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Instagram Captions

Instagram captions refer to the description of the Instagram Post, such as photos, videos, and illustrations. Hence, the Instagram caption is also known as the title of the Instagram post. The Instagram users write the caption to explain their photos and videos shared in the timeline. A good caption can play an essential role in sharing opinions. People share photos and videos on the Instagram timeline to educate and entertain others. Therefore, Instagram Caption is an essential part of the Instagram Post. IG is the acronym of Instagram; therefore, users term it as the IG caption. Instagram captions are almost similar to the Facebook caption; hence users use the same caption on Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram Post

 Instagram posts refer to the feature that allows users to upload and share written statements, photos, videos, and illustrations in the timeline. The caption can complete a post to convey the proper message. For example, you have uploaded a photo on Instagram captured beside a sea but did not mention the location. As a result, the viewers will not get the complete message that you want to convey. So, the caption is an essential element of the Instagram Post or IG post.
 We have gathered different types of Instagram captions from many users. Additionally, we have separated them into different sections so that our viewers can get their expected caption easily. However,  You are most welcome to share your ideas here.
Instagram Caption, Best Captions For Instagram Post.
Figure 1: Instagram Caption- Best Caption For Instagram Post

Best Instagram Caption

Life is Not Difficult You Are Weak To Handle It.

I Can Not Stop Being Excellent It Is My Nature.

Certificates Represent Your Degree; However, Your Behaviour Determines Education.

You’ll Never Enjoy Life If You Are Always Worried About What People Say About You.

Don’t Forget To Praise Your GOD.

Go Straight and Focused on Your Goals.

Trust Yourself; Surely, You’ll Be Successful Soon.

Pretending To Be Happy is Not Too Easy.

YOU and I Will Make a Wonderful WE.

Good Captions For Instagram
Captions For IG Post

Smile is the Best Fashion.

Good Morning, Start Your Day With a Wide Smile.

Always I am In Live With Mysterious Place.

Never Compromise To Your Passion and Love.

Happiness Depends on The Extent Between Expectation and Satisfaction.

The Weekend is Your; So, Do Own It.

“You Are Perfect If You Believe You Are Imperfect”- Kobiruzzaman

Instagram Caption

Best Captions For Instagram

Caption For Instagram Post

The Right Person Never Be Tired To Tolerate Your Disturbance.

If You Are Honest, no Doubt, You Are Beautiful.

Think With Heart When Dealing With Beloved One.

Remind Yourself To Have a Good Balance Between Mind and Body.

Instagram Post Caption.

Do Not Need To Be Good To Others Women When You Are Monsters on Your One.

No Matter How Hard Yesterday Was; Focus on Today and Start Again With Full Motivation.

Make EVERY DAY BETTER by Nurturing Positive Thoughts and Giving off Good Vibes.

Instagram Caption in The Covid-19 Pandemic

Mask Can Hide Your Smile; But Not Tear- Kobiruzzaman

Never Give Up On Accepting Changes. There Will Always Be a Way To Make Everyday Better.

Self Love Quotes For Instagram

Respect Your Time.

Be an Achiever. Get Busy With Your Dreams.

Invest in Yourself. Make Yourself Happy.

Love Me For Who I Am.

Captions For Instagram Pictures or Photos

A Photo Is Worth More Than Hundreds of Words.

Brown Girl Captions For Instagram

Color Does Not Define The Beauty.

IDC If Other Girls Are Prettier Than Me, I Am Me, and That’s Enough.

Quotes For Instagram Post

Accept The Change To Change The World.

Stop Saying More Than is Necessary.

Motivational Quotes For Instagram

Be Good at What You Do. Be The Best.

Attitude Captions For Instagram

Treat People Exactly the Way They Deserve.

Be a Giver More Than a Receiver.

I Have Attitudes, and I Know How To Use Them.

When people Disrespect You, Confront Them Immediately.

Stop Looking For Who is Not Looking For You.

I Don’t Care If People Ignore Me; I Just Flip My Hair and Say I Don’t Care.

Instagram quotes

There’s Nothing More Important Than Our Honesty – That’s Our Fundamental Asset.

