Types of Features in Journalism & 7 Types of Feature Articles

Types of Features in Journalism and 7 Types of Feature Articles. Feature Writing in Journalism. Also, 7 types of features in journalism are profile, round-up, how-to, personal experience, review, travelogue, and obituary articles.

Feature Writing in Journalism

In journalism, feature writing is a greater and longer non-fiction story that deals with real events, issues, and trends. Feature writing is also known as a feature article and story.  According to BBC, the feature articles are soft news and human-interest stories. The significant objectives of feature articles are adding color, humanizing, educating, and entertaining the active and passive audience.

A feature article in journalism must have three essential parts: lead, body, and end. Feature writing is the genre of print media and digital journalism. The most common types of print journalism are investigative journalism, lifestyle journalism, photojournalism, political journalism, sports journalism, and more.

Types of Features in Journalism

The 7 Types of Feature Articles are:
  1. Profile Feature Article
  2. Round-up Feature Article
  3. How-To Feature Article
  4. Personal Experience Feature Article
  5. Review Feature Article
  6. Travel Feature Article
  7. Obituary Feature Article

These are the most common types of feature writing in journalism also types of features stories.

7 Types of Feature Articles

1. Profile Feature Article

A profile feature article demonstrates a person’s appearance, characteristics, lifestyle, emotions, hobbies, and the positive aspect. Therefore, it is also known as personality story writing. People are always curious to know about others. Consequently, it is one of the most important types of human interest features writing in journalism. So, the journalist must need to take the person’s consent and assistance to write a profile feature article. A profile feature story writing aims to show how a person gains recognition and elaborately describes a person, place, idea, and organization. In addition, it displays feelings, exposes attitudes, and captures habits and characteristics. Finally, a profile feature writing entertains and informs the audience about the person or group of people.

The profile feature article emphasizes those who have a good position in society: criminals, who reach the milestone, gain experiences, and want to justify their attention. The personality news feature article represents basic information about the subject, such as physical characteristics, personality, intelligence and ability, background status, dreams, and surroundings.

Example of Profile Feature Article:

The Untold Stories of Paul McCartney

Example of Profile Feature Articles one of types of Feature Writing

2. Round-up Feature Article

Round-up feature article refers to the post on blogs and social media platforms where a writer presents various ideas and suggestions. Sometimes, reviewers play the journalist role and evaluate the products that assist potential customers in making decisions. Additionally, the employees write a product round-up feature for the customers and stakeholders.

Example of Round-up Feature Article

Five tips on how to pick the perfect roommate

Example of Round-up Feature Articles
3. How-To News Feature Article

The how-to feature refers to the article that shares someone’s experiences to help other people to know about that phenomenon. It is undoubtedly a great way to assist people in completing new tasks and reaching new goals. Writing a “how-to article” is a great way to share your expertise with other people. Therefore, it is another crucial genre of news feature articles to solve problems.

The scholars propose instructions to write a complete how-to feature article, such as using the transitional verb to maintain sequence, gathering some questions about the topics, elaborating on steps, mentioning what will happen next, and sharing the consequences.

Example of the How-To Feature Writing

How to Write a Business Proposal Examples For Students

How To Write a TV Program Proposal

 Rule of How-to Feature News Article Writing

Firstly, the writers need to spend 30% of their time researching and finding the story idea. Additionally, they need to pay 30% of their time doing interviews and reporting. Finally, journalists need to spend 40% of their time writing the article. Journalists spend more time studying compared to writing the article.

4. Personal Experience Feature Article

Personal experience feature writing refers to the sharing expertise article in journalism. It is another type of feature writing in journalism in which experts share their experiences. Nowadays, writers share their expertise in print media and social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The fundamental objectives of the personal experience feature are to share experiences and educate others. It also assists in coping with new challenges.

