamatullan of West kedarpur (Secretary)
161. Mr.Abdul Latif Mia s/o. L. Haji Rajab Ali, Mulpara(Chairman).
162. Mr. Akram Ali Molla s/o. Faizuddin Molla of Mohishkhola (Secretary)
163. Mr. Abdul Majijd Mir .Bagar s/o. Kanai Mir Bahar of Maltkandi (Chairman).
164. Mr.Aznat Aku Matbar s/o.L. Amir Ali Matbar of Jamiruddin Matbarkandi (Secretary)
165. Mr. Ali Ahmed Munshi s/o.L. Safiuddin of paikpara (Chairman).
166. Mr. Mesbahud in Ahmed s/o. Basiruddin Ahmed of Naria (Secretary)
167. Mr. Talebu Ali Matbar s/o. L. Samed Ali Matbar of Mirkan dapara (Chairman).                                    168. Mr. Matiar Rahman Howlader s/o. Sahed Ali of Ekandal (Secretary)
169. Mr. Hakim Ali Mridah s/o. Chand Mridha of Baraipara (Chairman).
170. Mr. A.Majid Munshi s/o. Osman Munshi of Hala ishar . (Secretary)
171. Mr. Moulana Ataur Rahman s/o.L. Abdur Rahman of Banerbari (Chairman).
172. Mr. Dr.Habibur Rahman s/o. Munshi Nader Ali of Madhya para (Secretary)
173. Mr. Hashmat Ali Matbar s/o. Samed Matbar of Bbojeswar (Secretary)
174. Mr. Taleb Ali Matbar s/o. Samed Matbar of Ebojeswar(Secretary).
175. Mr. Maulana Khalilur Rahman s/o. Mvi. Imanuddin of Kanchan Para (Chairman).
176. Mr. Munshi Abdul Jabbar s/o. Haji Messer Ali of Purbapara (Secretary)
177. Mr.Md.Ismail s/o. Sabjer Ali of Dinara (Chairman).
178. Mr. Syed Abdur Rahman s/o. Syed Wareshuddin of Telepara (Secretary)

Bhedarganj p.s.

179. Mr. Ayub Ali Sarder s/o. Arob Ali Sarder of Koraltoli (Chairman).
180. Mr. Ali Baksha Topa de s/o. Mohar Ali Tapader (Chairman).
181. Mr.Yousuf Bala s/o. L. A.Jabbar Bala (Chairman).

Goshairhat p.s

182. Mr. Akbar Ali Mia s/o. Haji Azhar Ali Charpatalia (Chairman).
183. Mr. Abdus Salam Khan s/o . Ela Juddin of Dhana kati (Secretary)
184. Mr. Shamsul Haque Molla s/o. Haji Julmat Alo Molla of Dam Daimi Kodalpur (Chairman).
185. Mr.Din Mohammad s/o. Munsaf Ali Bepari of Demudya(Secretary)
186. Mr.Yunus Miah s/o. Hji Jaher Ali of Kashikanda (Chairman).
187. Mr. Nurul Islam s/o. Rafizuddin of Bara Kachana (Chairman).
188. Mr.Glam Rahman s/o. Ali Nazir Ahmed Ullah of Haturia (Chairman).
189. Mr. Hanif Bepari s/o. L. omar Ali Bepari of Char Bhuai (Secretary)
190. Mr.Raihanuddin Munshi (President)
191. Mr.Shamsul Mia P(Secretary)

H. List of persons who took part in Bye-election
Kotwali PS

1. Mokimuddin Ahmed, S/O- Late Imajuddin Sikder,Vill- Char Kamlapur ,PS- Kotwali, Dist-Faridpur.
2. Afzal Hossain (Advocate),S/O- L. Azaharuddin,Vill- Faridpur Town,PS- Kotwali, Dist-Faridpur.
3. Abdus Sobhan Molla,S/O- Taki Molla,Vill- Guha Laxmipur,PS- Kotwali, Dist- Faridpur.
4. Alauddin Khan, S/O- L. Mamshar Khan,Vill- Alipur,PS- Kotwali, Dist- Faridpur.
5. Khalilur Rahman Thakur, S/O- Abdur Rashid Khan Thakur,Vill- Kamlapur,PS- Kotwali, Dist Faridpur.