Self-Introduction For Interview: Self-introduction Sample for Job Interview

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Self-Introduction For Interview

Self-Introduction means describing yourself in the viva and job interview session when the interviewer asks you to introduce yourself. It is an important part of the interview session to attract the board member with an attractive introduction. A proverb says that “Smile is the best way to introduce yourself”. So, the applicants should smile while introducing themselves. Usually, they will ask you, “Tell me about yourself” or “Tell us about yourself”.

Self-Introduction For Job Interview

Self-Introduction for a job interview means introducing yourself precisely to let the job interviewer. The applicant must explain his or her full name, parents name & designation, siblings, the location where he or she resides, educational background, hobby, passion, dream, strengths etcetera. Apart from that, the interviewee should greet interviewers with thanked them before starting the introduction speech.

Self-introduction Sample for Job Interview

Smile and be confident while introducing yourself

Firstly, I would like to thank you, sir, for allowing me to face this Job interview session. This is Sharmin Akter, and my nickname is Ela. I am the daughter of Md Shiraz Islam and Fatema Begum. My father was a businessman but, now, he retired from work, and my mother is a housewife. We are two siblings, including my elder brother and me. My brother is an employee of a private company. I am hailed from Pabna, known as the north Bengal district in the Rajshahi division.

Actually, I have completed my graduation and post-graduation from the institute of disaster management and vulnerability studies at the University of Dhaka in 2021 and 2023. Before that, I passed SSC in 2014 from (School name) under (Board Name) and Passed HSC in 2016 from (College Name) under the same board. My hobby is reading the book and listening songs. However, I am very good at communication. My passion is to become a bureaucrat, and I’m working heart and soul to make my dream true. Again thank you, sir, for allowing me to introduce myself in front of you. That’s all from me.

Self-introduction Sample for Job Interview

Self-Introduction For Interview Sample

Self-introduction Sample for Job Interview- 1

Firstly, thank you, Sir, for inviting me to the job interview. I m most LABONI Khatun from Dinajpur district. My father’s name is MD Siraj Uddin, and he is a farmer. My mother’s name is MST Ayesha Begum, who is a homemaker. We r 2 brothers and 1 sister. I have passed SSC and HSC from the science group under the Rajshahi board. I have also completed my graduation and post-graduation from Rajshahi university in the department of botany. Now I m looking for a good job. That’s all about myself, sir.

Self-introduction Sample for Job Interview- 2

Firstly, I would like to thank u, sir, for allowing me to participate in the job interview and describe myself in front of you. I am Md. Mahabub, the son of Mansur Ali and Majeda Begum. My father has died in my childhood. My mother is a housewife. I am the only child of my parents. I am from Dhaka. But my home town is Gaibandha. This Year I have completed my SSC degree with CGPA- 4.33. I have completed the HSC degree in 2008 with a GPA of 5.00. Then I was admitted to Rajshahi University. And I have completed BBA and MBA degree with CGPA 3.861 and 3.833, respectively, from the management department, and I am first in my batch.

From my childhood, I try to work in a group and manage the group successfully. My hobby is communicating with people diplomatically. My limitation is I am not a quick decision-maker. To make a decision, I need more analyzing the situation. Now, I try to join an organization to utilize my potentiality.

Self-introduction Sample for Job Interview- 3

I am Md. Arafat Hossain, you can call Sarafat. I’ve been living in Dhaka with my parents since I was born here in 1990. I’ve recently completed B.Sc. (Hons.) in Soil, Water and Environment from the University of Dhaka. Now I am studying for Masters in Environmental Sciences(Thesis), DU. I’ve obtained my S.S.C. and H.S.C. in 2006 and 2008, respectively, provided that my first learning started in my family when I was a child. With a long-cherished desire to work for my country, now I intend to be a B.C.S. cadre officer of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Thank you, Sir, for calling me for the job interview.

Self-introduction Sample for Job Interview- 4

Firstly, I would like to thank u, sir, for calling me to participate in the job interview and describe myself in front of you. I am Sheli, daughter of Mr Eiraj Uddin & Mrs Shamsunnahar Begum. I am from Brahmanbaria District. My father is a farmer, and my mother is a housewife. I passed SSC from catalpa Waz Uddin high school in 2006 and HSC from catalpa college in 2008. And I’ve completed my graduation and post-graduation in International Relations from the University of Chittagong in 2012 & 2013, respectively. Now I am looking for a job, and joining BCS is my first target. So I am working on that. Thanks again for inviting me for the interview and having patience.