Example of Personal Experience Feature Article in Journalism

The Art of Covering Horse Racing

5. Review Feature Article

The review feature is an article that critically assesses and summarizes topics such as books, movies, articles, fashion, arts, restaurant policies, performances, etc. It is also called the overview or survey article. The most important objective of writing a review article is to give analysis honestly and provide suggestions to the audience. The 3-Idiots film review writing is an example of a movie review feature in journalism.

Example of Review Feature Article:

Film review: 3IDIOTS (2009)

6. Travel Feature Article

The travel feature in journalism refers to writing a report about travel guides with photos and suggestions. It deals with exploring the beauty of nature and the explanation of traveling guidelines for the journey. The travel feature in journalism is also known as a travel story and travelogue article. People travel for various perspectives such as personal business, job purpose, multicultural immigration, curiosity, and adventure. According to Rob McFarland (2007), photos are inevitable elements in travelogue features to make them interesting and vivid for audiences. So, journalists need to follow some instructions when adding photos inside articles, including people’s images, use the rule of thirds, put something in the foreground, fill the frame, and use a frame.

Example of  Travel Feature Article:

Travelogue Example for Students– Tour To Japan

7. The Obituary Feature Article

An obituary feature is an article writing that notifies people about the death of someone and details information about the funeral. It also provides background information, including date of birth, location of birth, education, job, legacy, and a meaningful summary of a person’s life.

Example of Obituary Feature

Example of Obituary Feature Article in Journalism Princess Diana Death Obituary Articles. Also Type of Feature in Journalism


The seven different types of features in journalism are profile, round-up, how-to, personal experience, review, travelogue, and obituary articles. The feature articles in journalism explain and disseminate factual information regarding people, place, processes, history, expertise, experience, and so on. It is a great platform to educate people about unknown phenomena. People are getting beneficial both personal and corporate perspectives with feature articles. Therefore, It has a strong impact on society by imparting knowledge and entertainment.

Travelogue Examples & Sample For Students- Tour To Japan

Travelogue Examples & Sample For Students- Tour To Japan. Travelogue Example & Samples. How to Write a Travel Article. Travelogue Article Writing Samples or Examples.

Different Types of Journalism
Travelogue Article

Travelogue article refers to the feature story that describes the explanation of traveling guidelines for the journey. It is also known as a travel feature in journalism. Journalists write travelogue articles to inform others about tourist spots. The seven types of feature articles are profile, how-to, review, and travelogue feature articles. It is one of the crucial types of feature in journalism articles for recreation and entertainment. People travel for various perspectives such as personal business, job purpose, multicultural immigration, curiosity, and adventure.

Elements of Travelogue Article

The ten elements of an ideal travelogue article are 1. Analyze or visit the place, 2. Write the article descriptively, 3. Explain the transportation and mention how to go there, 4. Discuss the hotel and motel, 5. Review the cultural and traditional background, 6. Explain the historical and famous locations, 7. Discuss the food and restaurant, 8. Notify the weather and atmosphere, 9. Report the shopping mall, 10. Mention Some Dos and Don’ts of the place.

Travelogue Example for Students

This travelogue example is for students who want to write a travelogue article. The title of this travelogue article i” “Tour To Tokyo, Japan: The Place of Peace.” A journalism student at University Putra Malaysia wrote this article. Students may follow the structure of this article to know how to write a travelogue article. The sample and example travelogue for students has been illustrated below. However, the photos added to this article might capture in the proper ways.

Travelogue Example for Students & Travelogue Sample
Travelogue Example for Students
Tour To Tokyo, Japan: The Place of Peace

Tokyo is the most beautiful and peaceful capital city in Japan, where every tourist wants to enjoy its breathtaking nature, historical buildings, delicious food, and traditional paces. A rumor, I had heard that traveling to Tokyo is very expensive. My tour to Japan discovers an ample travel guide to visit Japan on a cheap budget that will help every tripper enjoy Tokyo’s beauty.

