Bangladesh Awami League Committee List Since 1949 To Present

Bangladesh Awami League Committee List.  Bangladesh Awami League President and  Secretary List Since 1949 to 2021. আওয়ামী লীগের সকল সম্মেলন তালিকা. AL is the abbreviation of the Awami League. Bangladesh Awami League Central Full-Fledged Committee 2019 pdf. 

Bangladesh Awami League Committee List

Awami League of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Awami League is one of the biggest and prominent political parties in Bangladesh. It was established by the father of the nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani, Shawkat Ali, Yar Mohammad Khan, and, Shamsul Huq. Bangladesh Awami League is also known as Awami League or AL. In 1949, the Awami League was established in Rose Garden Palace. Rose Garden Palace is the birthplace of the Awami League. When Bangladesh Awami League got birth the name was Pakistan Awami Muslim League. In 1949, Bangladesh was part of Pakistan and then it was East Pakistan.

The founder President of the Bangladesh Awami League is Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani. The founder general secretary of the Bangladesh Awami League is Yar Mohammad Khan and Shamsul Huq. The Awami League Political party had split from Awami Muslim League in 1953. Along with other leaders, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was renamed to make this political party secular.

বাংলাদেশ আওয়ামী লীগের সকল সভাপতি ও সেক্রেটারির নামের তালিকা ভিডিওতে।

Bangladesh Awami League Committee List

 Bangladesh Awami League President and  Secretary List Since 1949 to 2021

  Year President General Secretary
1 23 June 1949 – 3 July 1953 Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani Shamsul Huq
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman(Acting)
2 3 July 1953 – 21 October 1955 Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
3 21 October 1955–13 June 1957 Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
4 13 June 1957- 6 March 1964 Abdur Rashid Tarkabagish Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
5 6 March 1964- 18 March 1966 Abdur Rashid Tarkabagish Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
6 18 march 1966-19 October 1968 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Tajuddin Ahmad
7 19 October 1968- 4 June 1970 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Tajuddin Ahmad
8 4 June 1970- 7 April 1972 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Tajuddin Ahmad
9 7 April 1972- 18 January 1974 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Zillur Rahman
10 18 January 1974- 3 April 1977 Muhammad Qamaruzzaman Tajuddin Ahmad
11 3 April 1977- 3 March 1978 Syeda Zohra Tajuddin (Convenor) None
12 3 March 1978- 14 February 1981 Abdul Malek Ukil Abdur Razzaq
13 14 February 1981- 1 January 1987 Sheikh Hasina Abdur Razzaq
14 1 January 1987- 19 October 1992 Sheikh Hasina Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury
15 19 October 1992- 6 May 1997 Sheikh Hasina Zillur Rahman
16 6 May 1997- 2022 Sheikh Hasina Zillur Rahman
17 2002- 28 July 2009 Sheikh Hasina Abdul Jalil
18 28 July 2009- 29 December 2012 Sheikh Hasina Sayed Ashraful Islam
19 29 December 2012- 22 October 2016 Sheikh Hasina Sayed Ashraful Islam
20 22 October 2016- 20 December 2019 Sheikh Hasina Obaidul Quader
21 20 December 2019 Sheikh Hasina Obaidul Quader
22 Sheikh Hasina
23 Sheikh Hasina

Note: This Date Has Been Counted From The First Day Of the Council.

Bangladesh Awami League Committee List আওয়ামী লীগের সকল সম্মেলন তালিকা

The Full Bangladesh Awami League Committee List- PDF Download Link

Bangladesh Awami League Central Committee List 2019-2021

The committee was formed in 2019 and it is still continuing the activities. Hopefully, in 2022, AL organizes the 24th council for the new committee.

Bangladesh Awami League Council 2019

Bangladesh Awami League’s 21st national council was organized in the historic Suhrawardy Udyan on 20 December 2019. The president of AL also the prime minister of the people’s republic of Bangladesh inaugurated the two-day congregation. It is estimated that Around 5,000 special guests, 7,500 councilors, and, 15,000 delegates, presented at the council 2019. Bangladesh Awami league invited all other political leaders except Jamaat-e-Islami. They also invited all diplomats to Dhaka. 

Bangladesh Awami League Central Full Committee 2019
Post Old Faces New Faces
President Sheikh Hasina

