Sample Email Cover Letter With Attached Resume

Sample Email Cover Letter With Attached Resume. Cover Email For Job Application.

Email Cover Letter

The email cover letter is an email body that explains the applicant's potentiality along with the attached resume. It is a crucial part of the job application to attract and convince interviewers. A good and attractive email cover letter enhances the chances of being invited for a job interview. Apart from the job application, an email cover letter is crucial to confirm admission with a statement of purpose.

Today, we will demonstrate some samples of email cover letters to assist applicants. These email cover letter examples help job seekers in writing their job application emails with CVs. The authors wrote a few examples of email cover letters followed by the instructions. However, we have collected some examples from candidates who wrote those email cover letters for job applications. Additionally, we have adopted an email cover letter example from ChatGPT. You might visit the following article to learn how to introduce yourself in a job interview session "Self-introduction Sample For Job Interview."

Sample Email Cover Letter In Word Adopted From ChatGPT

Subject: Application for [Position Title] - [Your Name]

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the [Position Title] position at [Company Name], as advertised on [where you found the job posting]. With a strong background in [relevant field or industry] and [number of years] years of experience, I am confident in my ability to contribute effectively to your team.

I have attached my video resume for your review, which outlines my educational background, professional experience, and key skills. [Briefly mention any specific qualifications or achievements that make you a strong candidate for the position.]

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a track record of [mention specific accomplishments or experiences relevant to the job]. I am particularly excited about the opportunity to [mention a specific aspect of the job or company that interests you] and believe that my [mention relevant skills or experiences] would make me a valuable asset to your team.

I am highly motivated, detail-oriented, and passionate about [mention relevant industry or field]. Additionally, I thrive in fast-paced environments and enjoy collaborating with colleagues to achieve common goals.

I am eager to further discuss how my background, skills, and enthusiasm align with the needs of your team. I am available for an interview at your earliest convenience and can be reached at [your phone number] or via email at [your email address]. Thank you for considering my application.

I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to [Company Name] and help drive its continued success.


[Your Name] [Your Contact Information]

Sample Email Cover Letter With Attached Resume-1

Dear sir,
Please find my application for the education consultant post. I’ve attached a Resume. I’m excited to apply for the position. I’ve reviewed the job specification and researched your company, and I believe I have the skills and approach to perform in the role.

You can find details of my qualifications and achievements in my Resume. If you have any questions, please get in touch with me through this email account or the personal information given in my Resume.

Please provide me with details on the next steps in the process.

Sample Email Cover Letter With Attached CV-2

Good Day,

I am writing to inform you that I am interested in the Content Writer position. As a recent graduate with a computer science & engineering degree, I am enthusiastic about starting my career in content writing. In addition, I am excited about the opportunity to join your team.

I gained practical experience creating engaging and informative content for Roar Bangladesh Ltd. I have also developed strong research skills and a keen eye for detail, essential for creating high-quality content. Your company's priority on writing particularly tempts me, and my passion would make me a tangible asset to your team.

My skills and enthusiasm for content writing make me a beneficial addition to your team. Thank you for considering my application. I have attached my CV and waiting to hear from you.


Short Email Cover Letter For IELTS Instructor Job Application-3

Dear Sir,
I am writing to express my keen interest in both the “Spoken and IELTS Instructor” positions at Global Assistant. As a highly skilled and experienced English speaker, I am confident in my ability to deliver quality instruction and help students attain their desired scores. I have gotten my IELTS score lately, so I am familiar with all the strategies that I have implemented in my exam which will cater to students to fulfill their needs. Joining “Global Assistant” would be a great chance to continue learning and growing in my career.

In the attached files you will find my CV and IELTS test result. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Long Email Cover Letter For Job Application Example-4

Dear Hiring Manager,
I am writing to express my keen interest in the position available in your esteemed organization. As a recent graduate with a BBA in finance, I am excited to start my career in a dynamic and challenging work environment that offers growth opportunities.
During my academic years, I have developed excellent communication, problem-solving, and analytical skills, which I believe will make me an ideal candidate for the position.

