Online Meeting Minutes: Virtual Meeting Minutes Sample & Template

Online Meeting Minutes: Virtual Meeting Minutes Sample. Also, Zoom meeting minutes sample.

Online Meeting Minutes

Online meeting minutes refer to an official written report of a virtual meeting’s activities. The alternative name of virtual meeting minutes is online meeting notes. The company or organization and a group of people optimize the virtual video meeting platforms to complete online meetings staying far away from each other. People conduct virtual meetings formally or informally. The organization certainly conducts virtual meetings formally to take meetings nore. The best free virtual meeting platforms are Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, and so more.

What is the virtual meeting platform?

The virtual meeting minutes and Face to Face meeting minutes represent almost the same template. However, physical meeting minutes include location and venue, whereas online meeting minutes include an online meeting platform name, Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Team.

Types of Meeting Minutes

The two types of meeting minutes are physical minutes of a meeting and virtual meeting minutes. Virtual meeting minutes are the alternative name for online meeting minutes or minutes of online meetings. Meeting minutes mean physical meetings that must indicate the meeting venue. In contrast, online meeting minutes mention the virtual meeting platform name, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft team, and more.

Online Meeting Minutes Sample
Virtual Meeting Meetings
Virtual Meeting Meetings
 Virtual Meeting Minutes Elements

The essential elements of virtual meeting minutes are company or organization name, date, time, virtual meeting platform name, opening, list of attendees, absent, agenda, discussion, note, action items, adjournment, submitted by, approved by, also documents.

 Virtual Meeting Minutes Sample

It is a sample of online or virtual meeting minutes. The student of Universiti Putra Malaysia conducted this online meeting to complete the group discussion. You may also follow the structure of this meeting minutes to write your minutes.

The meeting minutes should be written on company letterhead where the company logo, URL, and contact are also visible.

Meeting Minutes
Business Plan Entrepreneurship
2 March 2023 / 10.00 AM

The first group meeting of Group 1 was called to conduct on 2 March 2023 at 10.00 a.m. via Zoom Meeting Applications.

Online Meeting Platforms
Virtual meeting via Zoom Meeting application.

Attendee’s List
M M Kobiruzzaman,
Nur Athirah Mohamad Rashid,
Nurfatin Farzana Eddy Rizal,
Also, Srisanthiya A/P Saravanan.

Absent list
For example, Nurul Aini Sofia Husin

The members performed the ice-breaking activities to know each other and become familiar.
They have constructed an organizational structure based on the member’s opinions.
Members have done brainstorming and recorded all participant’s ideas that are relevant to the business plan.


Firstly, each group member introduced themselves to break the ice between them. Actually, it is essential to know each other for team building, and it will be easy for the teammates to cooperate well in the future.

Secondly, each member had chosen their position to ensure that the company has a systematic structure of organizations. Everyone agreed with their positions as below:

CEO (M.M.Kobiruzzaman)
Operations Manager (Srisanthiya)
Marketing, Customer Service Manager (Nurfatin Farzana)
Multimedia Manager (Nur Athirah).

Finally, the team had come out with a few suggestions of relevant businesses for the business plan. Each member should choose the best product or service they could serve, and the team decided to finalize it by next week.

Everyone should prepare relevant stands for their idea, and it should be presented at the next meeting so the team can finalize the best business for the company.

Action Items
Firstly, the team has finalized the organizational structure.
Additionally, all the suggestions were listed down in the PowerPoint for everyone’s reference.
Finally, we have recorded the meeting and shared the link via the WhatsApp group.
The meeting was adjourned at 11.00 AM just after 1 hour. Hence, the group leader declared the adjournment with a closing speech.

Next Meeting
However, 0ur next meeting will hold on Friday, 9th November 2021, at 10 a.m. using the same platform.

Submitted by
For example, Nur Athirah Binti Mohamad Rashid

Approved by
For example, M M Kobiruzzaman


For example, a group of students at UPM has conducted a virtual meeting to discuss group assignments. So, we have attached the PDF and word files of the virtual meeting samples for better understanding.

Virtual Meeting Minutes Sample Link- Word File Download

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