Self-introduction Sample for Job Interview- 5

It’s Riben Dhar; my father’s name is X, who is a businessman and captain of my life. My mother’s name is Y who is a homemaker and teacher for my family. I completed my SSC and HSC from Z & D college, respectively. Obtained BBA and MBA major in M & H from one of the reputed universities named C in 2013 and 2014, Although the certificate passing year was 2010 & 2011. Now I try to join an organization to utilize my potentiality. Therefore, I have come to participate in the job interview.

Self-introduction Sample for Job Interview- 6

Firstly, I would like to thank u, sir, for permitting me to join the job interview and describe myself in front of you. I’m Sohel Ahmed khan, the son of MD. Abdul Hannan Khan and Mrs Fatema Begum. My father was a Lawyer person, and my mother is a govt service holder. I have passed SSC and HSC in 2007 and 2009. We are two brothers and one sister. I’m the youngest son of my parents. I have completed graduation in zoology, and still, I’m a student of post-graduation in fisheries. From the first year of my graduation, I dream of presenting myself as a BCS cadre. For that reason, I’m here now.

My hobbies are reading newspapers, travelling. However, my strengths are a positive attitude, quick n self-learner, friendly, and confidence. On the other hand, my weakness is that I feel uncomfortable until finishing the work assigned tongue emoticon to me. I am a fresher. I expect I can enhance my skill by foundation training and prove it in the service. Thank you for listening with patience and giving me your valuable time.

Interview Introduction Example For Medical Doctor- 7

Firstly, I would like to thank you, sir, for granting me to join in the job interview and describe myself in front of you. This is X, hailing from Sakhipur Tangail. I was born on 31st Dec 1991. My father’s name is Y, who was a freedom fighter & a retired govt employee, my mother Zohora, and a retired government employee. I have the only sister who is an engineer & blessed with a daughter. Actually, I have passed my SSC from bb govt boys high school Tangail in 2006 with CGPA 5 & HSC from MGM Hasan Adarsh college Tangail in 2008 with the same GPA.

However, after passing my HSC, I was admitted to Sir Salim Ullah medical college & completed my MBBS in January 2014. I was married to dr. m in April 2014 & now blessed with a wonderful daughter. This year, I have joined a private medical college as a medical assistant. Apart from that, I am preparing myself for the 43rd BCS, and that’s why I am here sitting in front of you. Thank u again, sir.

Self-introduction Sample for Job Interview- 8

Firstly, I would like to thank you, sir, for joining the job interview and describing myself in front of you. This is Sharif Hossain, the son of Kazi Mohammad Ullah and Nurjahan Begum. I was born on 10th Dec 1986 in Chandpur. We are five siblings, including 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Actually, I passed my S.S.C in2002 and Hsc in 2004. And I have also completed my graduation and post-graduation in Chemistry from Chandpur Govt College under the National University. After all, I am looking for a good job, and my long-cherished dream is to be a BCS cadre. That’s all, sir.

Self-introduction Sample for Job Interview- 9

Firstly, I would like to thank you, sir, for allowing me to participate in the job interview and describe myself in front of you. I am Md. Fazle Rabbani Chowdhury. I was born and grew up in Sylhet. My father is a retired engineer of the Bangladesh Power Development Board, and his mother is a homemaker. I have two sisters. Both of them are working in two different schools in Sylhet city as teachers. I have also completed my graduation from the Department of Applied Physics, Electronics & Communication Engineering, and post-graduation from Electrical & Electronic Engineering of Dhaka University. And I was involved in numerous extra-curricular activities throughout my entire student life. Like a debate, science fest, cultural programs, travelling, writing, etc.

All sorts of creative or innovative activities attract me since those early school days. I am a former debater of the Dhaka University Debating Society; therefore, I organised some national-level debate fests on the campus. I have learned to work in a team as an effective leader or a devoted member. Although I am an extrovert person, I can communicate with people and adapt to, if not thrive in, stranger workplaces or fast pace environments quickly. With the problem-solving skills and strategic approaches to face challenges, I can become a functional Foreign Service Officer and serve the nation. That’s all for me. Thank you.