As a self-motivated individual, I have always been committed to delivering exceptional results, and I am confident that I will be able to make valuable contributions to your team.
I am excited about the possibility of working for your company as it aligns with my career goals, and I am eager to learn from experienced professionals in the industry. Additionally, I believe that my educational background, coupled with my eagerness to learn and develop, will make me an asset to your team.

As a fresh graduate, I am ready to take on new challenges and contribute to the growth of your organization. I am passionate about working in a fast-paced environment and taking on responsibilities that will help me develop professionally.
I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further in an interview. Thank you for considering my application.

Email Cover Letter For Job Application Example-5

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my interest in the position of Consultant recently advertised. While I am a recent graduate and do not have professional experience as an educational consultant, I am eager to bring my passion for education and willingness to learn to this role.

Throughout my academic career, I have demonstrated a strong commitment to education and a desire to positively impact students' lives. During my time in college, I engaged in various extracurricular activities related to education, such as volunteering at after-school programs and participating in teaching fellowships. These experiences allowed me to develop skills such as leadership, communication, and problem-solving.

I am particularly interested in working with these types of institutions to improve access to education and create a more equitable learning environment for all students. I am excited to learn from experienced professionals in the field and contribute my insights and ideas to support this important work.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my qualifications further.


Short Email Cover Letter for Job Application-6

Dear Sir/Ma'am

I hope You are doing good. Myself Mou, recently I've been working as a student counselor at an overseas education consultant where my main responsibility is handling telemarketing, face-to-face counseling, SOP writing, University application, and Visa processing. It would be a great achievement for me if I get the chance to work as an "Education Consultant" at your organization which will inspire me to accomplish additional progress in my career.
I firmly believe it would be a significant platform for me if I get the chance to work with your organization. Additionally, I find myself perfectly fit for the position and I believe I won't disappoint you. I can assure you that I will do my best for this position Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You Best Regards

Long Email Cover Letter For Job Application Examples-7

I would like to introduce myself to you as I believe, I have the skills & qualifications to make a significant contribution to your organization.
I have my graduation degree Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Comilla. Besides, I have completed some online short courses on Communication & Digital Marketing.  Additionally, I am doing a Freelancing course right now. I have more than one year of experience working in the field you are hiring for.

Therefore, I am confident enough that I would be a perfect candidate for this role. I am self-motivated, energetic, enthusiastic & ever-ready to learn new things and take on new challenges. Thus, I am confident that ensure the highest level of Professionalism & commitment to my job. I believe working in a reputed organization like yours will provide me with an excellent opportunity for my career. I would truly be grateful if I am finally selected for the post &I will prove myself to be an important asset to your company through my dedication, sincerity &highest level of professionalism.

Short Email Cover Letter Example With Attached Resume-8

Dear Concern,
Greetings. I hope you are doing well.
I'm very interested in working and taking the opportunity to apply for the position of "education consultant." My qualifications and skills match your specifications almost exactly. Please take a moment to review my attached CV. It would be a sincere pleasure to hear back from you soon to discuss this opportunity.
Thanks & Regards

Email Cover Letter for Job Application With Experience-9

Dear Concern,

I would like to apply for the role which I saw advertised on a job website. Through this work, I can develop my communication qualities. I am interested in this post. Some morals are necessary for all kinds of jobs. I hold those kinds of morals to myself such as Discipline, Punctuality, Hardworking, Responsibility, etc.

I have 6 months of experience in the teaching profession. Additionally, I have technical skills in Computer Application, Graphics Design. Recently, I completed the Professional Backoffice Services (PBS) from FIFOTech under SEIP.

I hold some professionalism such as Manage People, Influence & Convince Others, Leadership, Pressure Handling, Multiple Tasking etc. I am also highly proficient in listening, speaking, reading & writing knowledge in Bangla and English.

Email Cover Letter Example For Reservation Officer Job-10

I was excited to see your job listing for the "Reservation Officer" position from Vacancy Announcement in BD. With more than two years of professional experience, I’m confident that I would be a valuable asset to the team. My proven track record of excellent work ethic, unparalleled attention to detail, and high-performing services will make me an immediate asset and allow me to contribute to the team’s success.

