Tourism Article: Importance of Travel and Tourism Articles, Why Tourism Article is Written

Tourism Article: Importance of Travel and Tourism Articles, Why Should We Write Tourism or Travelogue Article. The tourism article is one of the writings that are compelling to read. Our opinion on why the tourism article is written.

Tourism Article

The tourism article is also known as a travelogue feature that refers to the article writing the explanation of traveling guidelines for the journey (Bird, 2012). People travel for various perspectives such as personal business, job purpose, multicultural immigration, curiosity, and adventure. It is one of the best articles for recreation and entertainment.

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

According to Rob McFarland (2007), photos are very inevitable elements for the tourism features to make them interesting and vivid for audiences. You need to follow some instructions when adding photos inside articles including people’s images, use the rule of thirds, put something in the foreground, fill the frame, and use a frame.

Example of the travelogue feature

  • What to see MILAN in ONE DAY
  • You must see AGRA RED FORT INDIA

Importance of Travel and Tourism Articles & Opinion why tourism article is written

1. Guidelines for new travelers

A tourism article represents the best assistant for new travelers who want to visit new places with no previous experiences. A perfect tourism article always provides ample guidelines on how to travel the place. For example, new travel gets a clear idea about how to get there, where to stay, and how to complete missions in a cheap budget. Travel guidelines will save money and stop wasting time. Sometimes travelers cannot see all spots because of less time, so traveling guidelines help those people to see all spots within a short time with providing effective instructions.

2. Hobby

It is our habit to share experiences, so people always try to share their experiences with others through face to face communication or mediated communication with websites or social media. Traveling is a passion for many people, and they visit new places and share their experiences with us. They feel good when sharing it and be encouraged to visit more places.

3. Job and Duty

In addition to the freelancer blogger, many journalists write a travelogue feature for their duty of jobs. The journalist along with his or her family is dependable on this profession. They earn money from writing tourism feature writing. A big number of people all over the world deepen on this profession directly or indirectly. They visit the new places to enjoy the beauty of the scenario and collect ample information and finally publish an article for expecting visitors.

4. Commercial purpose

Tourism has become a great source of income for many countries, so they publish tourism articles to attract new travelers to visit the places. Government and non-government organizations are associated with these activities to increase learning revenue through tourists. For example, Malaysia’s tourism revenue reached an all-time high of 22,009 USD MN in Dec 2014 (Kamarudin, 2013). Malaysia’s government publish tourism article to attract travelers from all over the world to come here. In addition to that, few non-government organizations such as hotels and airline companies publish travelogue articles as part of their marketing policy.

 5. Entertainment

Many readers just like to read a travelogue article for recreation to refresh the mind. Reading a noble is bearing sometimes for the long story but travel article is short with an adventure story. Hence, they chose this short story for entertainment, and the author writes them to entertain audiences. So, it is clear that tourism article is not only suitable for travelers but also readers who like to read-only.

6. Providing information

Tourism article is an outstanding medium for disseminating information about the history of the place, location, transportation opportunity, culture, traditions, strengths, and weaknesses. This is the only way to know about the background information of the location to make preparations for visiting. In addition, it will let you know about the weather, temperature, and cautions. So, the prime objective of the travelogue article is to inform others about the basic information of the location. For example, you need to check the temperature of japan for taking warmer clothes if you want to visit. You will get ample information about japan from a travel article.


Tourism feature writing has become a very important article for its positive impact on travelers. Based on our discussion it is safe to say that tourism article is only important for travelers but also general people who like to read the article. Nobody can deny the advantages of tourism articles for traveling purposes.

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