I planned to visit Japan from Malaysia, as I have stayed here since 2016. In 2018, I got an opportunity to participate in an international conference held by the University Tsukuba in Tokyo, Japan. As my first step, I tried to book an air ticket at a low price because my budget was average. Most of the airline ticket prices were expensive, which worried me a little bit. Then I realized that Air Asia offers cheap plane tickets with limited baggage. I have no extra baggage so that I can accept this opportunity. Luckily I managed to book a two-way ticket at a low price.

After nine hours of journey, when the plane reached Haneda Airport, I became amused to see Japan’s beauty. Tokyo is both the economic and political center of the country. It is one of the most populous capital cities globally, and the total population is around 37.4 million. This beautiful city has become host of many international programs and events, for example, three G7 Summits and the Summer Olympics in 1 64. The airport, decorated with digital posters and banners, declared it would be the host of the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Japanese are very kind, humble, helpful, and polite. I perceived this during the conversation and asked for help from them. I thought about how these Japanese people indulged in the second world war. There is no country in the world immune from st stereotypes. I was very confused about Japanese people until I visited Tokyo, and my confusion faded when I spent five days here.

Travelogue Example For Students- Tour To Japan

Per my pre-planned, I decided to stay with my friend instead of a hotel. He lives in the Akabane area; it is around 30 kilometers far from the Haneda International airport. So, I was looking for a station to get the train to Akabane. I asked a Japanese police officer to help me find the train station that takes me there.

I became amused to see his hospitability; because he had taken me to the exact location where I could get the train. He also paid money for my ticker because of not have Japanese currency. The tickets cost ¥1400, and the journey takes 5  minutes. Finally, he bowed to exchange greetings when saying good ye to me. It is a tradition in Japan to bow while exchanging greetings.

I caught the last train from Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Train Station, and after 55 minutes, I arrived at Akabane station at 11:45 AM. My friend was waiting for me outside the station, wearing an anti-cold jacket, which amused me. I felt freezing whenever I came out of the station; because this area was not under air- conditioning. Instantly, I removed my jacket from my baggage and put it on to protect myself from bitterly cold weather. I am always afraid of the cold, but I enjoy the cold weather in Japan.

It was three minutes’ walking distance from my friend’s house, so we started to walk, and finally, we reached our destination at 12:30 PM. It was the second time I was astonished that my friend had not locked his house. For my curiosity, I asked him why not lock his house when getting outside. He replied that there is a rare house robbery incident in Japan, even though you leave your houses without locking them.

Travelogue Example for Students - M M Kobiruzzaman Tour To Japan

Figure 1: Oshiage Station Near Skytree

The following day, I woke up early to prepare and participate in a conference held by the University of Tsukuba. This is the first time I have fallen in love with the beauty of Japan to see the fantastic weather. It was freezing weather with windy and falling snow. This is my first experience of seeing falling snow in my life. I dreamed of experiencing this kind of atmosphere that I had only seen in the cinema.

My dreams came true through the Japan tour. My habit is capturing photos; therefore, I grabbed some photos inside and outside the station. Now I know how to purchase a ticket at the ticket machine that the Japanese police officer taught me yesterday night. I bought my ticket to get to the University of Tsukuba.

Travelogue Example for Students - M M Kobiruzzaman Tour To Japan
Figure 2: The Main Entrance of The  Tsukuba University

I joined the APEC- Tsukuba International Conference XIII, and they offered a buffet lunch for all participants.  There was no doubt that this conference paved the new way for me to be connected with academic life in the future. The university appointed a few guides to ease our movements in new places. The guide took us to a restaurant to have lunch. It was my first opportunity to test Japanese food. I thought I would not feel comfortable eating Japanese food when I  saw them on the table. My concept turned reverse when I tried them. These foods were very delicious, and everyone enjoyed them.

Most of the food items were preferable to me, except raw eggs. Japanese restaurants provide raw eggs, and many Japanese and foreigners eat them.  I stopped eating in the meantime, having lunch to think whether the foods were halal or not. I asked the guide for confirmation, and he replied that these foods are perfectly halal. He also said that all restaurants in Japan are not halal, so Muslims should be more aware of having food in a Japanese restaurant.