Presidium member

1. Sajeda Chowdhury
2. Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim
3. Matia Chowdhury
4. Mohammad Nasim
5. Kazi Zafar Ullah
6. Advocate Sahara Khatun
7. Engineer Mosharraf Hossain
8. Syed Ashraful Islam
9. Pijush Kanti Bhattacharya
10. Nurul Islam Nahid
11. Dr. Md Abdur Razzak
12. Lt Col (retd) Muhammad Faruq Khan
13. Ramesh Chandra Sen
14. Advocate Abdul Mannan Khan
15. Advocate Abdul Matin Khasru
16. Shahjahan Khan
17. Jahangir Kabir Nanak
18. Abdur Rahman
General Secretary Obaidul Quader
Joint General Secretary 1. Mahbubul Hanif
2. Dipu Moni
3. Dr. Hasan Mahmud
4. AFM Bahauddin Nas
Organizational Secretary 1. Ahmed Hossain
2. BM Mozammel Hoque
3. Abu Sayeed Al Mahmud Swapan
4. SM Kamal
5. Mirza Azam
Advocate Afzal Hossain
Shafiul Alam Chowdhury Nadel
International Affairs Secretary  Shammi Ahmed
Law Secretary Najibullah Hiru
Office Secretary Bar Biplob Barua
Publication Secretary Abdus Sobhan Golap
Women’s Affairs Secretary Meher Afroze Chumki
Finance secretary Begum Waseqa Ayesha Khan
Information and research secretary Dr Selim Mahmud
Labor and employment affairs secretary Habibur Rahman Siraz
Deputy office secretary Sayem Khan
Deputy publication’s secretary. Aminul Islam Amin
Members of the executive committee Abul Hasnat Abdullah
Mofazzal Hossain Chowhdury Maya
Quamrul Islam, Mostafa Jalal Mohiuddin
KM Jahangir
Nurul Islam Thandu
Badaruddin Ahmed Kamran
Dipangkar Talukder
Amirul Alam Milon
Akhter Jahan
Dr Mushfique
Riazul Kabir Kausar
Merina Jaman Kabita
Parvin Jaman Kalpana
Hosne Ara Lutfa Dalia
Advocate Safura Khatun
Advocate Sanjida Khanom
Anwar Hossain, Anisur Rahman
Sahabuddin Farazi
Iqbal Hossain Apu
Golam Rabbani Chinu
Marufa Akhter Popy
Remand Areng
Gloria Sarker Jharna.


Full List of 10,789 Razakars of 64 District in Bangladesh PDF Download Link

Full Razakars List of Bangladesh Published in 2019. Also, the Name of 10,789 Razakars Who Collaborated with the Pakistani Army in the 1971 Liberation War. রাজাকার তালিকা। বাংলাদেশের সকল রাজাকারের তালিকা নিচে দেওয়া হইল। এখানে সকল জেলার রাজাকার, আল বদর, শান্তি কমিটি র সদস্যদের নামের তালিকা পাবেন।

Actually, the list of 10,789 Razakars of 64 Districts in Bangladesh has been controverted due to having some freedom fighters’ names in the list. Therefore, the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs has withdrawn the list of Razakars from the Ministry website.

Who is Razakars?

Razakars were an anti-Bangladesh paramilitary force made by the west Pakistani army in then East Pakistan and now Bangladesh during the liberation war in 1971. Pakistani army organized them to suppress nationalist Bengali and freedom fighters. They worked as informers of the Pakistani military.

Freedom fighters are Bangladeshi people who fought for liberation in 1971. The Razakars were paramilitary forces under the Pakistani Army such as  Al-Badr and Al-Shams. The Shanti committee recruited Razakars in 1971. However, the Shanti Committee is also known as the East Pakistan central peace committee (Bengali Nagorik Shanti Committee).

In 1971, the Razakar Bahini set their garrison in the Khulna division in Bangladesh. There were around 3000-4000 Razakars who trained from the Pakistani army. Firstly, they got light infantry weapons and their primary duty was to arrest and detained Bengali nationalist suspects. In addition, these Razakars helped the Pakistani army in raping, murdering, and looting the local properties. Finally, on behalf of the Pakistani army, they fought against Bengali freedom fighters directly.

The meaning of the Razakar is a volunteer but Bangladeshi people treat them as traitors. Bangladeshi people hate them because they helped the Pakistani army in the liberation war in 1971. The training period was only 15 days for the Razakar. The first batch of the Razakars force completed their training on 1 July 1971.

Full List of Razakars in Bangladesh
Razakars List Publication

The Liberation War affairs ministry has published The List of 10,789 Razakars in 2019. Although this list has become controversial because of including some freedom fighters and organizer’s names in the list,  The Liberation Minister claimed that the Home ministry created this list. Also, he acknowledged that it is an involuntary mistake. Finally, Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque has regretted the “unintentional” mistakes in the list.

Full List of Razakars

বাংলাদেশের সকল রাজাকারের তালিকা

Full List of 10,789 Razakars of 64 District- PDF Download Link

Contents List of PDF File
  1.  List of Razakars in Greater Faridpur District-522 Persons
  2. Full Razakars List of Dhaka Sadar (South) Total-604 Persons
  3. Razakars List of Chittagong Division Total- 140 persons
  4. The Razakars List of Rajshahi Division Total – 584 Persons
  5. Full Razakars List of Khulna Division Total- 1465 persons
  6. Razakars List of Barishal Division Total- 970 Persons
  7. The Razakars List of Sylhet Division Total- 12 Persons
  8. Razakars List of Rangpur Division Total- 2929 Persons
  9. Razakars List of Mymensingh Division Total- 2600 persons

Additional Information that has in the PDF File

Full List of 10,789 Razakars of 64 District in Bangladesh Published by Bangladesh Government in 2019. Additionally, the List of the members of Al-Badar, list of the Al- Shams. Thanawise list of Rajakar Commanders. The List of Office bearers and members of the District Peace Committee. List of Office bearers and members of the Sub-Divisional Peace Committee. The List of Office bearers of Sub-Thana Peace Committee. Also, the List of Presidents and Secretaries of Union Peace Committee, and List of persons who took part in the Bye-election.

বৃহত্তর ফরিদপুর জেলার সকল রাজাকারের তালিকা