Sadarpur PS

6. Abdur Rahman Bakaul,S/O- L. Ali Hossain,Vill- Faridpur Town,PS- Sadarpur, Dist- Faridpur.
7. Abdur Razzaque Moktar,S/O- L. Abdul Sikder,Vill- Unknown,PS- Sadarpur, Dist- Faridpur.
8. Maulana Abdul Ali, S/O- L. Abdul Hakim,Vill- West Khabaspur,PS- Sadarpur, Dist- Faridpur.

Boalmari PS

9. Rustam Ali Khan,S/O- L. Basar Ali Khan,Vill- Moslandpur,PS- Boalmari, Dist- Faridpur.

Kashiani PS

10. Shah Mohd Zakaria,S/O- Moulana Habibur Rahman,Vill- Majra,PS- Kashiani, Dist-Faridpur.            11. Abdur Rahman Muktar,S/O- Wajed Sk,Vill- Choto Khalkandi,PS- Kashiani, Dist- Faridpur.

Madaripur PS

12. Khan Mohiuddin,S/O- Saiduddin Ahmed,Vill- Shakuni,PS- Madaripur, Dist- Faridpur.
13. Khandaker Abdul Hamid,S/O- Khandaker Saijuddin,Vill- Shakuni,PS- Kashiani, Dist-Faridpur.

Janjira PS

14. Tofazzal Hossen,S/O- Mvi. Abdul Hamid,Vill- Gopalpur,PS- Janjira, Dist- Faridpur.
15. Kazi Mokhlesur Rahman,S/O- Kazi Nasimuddin,Vill- Uttar Kebalnagar,PS- Janjira, Dist-Faridpur.
16. Shamsur Rahman,S/O- Alfazuddin,Vill- Kandi,PS- Janjira, Dist- Faridpur

Rajoir PS

17. Shahabuddin Sk,S/O- Serajuddin,Vill- Paschim Rajoir,PS- Rajoir, Dist- Faridpur.
18. Fazlur Rahman Sepoy,S/O- Abdul Hakim,Vill- Badarpasha,PS- Rajoir, Dist- Faridpur.

Bhedarganj PS

19. Md Solaiman Ukil,S/O- Haji Miser Ali,Vill- Shaikpur Hajikandi ,PS- Bhedarganj, Dist-

Naria PS

20. Hafiz Abdul Kader,S/O- Kazi Ibrahim Howlader,Vill- Suzasar,PS- Naria, Dist- Faridpur.

Gopalganj PS

21. Alimuzzaman Chowdhury,S/O- Munsurul Haque Chowdhury,Vill- Telegati ,PS- Gopalganj, Dist- Faridpur.
22. Sarder Abdul Motaleb,S/O- Abdul Kader,Vill- Khatra,PS- Gopalganj, Dist- Faridpur.
23. Mr T. Rahman,S/O- L. Mokammal Hossain,Vill- Khatra,PS- Gopalganj, Dist- Faridpur.
24. Mvi Hossain Ahmed,S/O- Munshi Ahamed Ali,Vill- Teguria,PS- Gopalganj, Dist- Faridpur.
25. Mr. Amiruzzaman,S/O- L. Kazi Abdur Razzaque,Vill- Khatra,PS- Gopalganj, Dist- Faridpur.
26. Mr. Ekramuzzaman, S/O- Abdus Sattar Munshi,Vill- Berashi ,PS- Gopalganj, Dist- Faridpur.
27. Afzal Hossain,S/O- Mir Azaharuddin,Vill- Berashi,PS- Gopalganj, Dist- Faridpur.