I am continuing here, with the skills I discovered myself. This company made me learn how to download and fill out the Canadian Tourist and Student applicant form from the GCKEY account, the process for passport submission, and biometric dates for Canadian applicants. That's not all, my talent for writing persuasive itineraries and SOP writing has made them earn a Canadian tourist Visa with a fresh passport and a passport with two country visiting records.

I look forward to discussing the position and my qualifications with you in more detail. Here I enclose my Resume for your kind consideration and I’m available to talk at your convenience. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Email Cover Letter Example With Experience-11

Hello Dear HR Team,

I am Muhammad Saif, from Mardan, Pakistan and currently living in Islamabad. I am the Social Media Marketing Manager here in Plots. Pk, a real estate company in Islamabad, Pakistan. I am also working with Al Shafan Trading EST, a maintenance company in Muscat, Oman as a Social Media Marketing manager. Now, I am getting involved in a mega project of a newly launching medical labs network in Islamabad and coming from Afghanistan, and also in dealing with a marketing project of newly launching a cab service in the UK. I would be happy to utilize my advanced and professional skills in your esteemed company.
If you are interested a little bit in my profile we can discuss my portfolio in detail.
Thanks and Regards
Email Cover Letter Example With Curriculum Vitae-12
Dear Hiring Manager,
With due respect to state that, having known your advertisement from Social Media. I beg to offer myself as a candidate for the position of Digital Marketing Officer. I have done this course on Advanced Digital Marketing from Web- Coder IT & Professional Customer Service from SEIP. So, I deal with the audience & marketing your work on the social media platform.
Additionally, I have done lots of projects with local clients since 2020. Before I completed another govt course subject in Digital Marketing from LEDP. I have good experience in dealing with similar products. Moreover have good knowledge overall that may be of interest. I have been working as a Digital Marketer in a renowned company named SIA CONSULTANCY. Sometimes I did another type of multi-tasking work which is Student Counselling. Now I'm doing a School job as a Teacher at Crans-Montana International School.
Here I enclose my Curriculum Vitae for your kind consideration, which I will gratefully acknowledge. I hope it will help evaluate my qualifications for a position in your organization.
Dear Hiring Manager,
Short Email Cover For Reservation Officer Job Application-13

I am writing to apply for the Reservation Officer role at your company. I am excited about the opportunity to join your team and contribute my skills and experience to the company. In my current role as Reservation Officer at Bahaza OTM, I have gained valuable experience in Air Ticketing, Visa Processing, Tour Package, Hajj Umrah, and many more which I believe would be a strong asset to your team. Additionally, my skills have enabled me to become a Team Leader of the Reservation Team at Bahaza OTM in the first month of joining, and also, I also achieved the best employee award on joining month.

Please find attached my CV for your review. I would be happy to provide additional information or references upon request. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to the opportunity to discuss my application further.

Rajib Ahmed

Focus Writing For Bank Exam Samples and Examples

Focus Writing For Bank Exam Sample and Example. Recent Focus Writing PDF 2023- 2024. Unique Bank Focus Writing Sample.

Focus Writing

Focus writing refers to the expository writing style that describes an issue concisely avoiding unnecessary information. It enhances the writer to describe an issue with the main point and appropriate words. It includes a summary of the issue to attract the readers including definition, positive and negative impact on society, challenges, recommendations, and conclusion. Focus writing format contains transitional verbs to explain the positive and negative effects. It highlights the main point precisely.

Focus Writing Format

The three core elements of the focus writing format are the introduction, body, and conclusion. The focus writing's introduction section includes a summary of the topic, a background of topics, a definition if applicable, and a thesis statement.  The body of the focus writing includes economic or socioeconomic benefits, opportunities, and advantages offered by the topic or issue. It also contains the disadvantages, detriments, and drawbacks of the issue. The challenges or barriers to attaining positive outcomes for the project.  The body of focus writing also comprises how to overcome the challenges and adversities. Finally, it demonstrates the suggestions, and recommendations to achieve a positive outcome. This section should not be less than three and not more than five paragraphs. The conclusion summarizes the body and ends with a positive sentence.