The obesity rate in Japan is higher than in other countries; therefore, they set different prices for the same food for lunch and dinner. Usually, they set the dinner food price higher to discourage people from having heavy food at night.

Travel To Japan- Travel Article By M M Kobiruzzaman

Figure 3: Traditional Japanese Restaurant

The gift-giving etiquette is another ritualistic and meaningful custom in Japan. They offer gifts on many occasions; for example, they provide many traditional gifts for all participants at the conference. Nobody can deny the cordial hospitality offered by the University of Tsukuba. Along with me, all participants from diverse countries became glad and praised them. They are treating us very politely. I became confused several times when I thought about how they attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 upon the United States. It seems Tokyo is the most secure and peaceful capital in the world for living without the hassle.

I decided to rest for the third day because I was extremely tired. Luckily my friend managed to approve his two holidays to give me more time. We spent the whole day together inside the house gossiping, cooking, and eating. In addition, we planned to roam around Tokyo the next day. I have to go back to Malaysia in two days, so I need to make a proper plan to see all the best places in Tokyo within two days. We divided Tokyo city into two zones for visiting them in two days.

On the fourth day, my friend and I followed the train to visit SKYTREE, the tallest tower in Japan, loc ted in Sumida, Tokyo. It costs only JP¥450 and takes around 30 minutes from Akabane station to Oshiage Station (SKYTREE), but it needs to change the platform two times. Since 2011, it has been the tallest structure in Japan, extending its height of 634.0 meters and making it the second tallest tower and structure globally, after the Canton Tower and the Burj Khalifa. The primary objective of using this tower is broadcasting; for example, they use it for TV signals and radio waves for national broadcaster NHK and a few numbers TV channels.

Every day they allow only 10,000 tourists to visit the sky tree. The ticket option is divided into three types: combo ticket, Tembo gallery, and Tembo deck. The price of the tickets is around JP¥10 00 for all three tiers. Tourists can visit only one or two or all three decks. My excitement got palpable when I was lifted to the top floor of the Sky Tree. We had visited all three tiers—the appearance of the tower changes with changes in a light color.

My tour to Japan was successful when I saw the whole of Tokyo city from the Tembo Deck and the tower’s top floor. Viewing the entire city from the top floor at night was an excellent feeling. After all, I did not forget to buy some souvenirs from the observation levels of Tokyo Sky Tree; it made my journey more compelling.

Travelogue Example for Students - M M Kobiruzzaman Tour To Japan

Figure 4: The Main Entrance of the Tokyo Skytree

Good time flies so fast. It was challenging to realize that I had spent five days here. My returning flight schedule was at night; I made it to utilize the who e day sightseeing. On my fifth and final day in Japan, I visited many historical and traditional places, such as the Imperial Palace, the Sensō-Ji Temple, the National Museum of Nature and Science, and Ueno Park and Zoo. In addition, I tested Japanese street food; although these are a little bit expensive, some foods cost cheap.

There are many places where you can buy souvenirs, gifts, and food cheaply. I purchased some pens, gift items, and great souvenirs in Asakusa on Nakam street. It’s a great street to visit and walk along your path to see the traditional temple, and along the walk, you can buy snacks, and conventional gifts. Japanese people are well organized into a hierarchy and always respect the senior people in every sector. Traditionally, seniority acted as the prime qualification for ho ding a higher rank. I had noticed that many juniors left their seat for senior citizens when I traveled on the train.

In short, Tokyo is not an ordinary place that I forget easily. According to Japanese “architect Tadao Ando “Look at London or Paris:  they are filthy. You don’t get that in Tokyo. The proud residents look after their city.” Traveling to Tokyo was not only a tour but also an experience I earned properly. I can forget my tour but cannot forget my experiences. So, if you love traveling, you will love Tokyo!

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