Text below contains SIX word form errors. Identify and correct the errors

Text below contains SIX word

The text below contains SIX-word form errors. Identify and correct errors.

Text below contains SIX word


One of the biggest concerns that parents have about raising children in a bilingual household is that learning two or more languages at the same time will cause confusion. One misunderstood behavior, which has often taken as evidence for confusion, is when bilingual children mix words from two languages in the same sentence. 9This is known as code mixing. In fact, code mixing is a normal part of bilingual development, and bilingual children actually have good reasons to code mix (Pearson, 2008). The reason some children code mix is that they are just repeating what they hear adults around them say (Comeau, Genesee & Lapaquette, 2003).

Another reason for code mixing among bilingual children is due to their limited vocabulary in both languages. Similar to how a monolingual 1-year-old might initialize using the word “dog” to refer to any four-legged creature, bilingual children also use their limited vocabularies to substitute a word from one language with a word from another language. A bilingual child might not know or cannot quickly retrieve the appropriate word in one language, so he or she might borrow the word from the other language (Lanza, 2004). Thus, rather than being a sign of confusion, code mixing can be seen as a progressive in their language development and a sign of bilingual children’s ingenuity.

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