Focus Writing For Bank Exam

Focus writing for the Bank exam is essay writing for a job exam in Bangladesh. The applicant needs to write a focus writing essay for the written job exam. The author explains how to write focus writing for a bank job with examples.  The article includes recent and unique bank-focus writing examples and samples. The samples surely assist audiences in educating them on how to write focus writing.

Focus Writing For Bank Exam Sample- 1

Topic: Universal Pension Scheme

Bangladesh has made significant progress in recent years in terms of social safety net programs. Among them, the universal pension scheme is one of the best initiatives. The universal pension scheme bill was passed in 2022 in parliament and inaugurated on 17th August 2023. The purpose is to financial security for older people who are unable to earn a livelihood due to illness, old age, and disability. The four schemes Probash, Progoti, Surokkha, and Somota will cover the whole population aged between 18 to 50 based on their national identity card, including expatriate citizens. In this article, socioeconomic benefits,  challenges, and remedies of those challenges of universal pension scheme will be discussed.

The universal pension scheme covers all older citizens above 60 years old regardless of their financial situation. This scheme is funded by the government of Bangladesh providing a 500 tk deposit every month to eligible older citizens.

According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, the poverty among the aged population in Bangladesh was 33.9% in 2019. The introduction of a universal pension scheme will help this poverty rate to decrease significantly. It will also enable the Improvement of overall well-being by financially assisting them to meet their basic needs such as food, healthcare, and housing.

Additionally,  with the benefits for the aged population,  UPS will have a positive impact on the overall economy of Bangladesh by increasing economic activities. This will result in the creation of new jobs and stimulate economic growth in the country.

However, in order to make this initiative more effective, the authority needs to address some challenges. One of the major challenges is the issue of population targeting. Though it is universal, the scheme is unable to cover some old-age citizens. Because some of them may not be registered with the government and some also may not have required identification documents.

Another challenge is funding and proper risk-free investment ideas for the fund. While the government of Bangladesh has committed to funding this scheme, there are concerns that the current level of funding may not be sufficient to meet the growing demand for it. Also, investment of the fund in unsafe sectors may cause UPS unsustainable in the long run.

To address these challenges, the government has to take several measures. Firstly, proper targeting of all eligible populations, registering them with the help of technology, and providing identification documents who do not have them. Secondly, increase funding for the UPS with the allocation of additional funds for the scheme in the national budget.  And finally,  exploring safe investment sources to ensure sustainability in the long run.

In conclusion,  the introduction of a universal pension scheme is a praiseworthy step. This is commensurate with Bangladesh's aspiration to become an upper-middle-income country by 2031 and an advanced country by 2041. This scheme will increase economic activities which will create new places and employment. And this fund should not become another sector of corruption and pensioner should be able to withdraw their pension money instantly without unnecessary hassle. In one sentence it should be a pensioner's friendly scheme.

Focus Writing For Bank Exam Sample- 2

Topic: Cashless Economy: A Journey of Bangladesh to Digital Transaction

A cashless economy or a cashless society is an environment where traditional methods of financial transactions such as paper currency, and coins are not used. Here, all sorts of payments are completed by Mobile Financial Services(MFS) like Bkash, Nagad, Rocket, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal, Cryptocurrency, debit cards, credit cards, and more such electronic methods. Bangladesh as an emerging nation is moving ahead to achieve and adopt the developed country’s economic characteristics. The cashless society is just another step in this. Cashless transaction methods have many advantages but along with these they also have some shortcomings. Without addressing these vital issues this project may fail or face difficult challenges in the future.

The cashless economy has great ascendency in Bangladesh. The most effective benefits of the project are boosting financial inclusion, less money laundering,  avoiding the risk of carrying tangible money, and less time consumption. It also enables the reduction of costs associated with the production, storing,  handling, and ending of paper and coin currency. It also makes it very easy to currency exchange while traveling internationally.

