Communication Elements: The Nine Components of Basic Communication Process

Communication Elements: The Nine Components of the Basic Communication Process, for example, context, sender, encoder,  message, channel, decoder, receiver,  feedback, and noise.

Communication Elements

The Nine Components of communication Process

Components are essential elements of every effective communication process. Communication means sharing knowledge and exchanging opinions verbally or non-verbally. The communication process could be a liner that is a one-way process or simultaneous. A simultaneous process seems like a two-way process of communication with feedback. We are going to discuss the nine components of the communication process. These are many essential components to occur communication between senders and receivers.Communication Elements, 9 Components of the Basic Communication Process Figure 1: The Nine Elements of the Basic Communication Process

Communication Elements- Context

1.Context – Firstly, context is the prime component of every communication process. Context represents the setting in which communication happens or takes place. This context may be physical, historical, psychological, social, chronological, or cultural. For example, you feel comfortable to share your personal information with close friends rather than colleagues. This is an example of a social context that influences communication.

Communication Elements- Sender

2. Sender/encoder – The sender/encoder is a person who sends the message in contrast to the receiver. A sender makes use of symbols (words or graphic or visual aids) to convey the message and produce the required response.

Communication Elements-Encoding

3. Encoding (communication symbol) – the process of conversion of the subject into symbols. Encoding seems similar to the sender and also contrast to decoding. The message or subject of any communication is always abstract and intangible. Transmission of the message requires the use of certain symbols.

Communication Elements- Message

4. Message – Message seems like a key idea that the sender wants to send to communicate with the receiver. So, it must be ensured that the main objective of the message is clear and understandable.

Basic Communication Model

The Nine Components of communication Process

Figure 2: The Basic Communication Process

Communication Elements- Medium

5. Medium/channel – It is the way of exchanging/transmitting the message. For instance, a small group of people chooses written medium to convey the message, while people choose oral medium when spontaneous feedback is required from the recipient as misunderstandings are cleared then and there.

Communication Elements- Decoding

6. Decoding – it is the process of translation of an encoded message into the ordinary understandable language in contrast to the encoder. Finally, the receiver converts the symbols, words, or signs received from the sender to get the meaning of the message.

Communication Elements-Recipient

7. Recipient/decoder – recipient/decoder is a person for whom the message is intended/aimed/targeted in contrast to the sender. The degree to which the decoder understands the message is dependent upon various factors such as knowledge of the recipient, their responsiveness to the message, and the reliance of the encoder on the decoder.

Communication Elements-Feedback

8. Feedback – Feedback is the main component of the effective communication process as it permits the sender to analyze the efficacy of the message. It also helps the sender in confirming the correct interpretation of the message by the decoder. Feedback may be verbal (through words) or non-verbal (in the form of smiles, sighs, etc.) it may take written form also in the form of memos, reports, etc.

Communication Element-Noise

9.Noise- Finally, the Noise is any type of distraction that interferes with the communication process.

These are the Nine Basic Components of the Communication Process, for example, context, sender, encoder,  message, channel, decoder, receiver, feedback, and noise.

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