Rajbari PS

28. Mr. Sayed Khamar, S/O- L. Sayed Hafiz,Vill- Benodpur,PS- Rajbari, Dist- Faridpur.
29. Mr. Siddique Miah,S/O- Jumman Miah,Vill- Khankhanapur,PS- Rajbari, Dist- Faridpur.

Nagarkanda PS

30. Syed Mohammad Ali,S/O- Sayed Abu Said,Vill- Khardia,PS- Nagarkanda, Dist- Faridpur.


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Razakars: Full List of 10,789 Razakars of 64 District in Bangladesh PDF Download Link

Full Razakars(Al-Badr and Al-Shams) List of Madaripur District in Dhaka Division Published on 2019

Full Razakars List of Bangladesh Published in 2019. The Name of 10,789 Razakars Who Collaborated with the Pakistani Army in 1971 Liberation War.


Razakars were anti-Bangladesh paramilitary force who made by the west Pakistani army in then East Pakistan and now Bangladesh during the liberation war in 1971. They were organized by the Pakistani army to help them to suppress nationalist Bengali. Pakistani army used them to oppress freedom fighters. They worked as informers of the Pakistani military. Freedom fighters are Bangladeshi people who fought for liberation in 1971. The Razakars were paramilitary forces under the Pakistani Army such as  Al-Badr and Al-Shams. The Shanti committee recruited Razakars in 1971. The Shanti Committee is also known as the East Pakistan central peace committee (Bengali Nagorik Shanti Committee).

The Razakar Bahini’s garrison was set in Khulna division in Bangladesh. There were around 3000-4000 Razakars who trained from the Pakistani army. Firstly, they got light infantry weapons and their primary duty was to arrest and detained Bengali nationalist suspects. In addition, these Razakars helped the Pakistani army for raping, murdering, and looting the local properties. Finally, on behalf of the Pakistani army, they fought against Bengali freedom fighters directly.

The meaning of the Razakar is a volunteer but Bangladeshi people treat them as traitors. Bangladeshi people hate them because they helped the Pakistani army in the liberation war in 1971. The training period was only 15 days for the Razakar. The first batch of the Razakars force completed their training on 1 July 1971.

Razakars List Publication

The Liberation War affairs ministry has published The List of 10,789 Razakars in 2019. Although this list has become controversial because of including some freedom fighters and organizer’s names in the list,  The Liberation Minister claimed that the Home ministry created this list. Also, he acknowledged that it is an involuntary mistake. Finally, Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque has regretted the “unintentional” mistakes in the list.

Full List of 10,789 Razakars of 64 District in Bangladesh- PDF Download Link

Contents List of PDF File:

  1.  List of Razakars in Greater Faridpur District-522 Persons
  2. Full Razakars List of Dhaka Sadar (South) Total-604 Persons
  3. Razakars List of Chittagong Division Total- 140 persons
  4. The Razakars List of Rajshahi Division Total – 584 Persons
  5. Full Razakars List of Khulna Division Total- 1465 persons
  6. Razakars List of Barishal Division Total- 970 Persons
  7. The Razakars List of Sylhet Division Total- 12 Persons
  8. Razakars List of Rangpur Division Total- 2929 Persons
  9. Razakars List of Mymensingh Division Total- 2600 persons

Full List of 10,789 Razakars of 64 District in Bangladesh Published by Bangladesh Government in 2019. List of the members of Al-Badars, list of the Al- Shams. Thanawise list of Rajakar Commanders. The List of Office bearers and members of the District Peace Committee. List of Office bearers and members of the Sub-Divisional Peace Committee. The List of Office bearers of Sub-Thana Peace Committee. List of Presidents and Secretaries of Union Peace Committee, and List of persons who took part in Bye-election.

Razakars List of Greater Faridpur District- বৃহত্তর ফরিদপুর জেলার সকল রাজাকারের তালিকা

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