With great positive aspects building a cashless society in Bangladesh brings great challenges. These issues must be identified and resolved to enjoy the sweet fruit of a cashless society. Among these impediments, the first and most worrying obstacle is digital crimes such as fear of hacking, phishing, etc. The banks of Bangladesh are unwilling to spend more money on cyber security and ICT risk management. Secondly, less technological knowledge and less financial literate citizens. Most people in this country are not familiar with these ways of payment. Most importantly, the FRED report clearly shows that the transaction cost of MFS in our nation is the highest in South Asia and third highest in all of Asia. Moreover, intangible money creates overspending tendencies among middle-class people.

To overcome these impediments, at first central bank should play a regulatory role to increase fund investments in the cyber security sector. Additionally, educating people about financial transaction safety measures, habits of savings, and so on. Following that, in mobile financial services, the transaction cost should be lower and arrangements for special incentives be provided. Already the MFS service providers started alluring packages such as cash back, discounts in shopping at different chain shops, etc. Finally, the central bank should fix the transaction charges to buzz financial inclusion. These measures will help combat and resolve almost all the major hinders towards achieving economic ascendency to the fullest.

Undoubtedly,  the cashless society is a commendable initiative of our government which will be another step in achieving the Smart Bangladesh vision. Without sorting the indicated facts, this splendid thought may suffer. Hopefully, along with the government,  the country’s central bank and its population will work together in hand in hand to succeed.

Unique Focus Writing Example (ইউনিক ফোকাস রাইটিং)
Bangladesh-India Bilateral Transaction: A New Phase of Currency Exchange

The taka-rupee bilateral transaction is an appreciated step in strengthening economic ties between Bangladesh and India. These two South Asian nations have a friendly historical context and at present, they are working together on many developmental and economic projects and the Taka-Rupee bilateral transaction agreement is one of those. Tk-Rupee transactions will work as the pivotal driver of the two countries' cooperation and maintaining regional relationships. The opportunities, mechanisms, and challenges along with some recommendations will be discussed in this article.

One of the very first and most effective advantages of the Tk-Rupee bilateral transaction is that it will offer Bangladesh a marvelous trade boost. With this currency exchange mechanism, it will make it fast, and easy, provide lower currency rates, and less risky money transactions. It will help both the importer and exporter businesses in both countries. In 2022-23, with $15.3 billion dollars, bilateral trade with Bangladesh was India’s one of the largest trading partners.

Additionally, this method of money exchange will help Bangladesh to allure Indian investors in Foreign Development Investment (FDI) in the country. In recent years, Indian investment and business projects in Bangladesh have risen by billions of dollars. Moreover,  India will be able to expand its machinery, agricultural, and pharmaceutical markets in Bangladesh through this easy transaction agreement. Overall, it will result in rapid economic growth, smoother and tension-free trade, and strong diplomatic and economic ties and cooperation.

Along with numerous benefits and ascendency, the Taka-Rupee bilateral transaction comes with its own impediments and limitations. Firstly, inconsistency in exchange rates between taka and rupees can make a challenging situation. This inconsistency can create product cost differences, hamper export and import businesses, and discourage investors. Following, this transaction system asks for coordination between both the country’s responsible banks and financial institutions for easy convertibility, the common indifferences among the financial institutions can push this agreement into failure. Again, issues related to taxation,  trade documents, foreign exchange controls, and Bangladesh's risk of more trade imbalance will create great adverse economic conditions.

Solving these demands good cooperation between Bangladesh and India. Firstly, making of policy and regulatory measures for effective exchange rate risk management and for convertibility. Secondly, a good, friendly, and collaborative relationship between the two countries' central banks and other responsible financial institutions is vital to make the Tk-Rupee transaction a success. Most importantly, Bangladesh needs to step up in trade diversification, depending not only on previous sectors the country should come up with new profitable trading businesses. Finally, infrastructure development, monitoring, risk assessment, opportunity assessment, capacity building, and public awareness are essential to clearing the adverse possible courses.

In conclusion, the Taka-Rupee bilateral transaction will boost both the country's GDP, increase business, create employment sectors, and strengthen both countries' relationships. And to enjoy these expected fruitful results described proper measures are a must to take care of. With proper resolutions, the Taka-Rupee bilateral transaction will look like a blooming flower in the garden of both the country’s economies.