Video Resume Script- Video Resume Script Sample For University Students

Video Resume Script. Script for Video Resume. Video Resume Script Sample For Students. Also, Video Resume Script for University Students. Finally, Sample Video Resume for Students.

Video Resume Script

Video resume script means a manuscript of a short description of personal and professional information. Script for video resume should be very straightforward to explain yourself. However, applicants can add the expression, movement, and actions to the script. The applicant should not include unnecessary information in the video resume because it is no longer than two minutes. The applicant uses the script to make the presentation more attractive. Actually, it refers to a short explanation of self-introduction content.

Self Introduction Sample For Job Interview Example
Length of a Video Resume

A professional video resume should be 1-2 minutes long; but, not longer than 2 minutes. However, a long resume can make people bored to watch.  So, 60 to 90 seconds is the perfect time for making a professional video resume.

Rules of Creating Video Resume

Smile is the best introduction to the conversation. So, please smile when you introduce yourself in the video. Additionally, you have to be confident and speak spontaneously.  Furthermore, you should focus on eye contact and facial expression. Finally, you should avoid the filler words during speaking.

Video Resume Script Sample For Students
Hello Everyone

This is M M. I am from Bangladesh, and I‘m 26 years old.

I am currently studying for a Bachelor’s in Communication at U.P.M, one of Malaysia’s leading public universities. My major is journalism under the faculty of modern language and communication.

I have completed my secondary and higher school certificate with excellent results.

My passion is reading books and visiting new places.

I am a hard worker, creative, and ambitious person.

And, I can speak Bengali, English, Hindi, and moderately Malay and Chinese.

I have enough skill in computer literacy,

As for my curriculum activity, I was mass media and communication director of the Bangladesh student association at U.P.M.

Now I am the editorial assistant of the Pacific Asian Communication Association.

My mission is to complete a bachelor’s degree, and my vision is to be a lecturer in the future.

Thank you, everyone, for watching my video.

What is different Between the Resume and  CV?

A resume refers to the one-page summary of the applicant’s background information, including education, work experiences, and so on. The additional information should be very relevant to the job.

On the other hand, a CV is a brief review of the applicant’s information, including education, experiences, publications, passion, strengths, and so more. CV is the acronym of Curriculum vitae. The CV includes personal details and additional information related to the applicant, such as references and skills.

Basic Elements of Video Resume

The basic elements of the video resume are Name, background of education, strengths, achievements, mission, current position, and so more.

Importance of the Video Resume

Video resume has become very popular for corporate jobs because it indicates the applicant’s creativity. Additionally, the applicant can show technical skills related to the job position. Furthermore, the recruitment authority can see your verbal and nonverbal communication skills including speaking skills with physical expression. So, they will be able to measure your communication skills based on the video resume.

A video has been created based on these scripts. We will share the YouTube video link below so that it will help you better understand.

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