Company Profile Components, Company Business Profile Elements & Sample

Company Profile Components- Company Business Profile Elements & Sample. How To Create a Business Profile. Also, The Elements and components of a Company Business Profile and Sample and example of a business profile.

Company Business Profile

A company business profile is a brief description of the business formally and professionally. It is one kind of introductory book of a company representing business, reputation, ability, working experience, marketing plan, etc. It is also called a business profile of the Company.

A company business profile is significant for promoting products and services, and especially it is essential to make a business agreement with another company. Every company profile describes the company’s whole history from when it started travelling to an uncertain future. Although the template of company profiles is distinguished from one another, the basic structure is almost the same. Some elements and components are very similar in every company profile, such as company name, address, description, mission, vision, etc.

Components of a Company Business Profile
  1. Company’s name, logo, and tagline.
  2. Contact information.
  3. Introduction to the company.
  4. Vision, mission, and value
  5. Business goal and objectives
  6. Services
  7. Economic intents
  8. Ownership and management team
  9. Timeline and growth
  10. Five Years of Business Plan
  11. Company Rules and Regulations
  12. Additional documents.
Sample of a Company Business Profile

Example of the Global Assistant Company Business Profile

We are going to share a sample of a company named Global Assistant. It is an education consultancy firm and works for sharing information centring education and knowledge. Based on the fundamental components of the company, the sample of the company business profile has been presented below.

Global Assistant

Global Education and Migration Consultancy Firm

(Seeking a Chance to Make Your Dream Comes True)

Trade License-000000

TIN: 0000000000000


Dhaka- Bangladesh

For Example,Company name, logo, and tagline

  • Head Office
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Malaysia Office

  • Block0-0-0, South City
  • Seri Kembangan, Serdang, 43300, Selongar.
Banking Details



We’re The Global Assistant, a consulting firm, and we’ve been assisting people through proving and sharing information regarding education, admission, scholarship, migration, and visa processing since 2019. We believe in sharing authentic information to help our customers to make their dreams come true. We believe Global assistant consulting firms never provide fake, fabricated, and ambiguous information. We’re very committed to providing authentic information regarding study abroad. We’d like to personally invite you to visit the Global Assistant office.


The Global Assistant consulting firm is dedicated to providing effective, efficient, and respectful public service with accountability and authenticity information using innovative and proven methods.


Our mission is to create opportunities for our clients to succeed and bring the faith and trustworthiness of mass people to the Global Assistant Consultancy Firm.

  • Honesty, integrity, and professionalism.
  • Teamwork, quality, and commitment
  • Hard work, dedication, and achievement.
Business Goal & Objectives

Firstly, The Global Assistant consulting firm works directly with students and their guardians, assisting the student in choosing the best university for pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degree. It also helps universities to improve their reputation by providing intellectual students. We help students by letting them know which universities are going to pay waivers for brilliant students. The Global Assistant always recommends students choose the best institutions for a better future. In addition, we are committed to building rapport with students, families, university authorities, and customers who need assistant. Our staff will motivate you to follow a proven way of avoiding wrong and ambiguous paths. Finally, Our company must work towards meeting the demands of customers and achieving a common goal.


Here we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our clients and outbound companies supporting us to keep continuing the pace of our consulting service. We have proven our expertise and experiences in several universities and colleges. After all, we believe that our service agreement’s length is proving positive effects of our services.

The List of our services is; Worldwide Student admission, Visa consulting, Tourism and so on.

Economic Intents

The Global Assistant is intended to earn money and educate people by sharing information and knowledge about what it has. The amount of consultancy fees is very inexpensive and very less comparatively meeting demands.

Ownership & Management Team
Company-management-hierarchy for comapny profile
Timeline and growth


Company Profile Components, Company Business Profile Elements. Component of a Company Profile. How To Write Company profile.The Elements and components of Company Profile. Sample and example of a Compnay business profile.

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Rules and Regulations of The Company
News or media relationship

News and media relationship refers to build a relation between a company and media such as journalist, channel, social media, and so on. For instance, your website links with social media like a Facebook page, Instagram, and YouTube.

  • For example, Collaboration with Daily newspaper and Social Media Pages.
Additional Documents

Additional documents of company profile mean the company’s supporting documents that serve as evidence of the company. For example, uploading your trade license, Tax Certificate, Cash flow statement, Income statement, Balance sheet, Detailed financial projections, Capital equipment list, Cvs of key officers, and so on.

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